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2011 Subaru WRX - Lower Class

Bagged in the Bay

Jan 29, 2015

It was a glorious day when Subaru introduced the WRX to the U.S. market. The imaginations of enthusiasts went wild as they fancied a date with the mud, ice and the Subaru WRX. After all, it had the template to be a rally car: all wheel drive and a flat-four turbocharged motor. But for some people, they don't see a gutted-out off-roader. Some see a car destined to roll hard down the streets. Enter Brendan Bannister's bagged WRX.

2011 subaru WRX chargespeed style carbon fiber side skirts 04 Photo 2/8   |   2011 Subaru WRX - Lower Class

To this day, there's an army of people with pitchforks and torches ready to tear down anything with air. They will swear on their mother's grave that static is the one and only way to build a proper car. But if you've been keeping up with us, we've presented countless cars on air that aren't just parked pretty, but are swift and nimble—such as Ian King's RWB Porsche and Bernardo Pena's Liberty Walk GT-R.

2017 Subaru Impreza
$18,395 Base Model (MSRP) 24/32 MPG Fuel Economy
2011 subaru WRX work meister S1R BBF wheel 02 Photo 3/8   |   Shoe game on point with 18x10.5” Work Meisters all around.

Brendan's WRX has been on our radar for quite some time now. He's been killin' the Subie game at Wekfest and other popular car shows while still daily driving the car when he's not away at school. You have to give props to a guy who does a lot of DIY work in the garage. Brendan admits that the bags were the most difficult part of his build, but together with his homie, he was able to install the AccuAir e-Level management system to give his car adjustability and that perfect stance.

2011 subaru WRX COBB tuning intake 06 Photo 4/8   |   2011 Subaru WRX - Lower Class

With the suspension on point, Brendan wanted to make sure his exterior was just as unique. The BT Aero carbon-fiber front lip leads the eyes to the bold Chargespeed-style carbon side skirts. Then when you get to the rear, you'll see a Voltex Type 1 wing and a custom race-inspired diffuser.

2011 subaru WRX bride gias II carbon kevlar seats 08 Photo 5/8   |   Checkin’ all the right boxes with Bride seats, Takata belts and a Cusco rollcage.

They say you can judge a person by his or her shoes; that's true about wheels as well. You won't find any replicas here, but wheels equivalent to a pair of Jordans. Brendan rocks polished 18x10.5" Work Meister S1Rs with a 4.3" lip in the front and a 4.7" at the rear.

2011 subaru WRX camber plate 07 Photo 6/8   |   Hate it or love it, this Subie sits perfect thanks to Air Lift struts and AccuAir management.

In the cabin you'll find the top-shelf usual suspects such as a Bride buckets, Takata harnesses, a Cusco rollcage and an array of Defi gauges.

2011 subaru WRX voltex type 1 rear wing 05 Photo 7/8   |   2011 Subaru WRX - Lower Class

Out of the showroom floor, the WRX already has impressive performance, so Brendan decided to keep the mods under the hood to a minimum with a Tomei exhaust, Invidia downpipe and Cobb intake.

It's true the WRX is rally inspired, but a wise man once said, "Variety in taste is a good thing for the world." This couldn't be any truer for Mr. Bannister and his bagged WRX.

2011 subaru WRX BT aero carbon fiber front lip 01 Photo 8/8   |   2011 Subaru WRX - Lower Class
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2011 Subaru WRX - Lower Class
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Owner: Brendan Bannister
Location: Morgan Hill, CA
Occupation: Student
Engine: COBB Tuning Accessport, intake, heatshield; Invidia cat-less downpipe; Forged Performance bypass valve; NGK plugs; TiAL 38mm wastegate; Grimmspeed boost control solenoid, 38mm internal wastegate bracket, V-band up-pipe; Deatschwerks DW65C fuel pump; Perrin intercooler, radiator shroud, alternator cover, radiator stay kit; Tomei Extreme Ti exhaust; GST Motorsports Pro Tune
Footwork & Chassis: Air Lift struts; AccuAir e-Level management; Whiteline 22mm sway bars, HD front and rear end-links, rear subframe positive traction kit, rear diff bushings, bumpsteer kit, heavy-duty steering rack bushings; GT Spec rear lateral links, front ladder brace, rear adjustable toe arms
Brakes: 19x9" f, 19x11" r wheels, 255/35 ZR19 f, 295/30 ZR19 r Pirelli P Zero Corsa
Wheels & Tires: 18x10.5" Work Meister S1R BBF wheels; 245/35R18 Hankook Ventus V12 tires
Exterior: BT Aero carbon-fiber front lip; Chargespeed-style carbon-fiber side skirts; Bayson R carbon-fiber rear spats; Voltex Type 1 1550mm wing, 30mm extensions; custom front splitter and rear diffuser; headlight housings painted black; Beat Sonic USA antenna; TheRetrofitSource Bi-xenon kit
Interior: Anarchy Motive shift knob; COBB Tuning adjustable short shifter; Defi 52mm Red Racer boost and oil pressure gauges; SMY ClusterMaker gauge pod; GT Spec steering wheel; Bride Gias II carbon-Kevlar seats, Low Max brackets and sliders; Takata Drift III harnesses; Cusco six-point rollcage with carbon-fiber cross bars
Thanks You: Jamison Casey for the countless hours and late nights in the garage to help build the car and finish it in time for shows; James and the crew at BecauseBags for installing my air management and getting my fitment dialed in; Mark at Ravspec for supplying me with wheels; All Aspects Apparel for being one of my first sponsors; my girlfriend, Andrea, for being the best co-pilot ever



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