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1988 Honda CRX HF - All-Motor 10s

A naturally aspirated H2B drag build

Sep 12, 2014
Photographer: Chad Burdette

In 1972, at just 18 years of age, Edwin Scott became the proud owner of his very first car: a '71 Plymouth Road Runner dubbed "Old Blue." What started out as a daily driver was soon converted to somewhat of a showpiece, regularly attending cruise nights and show-'n'-shine events. The build caught the attention of an editor and Edwin's pride and joy would eventually grace the pages of Car Craft magazine. Fast-forward 16 years and in 1988, things changed dramatically for the young builder. He'd taken the skills acquired over the years and put them to good use. Not only had he continued building his own cars, but he also opened his own business, EZ's Hydraulics, which produced some heavy hitters that showed up in magazines, videos, even commercials. Oh, and one other life-changing event that occurred that same year as Edwin began his journey into the entrepreneurial world, he also had a son, Donnie.

1988 honda CRX HF exospeed three piece front end 04 Photo 2/7   |   1988 Honda CRX HF - All-Motor 10s

As you might expect, the moment Donnie was old enough to make his way to the garage, he was right next to his father day in and day out, learning trade secrets about fabrication, wiring, and everything in between. As he entered his teen years, Donnie spent his summers working at the local Dodge dealer where his mother was employed. "Even though I wasn't old enough, I got paid. I saved my money and purchased my first Honda—a little '90 CRX from a local junkyard," Donnie recalls. With the car in his garage, Donnie got right to work and had it running within a few weeks. The funny thing was, he wasn't even old enough to drive yet. In fact, he wasn't old enough to get a driver's permit. He adds, "I had to rely on others taking me into town, usually it was my dad. We hung out with the locals and before long, I wanted to build my first motor with my dad. I was 14 at this time." That first CRX is still around and Donnie admits that while he wanted a race car, it ended up being more of a show car. With his father getting the itch to build a Honda, the father-and-son team decided they'd get a new shell and get their hands dirty on a true race car.

Visiting family in Alabama, the Scotts came across a white CRX sitting on jackstands in someone's yard. Approaching the owners about a possible purchase, they were told that the car wasn't for sale. However, just a few weeks later, as Edwin surfed through Craigslist in search of a suitable shell, he came across that same exact car, but this time it was definitely for sale. The car was immediately purchased and without hesitation, the build began. Donnie adds, "The swap started out as a stock H23A 'blue top' with a few bolt-ons and B16 cable transmission. The first time out [at the track] was June 2012 in Steele, Alabama. We ran an 11.95 at 115 mph." A great start for the duo but after running into shifting issues, a hydraulic transmission with a Hush Performance hydro conversion kit was installed and consistency began to emerge. A corner balancing session and some additional weight added to the front of the car along with a new Tilton release bearing for smoother shifts produced an 11.58 at 117-mph timeslip.

1988 honda CRX HF edwin and donnie scott 03 Photo 3/7   |  
A common sight in the Scott family—father and son wrenching together.

Feeling that the car was setup well, they knew they could throw more power at it and bring home even faster times. A sleeved H22 block with H23 crank was sourced, bored to 89 mm, and stuffed with custom 13.5:1 CP pistons and Carillo Pro A rods. While the bottom end was being machined, the head was also sent out for a port and polish and once both ends arrived home, both father and son got to work checking clearances and reassembling the engine. One of the most unique pieces of their H Series drag puzzle is the custom plenum from Owens Engineering. Utilizing the lower half of an H22 manifold that was heavily gutted and ported, Owens constructed a top plenum that's fed directly through a massive, 90mm Accufab throttle body. The first visit to the dyno didn't bring back the numbers that they wanted, and Donnie and Edwin realized that it might be the custom header they designed for the setup. Donnie says, "Luckily a local friend, Michael Jones, had a larger step tube header that he said we could borrow because he wanted to see an H Series go 10s first in Georgia!"

With power eclipsing the 300-whp mark, the Scotts turned to lightening the chassis and building their own custom rear suspension with a mix of '84-87 Prelude rear spindles and some homegrown fabrication. With the entire to-do list complete, it was time to hit the track. Donnie adds, "The first time out with the setup at Honda Day Orlando, it didn't run like we wanted. After a lot of testing and tuning to work the bugs out, we went to a test and tune night and ran consistent 11.0s." Not entirely disheartening when you consider the hard work had resulted in a faster car, but still, they were hungry for that 10. Not long after, at Import Showdown in the fall of 2013, they reached their goal with a 10.99, and then improved upon it with a 10.82 at 125 mph during IFO Montgomery, and eventually, a 10.77 at 125 during Honda Day's Atco, New Jersey event. Don't think that these two are taking any vacations, as Donnie adds, "There is more to come, we can't wait to get back to the track!" They discovered the car had a slight fuel pressure problem and had run a little lean but it's been rectified and these two aren't taking any vacations. Donnie adds, "We didn't get to go any faster, but in the next race season, there is more to come. We can't wait to get back to the track!"

