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The CSF & RyWire Honda Integra #GT3

Turbo K24-swapped JDM Honda built as tribute to revered Porsche

Justin Banner
Nov 17, 2015

When you debut something you say is homage to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, it has to be special — and fast. Ryan Basseri from RyWire did that and hit it right on the head with this CSF Radiator and RyWire collab to create the Honda Integra #GT3.

Rywire honda integra porsche 997 gt3 rs orange Photo 2/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Porsche 997 Gt3 Rs Orange

It all starts with the perfect color and livery scheme. Nothing less than Porsche's 997 GT3 RS Orange and matching stripe job along the bottom edge of the doors will do.

Rywire honda integra k24 block Photo 3/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra K24 Block

The engine started out as a K24 block but a Golden Eagle sleeve job improves the cylinder strength for the Crower pistons and connecting rods. It's topped with a Port Flow-ed K20 head and valve train and Web Cam camshafts. It takes eight Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors to keep this beast fueled to perfection.

Rywire honda integra hpd three stage dry sump system Photo 4/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Hpd Three Stage Dry Sump System

A Honda HPD three-stage dry sump system keeps the engine oiled for hard acceleration, braking, and cornering.

Rywire honda integra billet bellhousings transmission case Photo 5/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Billet Bellhousings Transmission Case

A Billet Bellhousings transmission case fits the Quaife sequential transmission to the K24 block. To take the brunt of the torque a Competition twin-disc clutch and Tilton hydraulic throw-out bearing assembly transfer power to the axles.

Rywire honda integra omp steering wheel Photo 6/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Omp Steering Wheel

An OMP steering wheel with Recaro quick release makes getting out of the ITR much easier. The dash, just like the panels, is a custom made piece from aluminum and houses a Motec C127 digital dash. Behind the steering wheel is a pair of Shiftec paddle controls for the inline shifter.

Rywire honda integra precisoin turbo turbocharger Photo 7/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Precisoin Turbo Turbocharger

A Precision Turbo 62/65 turbo forces air in the Golden Eagle intake manifold controlled by a Toyota DBW electronic throttle with a Toyota throttle pedal. A Garrett intercooler cools the charged air.

Rywire honda integra custom rollcage Photo 8/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Custom Rollcage

To keep Ryan safe on the track, a custom designed roll cage was welded in and aluminum panels installed to clean up the stripped out and gutted interior.

Rywire honda integra recaro seat Photo 9/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Recaro Seat

A single Recaro seat with Willans harness keeps the driver in full control and planted in the seat.

Rywire honda integra bosch 044 fuel pumps Photo 10/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps

A pair of Bosch 044 fuel pumps reside in the rear hatch while a third pumps fuel from the Nuke surge tank. Nuke fuel filters also keep fuel contamination to a minimum.

Rywire honda integra volk racing ze40 wheel Photo 11/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Volk Racing Ze40 Wheel

A prototype set of Volk Racing ZE40 wheels in 17-inch diameter are fitted over the AP Racing Indy Car custom front and rear brakes. 17-inch Toyo R888 tires keep the grip while a set of Insane Shafts 1,000hp axles and intermediate shafts put them into a twist from the torque.

Rywire honda integra eibach r2  adjustable coilover Photo 12/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Eibach R2 Adjustable Coilover

Eibach R2 adjustable coilovers control the motions of the PCI prototype front upper control arms and adjustable rear upper arms. ASC custom rear lower arms further the precision of the alignment. In this picture, you also see the Hasport mounts that hold the K24 block in place in the engine bay.

Rywire honda integra motec can keypad Photo 13/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Motec Can Keypad

Taking the place of the shifter is the Motec CAN keypad, which controls the headlights, screen mode, water pump, engine fans, fuel pumps, and a few other functions.

Rywire honda integra motec m170 ecu Photo 14/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Motec M170 Ecu

That CAN keypad also controls the reset of the M170 ECU that features GPR-P. This is the paddle-shift expansion of the GPR ECU, which also features anti-lag, launch control, traction control, and many other programmable features. With such detail and control put into this build, we're sure that Ryan and CSF Radiators can truly call this a perfect homage to the GT3 RS.

Rywire honda integra gt3 Photo 15/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra Gt3
Rywire honda integra k24 engine Photo 16/16   |   Rywire Honda Integra K24 Engine
By Justin Banner
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