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Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R - El Toro

The road to Austria’s quickest and fastest GT-R

Aaron Bonk
Apr 16, 2014
Photographer: Jordy de Droog

Alexander Keresztesi doesn't normally ask for much. Except for the time he commissioned an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R to become the quickest car in all of Austria.

Attempting to outdo an entire country's population at anything is never easy. Doing so with a car that isn't native to the region and whose tuning masses are every bit as unfamiliar with it as you think they are doesn't help. Still, settling upon the Nissan R32 chassis was the obvious choice for Keresztesi: "The R32 is the most famous Skyline," he assures. "It won all 29 races in the Japanese Group A Championship. The machine is a legend."

Nissan r32 skyline GTR garage saurus rear spoiler 02 Photo 2/18   |   Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R - El Toro

A legend that in the hands of the 25-year-old Austrian would go on to nail the dyno needle at exactly 1,250hp. Arriving at such an irrational amount of combustion didn't happen without expense or grief, though. Early on, mechanical failures presented themselves at the drag strip, which ultimately led to what would prove to be a fortuitous relationship between Keresztesi, his Skyline, and the people at Pro Import Motorsports. It's true that only six Nissan Skyline call the country of Austria home—only two of which are R32—but no other Western European tuning house knows the iconic platform better than them. "The whole weekend we spent together sharing thoughts on the car," Keresztesi says of that first meeting. "I realized these were the guys to bring my R32 to."

Keresztesi's initial plan was every bit as simple as it was naive: to be the country's quickest car on weekends and, during the week, do things like pick up Aunt Beatrice from the dermatologist. It didn't take long for Keresztesi to see the absurdity in all of that, and he soon appointed the Skyline—which he'd later name El Toro—as his dedicated track car. In his words: "All restrictions were gone. The car [was going] to be mental."

It just so happens that Holland's Pro Import Motorsports specializes in mental and soon put Keresztesi on the path toward horsepower in excess of what any level-headed person needs. It all starts not with the R32's standard-issue RB25DET but with the larger-displacement and older RB30E engine block. Even more cubic inches were wrung out of the 3.0L engine with the help of a Nitto 3.2L stroker assembly. Boost is made possible with a single, albeit large, Garrett GTX42 turbo that helps generate more than 1,050 lb-ft of torque without nitrous oxide. None of that means that Keresztesi has any reservations against chemical horsepower, though; a 150hp-shot of nitrous remains on tap in the event 1,400hp is ever needed. It all sounds like a small explosion waiting to happen, but Keresztesi assures that the engine is sound up to 1,800hp. The drivetrain, however, has its own limitations.

Nissan r32 skyline GTR racepak digital dash 09 Photo 6/18   |  
A Haltech engine management system is responsible for tuning duties and works in tandem with the column-mounted Racepak cluster.

Right about now is when we'd normally tell you about the engine that Keresztesi blew to smithereens or the body shop that swindled him out of a deposit, but in his case, there is no such story. As it turns out, assembling this 1,250hp Nissan GT-R was about as uneventful and full of as many surprises as the time you rotated the tires on your mother's LeSabre. Keresztesi credits Pro Import Motorsports for that. "Everything went smoothly," he says. "The only change of plan was when the 1,100hp barrier was broken on the dyno, the tuner went [past] 1,200hp."

Nissan r32 skyline GTR custom front end 06 Photo 7/18   |   Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R - El Toro

Blasted tuner.

Speaking of tuners, Keresztesi's relationship with Pro Import Motorsports is the stuff automotive fairly tales are made of. From the JUN head package to the FIA-approved rollcage to the customized Plasma Products ignition system, the Hollander tuning house handled every detail. "All was taken care of by the tuner, but they were in very close [contact] with me," Keresztesi says.

"I have my dream car now," Keresztesi admits. "I always wanted to have this kind of high-performance car. It had to be Godzilla, and now I have it." All that's left now is making good on that whole quickest-car-in-Austria bit.

Tuning Menu
R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Owner Alexander Keresztesi

Hometown Austria

Engine RB30E engine block; Nitto Performance Engineering 3.2L stroker crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, oil pump and gaskets; Pro Import Motorsports modified RB26DETT cylinder head, oil sump and lifter fuel pump; Supertech valves, valve guides and valve stem seals; JUN Auto camshafts, valve springs and titanium retainers; HKS adjustable camshaft gear and oil cooler; ARP head studs; custom camshaft baffle plates; Ross Performance crankshaft pulley; Nismo water pump; Hypertune throttle body, intake manifold and fuel rail; custom intercooler piping and front-mount intercooler; Ny-Trex 150hp nitrous system; Koyo radiator; Garrett GTX42 turbocharger; 6boost turbo manifold; TiAL 60mm wastegate; 4" exhaust; Injector Dynamics 2,000cc/min fuel injectors; Goodridge fuel lines and fittings; Weldon fuel pump and fuel filters; custom fuel swirl pot; Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator; Plasma Projects ignition system

Nissan r32 skyline GTR RB30E engine block 07 Photo 11/18   |   Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R - El Toro

Drivetrain OS Giken transmission and four-plate clutch; ATS/Carbonetic differential; custom driveshafts; Driftworks HICAS eliminator

Engine Management Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 engine management system

Footwork & Chassis Bilstein dampers and springs; custom suspension modifications by Nitron Racing Systems

Nissan r32 skyline GTR garrett GTX42 turbocharger 16 Photo 12/18   |  
A large-frame, Garrett GTX42 turbocharger delivers 1,250hp worth of positive pressure into the inline-six—and that doesn’t account for the 150hp shot of nitrous that’s also on tap.

Wheels & Tires Enkei/Nismo racing wheels; Hoosier DOT drag radial tires

Exterior Simpson parachute; custom Lexan windows; custom front end; Garage Saurus rear spoiler

Interior custom FIA-spec rollcage; Sparco seats; LTEC harnesses; Sparco steering wheel; Racepak digital dash


Nissan r32 skyline GTR custom front end 08 Photo 13/18   |   Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R - El Toro

The Buildup

Following an initial and less-than-gratifying trip to the drag strip, El Toro was quickly dissected and committed to full-time track duty. After arriving at Pro Import Motorsports, the engine and drivetrain were removed, the chassis was stripped, and the custom, FIA-approved rollcage was cut, bent, and fitted into place. Shortly thereafter, the R32 was prepared for paint and the one-off orange hue was applied. Meanwhile, the RB30E engine was being rebuilt to handle whatever the large-frame Garrett turbo could potentially yield. Forged pistons and rods along with all necessary machining make up the bottom end. Up top, a combination of Supertech and JUN valvetrain work in tandem with JUN camshafts and a cylinder head that's been thoroughly reworked at the hands of Pro Import Motorsports. A Haltech engine management system is responsible for appropriate ignition and fuel control, the latter of which is delivered by 2,000 cc/min. Injector Dynamics fuel injectors and a high-flow Weldon fuel pump. Before placing the engine in the chassis, a six-speed sequential gearbox was bolted up along with a unique, OS Giken four-disc clutch. Ancillary details followed, like fitting the parachute into place along with interior bits and any instrumentation before visiting the dyno where the engine was broken in and finally tuned to the note of 1,250hp. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Nissan r32 skyline GTR sparco steering wheel 04 Photo 14/18   |   Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R - El Toro
SSTP 140500 TORO 004 Photo 18/18   |  
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