1988 honda CRX HF weld racing magnum 05 Photo 4/7   |   1988 Honda CRX HF - All-Motor 10s

Bolts & Washers

H23 crank
Hondata S300
Hasport engine mounts
Golden Eagle sleeves
ARP head studs
Custom CP pistons 13.5:1
Carillo Pro A rods
KS Tuned balance shaft eliminator
Swafford Race Engines port/polish
Modified H22 intake manifold
Owens Engineering custom plenum
Accufab 90mm throttle body
Skunk2 Pro 3 cams
Manley valvesprings
Manley retainers
Manley keepers
OEM rocker arms lightened
Custom 4-1 H2B header
Michael Jones "borrowed" megaphone
ID1000 injectors
AEM fuel rail
Red Horse -6 lines
Aeromotive fuel filter
Aeromotive regulator
FCS fuel cell
Electric water pump
Half core aluminum radiator
B16 transmission
Liberty face-plated dog box
Mfactory 3.070 first gear
OEM 4.40 final drive
SpeedFactory Racing shift change holder
Spec twin-disc clutch
Spec flywheel
Drive Shaft Shop 3.9 axles
Hush Performance pedal conversion
Tilton release bearing

1988 honda CRX HF H2B swap 02 Photo 5/7   |   1988 Honda CRX HF - All-Motor 10s

310 whp/201 lb-ft of torque

Blox Drag series coilovers
12k front/18k rear
Upgraded polyurethane bushings
Skunk2 front camber kit
Custom extended wheelbase
'84-87 Prelude Si rear spindles

Drilled/slotted discs
Brake booster custom lines
Staging brake

1988 honda CRX HF sparco wheel 06 Photo 6/7   |   1988 Honda CRX HF - All-Motor 10s

Wheels & Tires
Weld Racing Magnum
Front: 13x9, 5-inch backspacing
Rear: 15x3.5
Mickey Thompson
Front: 24.5x9x13
Rear: 22.5x4x15

Lightweight doors and hatch
Lexan side and rear windows
Exospeed three-piece front end
IPG rear diffusers
Resprayed front end/engine bay

Kirkey race seat
G-Force five-point harness
Sparco wheel
K-Tuned B-series shifter
RSX optional shift knob
GS-R cluster
Ecliptech progressive shift light
Custom rollbar
Zartech Racecars rollbar

Mom, dad, loving girlfriend Erica, Michael Lee, Justin Grimmet, Phillip Butler, Chas Mobbs, Michael Jones, Tapco of Birmingham, Grimtuned, Zartech Race cars, Swafford Race Engines, Turbogixxer Tuning. Edwin would also like to thank Gene's Race Parts, all of our racing family for motivation and support and all of our close friends and family.

1988 honda CRX HF exospeed three piece front end 07 Photo 7/7   |   1988 Honda CRX HF - All-Motor 10s

Owner Specs

Favorite Site

Screen Name

Building Hondas
Over 10 years

Dream Car
I own it

Inspiration For This Build
My dad wanting to build an All Motor car

A few words from Dad

"Donnie was born in 1988 and up until that day, I had a love for anything Mopar. He was always out in the shop with me getting involved with everything I was doing. When he was just 9 months old, we had to keep the wrenches away from him. I was building lowriders since the '80s, and he was a great helper. When he was only 9 1/2 years old, he could wire up a 10-switch box with the ease of a pro. I didn't know anything about Hondas, being an old-school guy, but Donnie worked on his car and taught me so much. I helped him as much as I could and we researched everything, but he did most of the researching and taught it all to me. I have always wanted to be there for him, and he has always been right beside me working. One day it hit me just how much he had surpassed me in so many ways. We love racing and shows; he grew up going to car shows. I even let him behind the wheel of a '71 Road Runner with a 426 Hemi that he was brought home from the hospital in [when he was born]. That was his first ride. I hope one day to see him do the same with his son. He's one of the hardest-working young men I know, always at work, never trying to find excuses and doing what he loves. He started working very early, while keeping up his grades and holding down a job all through high school. Inspiration brings inspiration, and I want him to keep the tradition going."


SPEC Clutch
Bessemer, AL 35022
Torrance, CA 90503
Golden Eagle Manufacturing
San Dimas, CA 91773
FCS Race
By Rodrez
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