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2004 Honda S2000 - Lemon Drop Top

Scott Healy's boosted convertible keeps it clean and simple

Matt Rodriguez
Aug 6, 2014
Photographer: Orlando Echeverria

Of all of the cars in Honda's long lineup over the past few decades, none contain as much crossover appeal as the S2000. For every Prelude or Civic owner that moved on to own one of the roadsters, there are just as many newcomers to the community that set out to find an S2K of their own, having never owned a Honda product previously.

Engine bay Photo 2/14   |   Engine Bay

The car has all of the attributes of a winner, especially in the general public's eye. RWD, convertible, a rev-happy engine, and a chassis blessed with incredible handling - it's got all the makings of a perfect weekend car, yet its reliability means daily driving isn't a problem at all. And currently, with over 10 years under its belt, used Honda S2000 are incredibly affordable. Of course, with so much access now granted, the number of modified versions has increased considerably ... for better or worse.

CR interior Photo 3/14   |   CR Interior

There are S2000 project cars scattered all over the country these days, and they seem to grow more popular every year. Some are well done and don't stray too far from the intended look, feel and purpose of the car, while others - well, they seem to be in a race to see who can bolt-on the most "stuff." Scott Healy, owner of this gorgeous Rio Yellow AP2, will never win an award for the most pieces of flair added to his two-seater, and that suits him just fine.

Full race intercooler Photo 4/14   |   Full Race Intercooler

His passion for the Honda roadster began from the moment he laid eyes on a magazine article back in 1999. The moment the car hit dealer showrooms, Healy jumped all over a Silverstone model, but later replaced it when the Spa Yellow version was released. His second S2000 seemed to be cursed as it never quite ran right after adding a supercharger, and try as he might, Healy couldn't zero in on the problem. After going through the entire summer without being able to drive his convertible, he decided he'd had enough of the frustration, and purchased another Honda S2000, this time an AP2 in Rio Yellow.

Tial waste gate Photo 5/14   |   Tial Waste Gate

After adding a set of 18x8/18x9.5 BBS LM wheels and a trunkful of audio, Healy decided to hunt down a complete interior from a CR trimmed S2000, Honda's track-oriented version of the roadster. Door to door yellow stitching from the factory, along with the Kevlar-like material used on the seat centers, provided a perfect complement to the car's lemon exterior. To continue the yellow-and-black theme, Healy somehow convinced Downforce USA to produce their diffuser kit in carbon Kevlar rather than the standard carbon fiber, and just like that the look was complete.

CR shift knob Photo 6/14   |   CR Shift Knob

As amazing as the Honda S2000's F-series is, there's always room for more power. A Full Race Pro Street turbo kit was next on the agenda, but much like his previous build, the car would not run right. Tuning, troubleshooting and investigation eventually led back to the culprit - a faulty air/fuel gauge. The problematic meter was used in both cars and caused more headaches than Healy would like to admit. With the problem solved, the car was finally complete and his tuning woes were long gone.

Scott Healy's 2004 Honda S2000 is a shining example of what simple, well thought out mods can do to an already stellar performer.

Profile Photo 7/14   |   Profile

Behind the Build

Scott Healy's 2004 Honda S2000

Engine Garrett GT35R turbocharger; Full-Race intercooler, charge plumbing, turbo manifold, downpipe; Tial 44 mm waste-gate; T1R 70mm Sparrow dual exhaust, 70mm test pipe; Blox velocity stack; Blitz air filter; Greddy oil cooler; Koyo radiator; Flex-a-Lite twin fans; Password:JDM kevlar radiator cooling plate, engine heat shield, spark plug cover; custom aluminum intake, dress-up bolts; yellow powder coated valve cover; Walbro 255 fuel pump; Injector Dynamics 1000cc fuel injectors; Okada coil packs; Clutchmasters FX400 clutch; MAC boost controller; Hondata K-Pro engine management

Garrett turbo Photo 8/14   |   Garrett Turbo

Suspension Bilstein PSS9 coilovers

Braking Wilwood cross-drilled rotors, pads, 4-piston calipers, steel braided lines; DOT4 fluid

Wheels/Tires BBS LM 18x8 +50 front, 18x9.5 +55 rear; Dunlop Star Specs 225/40 front, 265/35 rear

Exterior Downforce carbon Kevlar front lip splitter, side diffusers, 3pc rear diffuser; custom painted headlights, taillights; 3P shorty antenna

Interior 2008 Honda S2000 CR seats, door panels, steering wheel, shift knob, center console, radio door, floor mats; Zoom Monaco rear view mirror; Password:JDM carbon Kevlar center console cover; AEM air/fuel meter, boost gauge; PLX Multi gauge

By Matt Rodriguez
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