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Oval Auto R33 Nissan Skyline - Highway to Hooning

JDM fanboys start salivating over Daisuke Yokoyama's road rocket

Aug 18, 2015

If you haven't figured out by now, we're obsessed with Japan! It might be because we're simply JDM fanboys and things like the Nissan Skyline aren't accessible here in the States. Sure, we have the R35 GT-R, but there's always going to be an infatuation with '90s Japanese sports cars like the R33 Skyline. Which explains why we lost our marbles when we encountered Daisuke Yokoyama's Skyline at our Tokyo Fresh Car Meet the night before Tokyo Auto Salon.

1997 nissan skyline rb26dett n1 block Photo 2/12   |   With an RB26DETT N1 block, HKS 2.8L stroker, and Trust turbo, this R33 easily puts down 700 hp!

During the day, Daisuke operates his shop Oval Auto Performance in Adachi-Ku. He also happens to be heavily involved in the community as the CEO of Hoonigan Japan and a member of Hardcore Tokyo Japan. His R33 is a different story, though... It's not a car you'd normally see at a car show or even on public streets. He may be a business owner during the day, but at night he's part of a wangan midnight racing team. His Skyline is notorious (and possibly wanted by local authorities) for performing actions beyond the threshold of acceptable conduct on public roads. Don't try this at home, kids!

1997 nissan skyline custom trunk wing Photo 3/12   |   Oval Auto R33 Nissan Skyline - Highway to Hooning

Allowing Daisuke to do who knows what is an explosive powerplant under the hood. Far from ordinary, an RB26DETT N1 rests between the shock towers. The N1 basically means that Nismo modified the standard motor with an improved crankshaft, water channels, piston rings, and turbos. All that, plus a 2.8L HKS stroker kit and more aggressive V-Spec cams meant this motor was ready for bigger boost. To suck in as much air as possible is a T78 turbo. The titanium exhaust, exhaust manifold, and surge tank are completely custom one-off pieces fabricated specifically for Daisuke's car. When all was said and done, the motor is estimated to put down 700 ponies to all four wheels.

With all that power, the R33 needs the right chassis upgrades. To handle those tight highway corners, Quantum Racing suspension components were added, while Brembo brake calipers and AP rotors allow the coupe to stop on the dime.

The exterior is kept straightforward with a Trust front bumper, a carbon hood, and a custom rear spoiler. For wheels, Daisuke is rolling on classic bronze TE37s. And to keep weight down, he installed polycarbonate windows made by Lexan—almost gives this R33 a true race car feel.

1997 nissan skyline trust t78 turbo Photo 7/12   |   Massive Trust T78 turbo is put to good use on the streets of Tokyo.

Then you look inside the interior and it's a dead giveaway this car was made to go fast. Recaro seats, a Nardi steering wheel, eight-point rollcage, and a few gauges are all Daisuke needs to attack the highways. For shits and giggles, he still rocks the race inspection stickers from '99.

Even with a questionable street racing reputation, he's one of the nicest guys we've met. With our affairs in order, we said "yes" to an opportunity for a few joyrides on the highway. Luckily, there were no encounters with the police, but we did almost lose our ramen! Professional Formula D driver Matt Field may have said it best, as he was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the car after our Tokyo Fresh meet, "Driving this car is like playing with a knife at 10 years old. It can get you and easily spin all four tires on the freeway. Luckily, the brakes are face-melting good. Daisuke's car is wild and a shitload of fun!"

1997 nissan skyline volk racing te37 wheels Photo 8/12   |   Oval Auto R33 Nissan Skyline - Highway to Hooning
1997 nissan skyline nardi steering wheel Photo 12/12   |   Oval Auto R33 Nissan Skyline - Highway to Hooning
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Oval Auto R33 Nissan Skyline - Highway to Hooning
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Owner: Daisuke Yokoyma
Hometown: Adachi Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Owner of Oval Auto Performance and CEO of Hoonigan Japan
Power: 700 hp
Engine: RB26DETT N1; V-Spec head; HKS 2.8L stroker kit; Trust T78 turbo, wastegate; custom exhaust manifold, titanium exhaust, fuel surge tank; 1,000cc injectors; Processing surge tank; Bosch twin aircraft fuel pumps
Engine Management: HKS F-Con V Pro
Drivetrain: Nismo limited-slip differential
Footwork & Chassis: Quantum Racing coilovers
Brakes: Brembo calipers; AP Racing rotors
Wheels & Tires: 18x10.5" Volk Racing TE37 wheels; 265/40R18 Yokohama Advan A050 tires
Exterior: Trust bumper; carbon-fiber hood; custom side steps, LED taillights, trunk wing; Lexan windows
Interior: Nardi steering wheel; Recaro SPG seats; eight-point rollcage; Nismo and GReddy gauges
Thanks You: Oval Auto Performance; Hoonigan Japan; Hardcore Japan; SSautopower



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