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Top 5 Nissan Features - High 5

The hottest Nissans featured in our magazine… voted by you!

Apr 16, 2014
Photographer: SS Staff

The people have spoken! We recently put 30 of our favorite Nissan feature cars online for people to vote and comment on. After thousands of votes via social media and sifting through e-mails, we've finally come down to the top five Nissan features in Super Street history according to you! So feast your eyes on the Nissan Skyline GT-R and Fairlady Z builds below:

5. BIKO Works KPGC10 Skyline GT-R

Originally Featured May 2010

The 411 The holy grail of Nissan models. While we would all sell our left nut to own an R34 Skyline GT-R, we'd probably sell both to get our hands on an original Hakosuka. We featured this GC10 from BIKO Works four years back and its beauty is still engraved in our memories. BIKO Works specializes in modifying and selling vintage JDM cars so it was one of the main stops during our visit to Japan in 2010. This particular '71 GT-R still uses the venerable 2.0-liter straight-six S20 but with side-draft carbs and velocity stacks. The wheels are staggered Watanabe R-Types while the suspension received custom coilovers. Brembo calipers, plus a Protec front lip and flares finish the Skyline up. Yeah, there's no crazy engine swap or a list of mods, but who cares? The Hakosuka is simply sexy and with BIKO Works' modifications, it's no mystery why it made our top five Nissan list!

4. Rocky Auto S31 Fairlady Z

Originally Featured October 2010

The 411 Contrary to BIKO Works' clean and tidy Skyline GT-R, Rocky Auto is the exact opposite when it comes to retro Nissan builds. They go HAM! The Japanese tuner set out to build the baddest S31 on the planet by swapping in an RB26DETT into this old JDM chassis. Upgraded with an HKS turbo and a bunch of other goodies, the Fairlady Z puts down 580+hp! But wait...that's not all! The body features custom flares, front lip, rear diffuser and a carbon hood from Rocky Auto. The wider body allows those massive 18x10/12" Work wheels to fit along with meaty tires for necessary grip. Badass is an understatement when it comes to this Fairlady Z!

3. Auto Select R34 Skyline GT-R

Originally Featured September 2011

The 411 White is right when it comes to the Auto Select '02 GT-R. Taking cues from the Nismo Z-Tune package, this Skyline sports a twist that includes a custom carbon-fiber front bumper and lip spoiler, plus hood. And with the color-matched 18x10.5" Volk Racing TE37s, this is as sexy as an R34 gets. But not built just for looks, the V-Spec II summons power from a bulletproof RB that's been stroked to a 2.8-liter using HKS pistons, rods and crank. The turbo is a massive T88 from Trust allowing this boosted beauty to reach upwards of 800hp. Fast and fionnnee, just how we like 'em!

2. Mine's R34 Skyline GT-R

Originally Featured March 2007

The 411 Legendary... The Mine's R34 was designed as a street car but ran time attack races whenever it felt like. Owned, driven daily and raced by Mine's founder Michiro Kiikura, it's got everything from their catalog which includes larger turbos, carbon clutch, cams, full exhaust and more. Let's not forget the custom suspension, 18" magnesium wheels built by BBS, AP Racing brakes and carbon aero pieces. The total package equated to a 621hp work of JDM art. Not too shabby for a Skyline that worked double duties as a grocery getter and weekend toy. It's remembered as one of the finest rides in JDM history—explains why so many of you love it!

1. Paul Bischoff's KGC10 Skyline

Originally Featured March 2010 and Super Street Retro 2011

The 411! Paul Bischoff's car is the people's champ, and we can't argue with you at all. This old school car is what wet JDM dreams are made of. While this '71 Skyline isn't a true GT-R, it looks the part with the front and rear flares, plus NISMO spoilers. The classic Watanabe wheels are picture perfect and the engine bay even has a bit of a twist. Ditching the factory L-series, Paul swapped in a more reliable RB25. It's a non-turbo, but we don't mind. With ITBs out of the RB26, ported head, modified intake manifold and plenty of other upgrades, it's still plenty of power for this light chassis. Kudos go out to Paul. We are all madly jealous of you!

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