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Top 10 Nissans of SEMA 2015

The best GT-Rs, Boss Bunnies, and vintage Datsun.

Nov 11, 2015

After a blurry, sloshed week, SEMA 2015 is officially in the books. With an abundance of Nissan GT-Rs and Kei Miura's latest Boss kit release, we figure we'd highlight the best Nissan from the aftermarket industry trade show. To our surprise, plenty of exhibitor vehicles came with a strong classic JDM game, and we're not only talking about the extraordinarily beautiful Fugu Z.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 jesse sabater gtr Photo 2/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Jesse Sabater Gtr

Jesse Sabater's GT-R
If you've been to a car show in Southern California, there's a good chance you might've seen Sabater's Nissan supercar before its makeover; it's buff exterior coincidentally matches its buff owner. What was once a matte orange GT-R is now a midnight purple R35 with a custom widebody kit and a swan-neck spoiler. The engine now has top shelf JDM parts from the likes of HKS and Top Secret. He's shooting for 1,000hp, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 eneos auto fashion 240sx boss bunny Photo 3/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Eneos Auto Fashion 240Sx Boss Bunny

Eneos/Auto Fashion 240SX Boss Bunny
This was the first Boss Bunny 240SX we ran into at the show. Built by our good friends at Auto Fashion, this S14 has a custom carbon grill, modified flares, and custom carbon lip to replicate a Bluebird 510. The KA motor that was once in the engine bay is now replaced with a supercharged LS3 motor.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 sung kang fugu z Photo 4/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Sung Kang Fugu Z

Sung Kang's Fugu Z
By now you must've heard about Sung Kang's Z. The Rocket Bunny Datsun is powered by a naturally aspirated converted RB26. The car is so gangster it even won the Gran Turismo awards and will be made into a playable vehicle in the next Gran Turismo.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 hks gtr Photo 5/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Hks Gtr

Ever since HKS USA closed its doors back in 2011, it's been slowly making a comeback. We loved this GT-R on ADVAN GTs, as well as the old-school HKS livery.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 project mu 240sx Photo 6/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Project Mu 240Sx

Project Mu 240SX
If you're anti-widebody, this S14 may strike your fancy. Settled right outside of the central hall, this Kouki S14 looked like it came straight out of D1GP with its Vertex exterior and good old Bride interior. The engine has an array of ARC, HKS, Nismo, and Tomei parts.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 corey hosford 240sx boss bunny Photo 7/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Corey Hosford 240Sx Boss Bunny

Corey Hosford 240SX Boss Bunny
To match its muscle-car good looks, Hosford and the guys from Street Standard stuffed a peppy LS3 motor and a Garret GTX5008R turbo into this S14. The use of Richard Petty colors is a nice touch, too. You can actually thank Corey for naming Kei Miura's latest kit; Corey "The Boss" Hosford tells us that he'll be drifting this 1,100hp bad boy next year.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 evasive motorspots time attack gtr Photo 8/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Evasive Motorspots Time Attack Gtr

Evasive Motorsports Time Attack GT-R
Anything that comes out of Evasive Motorsports' garage will be insanely fast or ridiculously good-looking. This R35 is both!

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 mackin industries 370z Photo 9/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Mackin Industries 370Z

Mackin Industries 370Z
We don't think the Amuse kit for the Nissan 370Z will ever get old. Pair it with some dope kicks, like Advan GTs, and you got yourself a winner.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 robb ferguson 240sx boss bunny Photo 10/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Robb Ferguson 240Sx Boss Bunny

Robb Ferguson's 240SX Boss Bunny
We're digging the vintage theme in this particular Boss Bunny S14. Robb calls it the Neo Vintage Sunny Boss S14, hence the old-school gold paint job. We're just curious what's under the hood.

Top ten nissans at sema 2015 dominic le datsun bunny Photo 11/11   |   Top Ten Nissans At Sema 2015 Dominic Le Datsun Bunny

Dominic Le's Datsun Sunny
If you're looking for a showstopper, all you have to do is head to Toyo Tires' Treadpass. That's where we found Dominic's Datsun Sunny with a custom dry carbon-fiber Hakosuka front-end conversion. The factory motor is replaced with a more potent S14 SR20DET mill and the interior also gets the Hakosuka treatment with a Hakosuka dash and center console.

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