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10 Most Questionable SEMA 2015 Builds

Love it or hate it! Tell us what you think.

Nov 25, 2015

The old proverb "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" couldn’t be more true in the car industry. A person can build a car to his or her taste, but there will still be somebody out there, who probably isn’t an expert on anything, that will absolutely hate the build. It all comes down to personal preference. With SEMA 2015 in the books we’ve taken a look at the gigabytes of photos we’ve taken to see what were some of the craziest builds that stood out. With so many rejected car builds this year, you might to think, "How on earth did this car slip the cracks?" Tell us what you think of these car builds—rad or terribly bad?

Kylie Tjin Special Edition Honda HR-V

Kylie tjin special edition honda hr v Photo 2/11   |   Kylie Tjin Special Edition Honda HR V

We found this HR-V at the Honda booth. On paper it, has all the right modifications including a wide body kit, one-off paint job and air suspension.

Kuhl Racing GT-R

2 kuhl racing gt r Photo 3/11   |   Kuhl Racing GT R

The first time we saw this GT-R was back at Tokyo Auto Salon. It has a unique custom engraved metal paint that probably took hours to finish. It was imported from Japan and was at the Savini Wheels booth.

Valyrian Steel

3 valyrian steel Photo 4/11   |   Valyrian Steel

What looks like a car from the Mad Max movie is this car made by Henry Chang. Allegedly Chang and his team spent 2,000 man hours building this car that was meant for Burning Man. It’s powered by a 2015 Coyote Ford V8 and has multiple moving parts near the rear end. Your Uber ride has arrived.

Scion FR-S

4 scion fr s Photo 5/11   |   Scion FR S

No comment.

Lexus IS250

5 lexus is250 Photo 6/11   |   Lexus IS250

Pastel purple +VIP=?

Hogie Shine Ford C750 and Model A

Hogie shine ford c750 model a Photo 7/11   |   Hogie Shine Ford C750 Model A

We’re not sure which is cooler, the car doing the hauling or the car that’s being hauled. Either way, the two are matching in a rad vintage theme built by Dan Hogan.

Andromeda Lexus IS250

7 andromeda lexus is250 jpg Photo 8/11   |   Andromeda Lexus IS250

The galaxy exterior and interior is not for the faint of heart.

Takeda San Infiniti Q45

8 takeda san infiniti q45 Photo 9/11   |   Takeda San Infiniti Q45

There has been some strange trends to come out of Japan; this might have to be one of the wildest. Allegedly this Inifiniti Q45 has been around and owner Takeda-San even landed a cover for a VIP magazine back in Japan.

KRC Japan Mazda RX-7

9 krc japan mazda rx 7 Photo 10/11   |   KRC Japan Mazda RX 7

Another crazy build from Japan. With the help of D Mendoza at SS Auto, KRC has taken the classic FD3S chassis with a widebody kit.

Hot Wheels Twin Mill

10 hot wheels twin mill Photo 11/11   |   Hot Wheels Twin Mill

If you’re anything like at us and owned a few Hot Wheels as a kid you’ve probably ran into Twin Mill. It was introduced in 1969 and designed by Ira Gilford. Of course we never grew up and our toys just get bigger. Tommy DeFranzo built this life-size scale of the Hot Wheels Twin Mill and each of those supercharged Chevy motors is supposedly 1,000hp each (here we are trying to break 300hp in Ratchet Bunny!)

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