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4 Of The Best Engine Bays At ToyotaFest 2016

They all happen to be 2JZ motors.

Jun 2, 2016

Regarded as the largest West Coast gathering of Toyota cars, ToyotaFest assembles everything from restored vintage cars to highly modified race vehicles at the Queen Mary events park in Long Beach, Calif. We were in search of the dopest engine bays, and despite the morning rain, many of the Supra owners proudly flossed. Some are new debuts and some were special revivals, which made for quite the reunion for some JZA80 owners. In no particular order, here are our favorite engine bays from ToyotaFest 2016.

Nick Stonawski's '94 Supra Turbo Targa

Toyota supra 2jzgte bomex front bumper Photo 2/8   |   Toyota Supra 2Jzgte Bomex Front Bumper
Toyota supra 2jzgte hks t51r Photo 3/8   |   Toyota Supra 2Jzgte Hks T51r

Take a trip back 12 years ago when this Supra made its first appearance. Many of the old-school guys will recognize this Supra as the old Bomex brochure car. The car now belongs to Nick Stonawski who is no stranger to the Supra scene. Nick and his old late friend Mike Urbano swapped an HKS 2835 twin-turbo kit for a quicker spooling HKS T51r turbo. Unfortunately a few days after installing it, his friend Mike passed away and the previous owner Kevin didn't want anyone else working on it. The car sat for 12 years collecting dust until recently when Kevin offered it to Nick. With the current setup, it made 520rwhp on a 91-pump tune, but Nick is planning to do a full E85 fuel setup and hoping to push it to 800whp.

Eric Lam's '97 Toyota Supra

Toyota supra 2jzgte taillights Photo 4/8   |   Toyota Supra 2Jzgte Taillights
Toyota supra 2jzgte greddy t78 Photo 5/8   |   Toyota Supra 2Jzgte Greddy T78

Eric drove all the way from San Jose in his pristine JZA80 to be at ToyotaFest. A sheriff originally owned this '97 Supra with a GReddy T78 turbo. Eric's friend purchased the car and transformed it back to stock form and wanted to sell it to someone who wasn't going to destroy the car. One hour into the test drive and Eric knew he had to have the car. He even got back the T78 turbo and continued with the build. Eventually HKS 264 cams, a Koyo radiator, a Powerhouse Racing Black Series pulley kit, a Nitrous Express Direct Port NOS system, and many more top-shelf parts were added.

Jordan and Les Cohen's '94 Toyota Supra

Toyota supra 2jzgte comp turbo Photo 6/8   |   Toyota Supra 2Jzgte Comp Turbo

The next awesome engine bay belongs to Jordan and Les Cohen. We featured this car in our 2016 Toyota issue and it's easily one of the cleanest Supra engine bays we've seen in a long time. A few highlights of his engine bay include Comp Turbo CT4X billet turbos, HKS manifold, Koyo radiator, and Turbosmart wastegates and blow-off valve. We're just curious how much power this thing will make. We'll have to wait for Supras In Vegas.

Linda Uchida's '97 Toyota Supra

Toyota supra 2jzgte hks intercooler Photo 7/8   |   Toyota Supra 2Jzgte Hks Intercooler
Toyota supra 2jzgte kansai service carbon fiber strut bar Photo 8/8   |   Toyota Supra 2Jzgte Kansai Service Carbon Fiber Strut Bar

Another car that made a comeback is Linda Uchida's '97 Supra. Word on the street is this car only has 34k miles. Under the hood is every possible HKS part imaginable. The car used to run an HKS T51R, but when the HKS T62R came they made the swap. Another part that should be noted is the rare Veilside intake manifold. But the knockout punch comes from the HKS Kansai carbon fiber strut bar. Allegedly only four were made back in early '00s for Tokyo Auto Salon and one of them was given to Linda by Mike Urbano, the same guy who passed away after working on Nick's car. They get offers all the time, sometimes up to $4k, but a rare piece of HKS history plus sentimental value is pretty much priceless.

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