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2002 Nissan Silvia Spec R - Kazama!

May 4, 2016
Photographer: Wesley Allison

Who: Kazama Auto
What: '02 Nissan Silvia Spec R
When: June '04

When you hear the words "Kazama Auto," all the rad drift vehicles Toshihara Kazama has built come to mind, such as his 2JZ-powered Lexus IS that was on the cover of our May '10 Japan issue or the 2JZ-swapped Silvia they campaigned in D1 Grand Prix back in the day. Perhaps you know Kazama Auto for its retail shop in Saitama, where many JDM enthusiasts look to for suspension upgrades, or maybe you've heard about its extensive RC car shop. Whatever you've heard about Kazama Auto, the tuner has been known for many things and has been a key player in Japanese grassroots drifting. But let's rewind the clocks 12 years ago... You'll find Kazama-san was putting together race cars specifically for time attack, in particular for Tsukuba Super Lap—for example, this '02 Silvia Spec R.

2002 nissan silvia spec r yashio factory widebody Photo 2/4   |   Full titanium exhaust courtesy of Kazama Auto.

This S15 wore a Yashio Factory widebody. Aragosta springs and shocks helped with cornering, while TRUST/Alcon brakes take care of stopping duties. Under the hood, the SR20DET received a larger HKS GT3037 turbo, while a Yashio Factory radiator and custom V-mount intercooler keep things cool. The whole package made 450 hp-respectable power for the early '00s. Getting all that power to the rear wheels was an HKS dog box transmission.

2002 nissan silvia spec r yashio factory widebody Photo 3/4   |   Yashio Factory widebody along with a Top Secret GT wing still looks money.

While this Silvia may be more than 10 years old, the reality is, it still looks just as good as anything out on the circuit today, and we would kill to have it come back to life!

2002 nissan silvia spec r rays c28n wheel Photo 4/4   |   RAYS CE28N wheels look timeless.
Jofel Tolosa
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