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Former Super Street Staffers - All-Star Alumni

Catching up with a few old friends

Aug 19, 2016

Over the last 20 years, we've had several staff members come and go. Some editors were an integral part of shaping what the magazine is today, many of them kept the beast going, and a handful were simply a pain in the ass. But regardless, I tracked down as many savory characters of Super Street's past as I could, to give y'all a mini update on what they're doing (or not doing) today.

Former super street staffers richard chang Photo 2/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Richard Chang

Richard Chang
Super Street, 1998-2001
Favorite memory Nipple Nad dump.
What you're doing now Manufacturing content for Red Bull Media House.
Biggest regret Going to SEMA. Oh, wait-I did that one thousand times.

Former super street staffers ricky chu Photo 3/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Ricky Chu

Ricky Chu
Super Street/Project Car, 2001-2007
Favorite memory Though it sounds cheesy, it was getting to meet all the readers at car shows, races, and the Super Street Tour. That really made me feel like everything I did was making a difference. I got to travel to Japan to meet famous drivers like Tarzan and N.O.B. and do crazy photo shoots with them. Also meeting Hulk Hogan and being able to go through his house and memorabilia.
What you're doing now I'm at our family business selling packaging supplies and packaging accessories. Also, being a full-time uncle and trying to buy the Clippers from Steve Ballmer once I make a cool couple billion. Spend the rest of my time blogging, tweeting, and Instagraming dogs, basketball, and food.
Biggest regret Not too many regrets. I had a great time and met tons of wonderful people I'm still friends with now. One thing, maybe, is not building a car that won any of the magazine or tuner challenges. I've been told that I'm competitive, so I still think about what we could have done to win a couple of those. Oh, and of course, not building my harem of import models.

Former super street staffers roel concepcion Photo 4/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Roel Concepcion

Roel Concepcion
Super Street, 2002-2005
Favorite memory Just being with Ricky, Jonny, Naderi, and the rest of the Super Street crew, hanging out on the ninth floor of the Petersen Building.
What you're doing now I just resigned as creative director of digital content at Under Armour. I quit because office life ain't for me, so I'm just living off the salt of the earth.
Biggest regret Selling parts that we got for free on eBay. It was my supplemental income.

Former super street staffers justin fivella Photo 5/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Justin Fivella

Justin Fivella
Project Car, 2007-2008
Favorite memory There are so many great and equally crazy memories behind each story and every project car, but one that comes to mind is the unfortunate boo-boo that Sam and I did on one of the first E92 335is to hit the U.S. Can you say "tuna can"?
What you're doing now After a long stint as a full-time freelancer writing mostly on the domestic side, I moved into education and PR, where I taught high school journalism, mass media, and photography. Now I'm an education coordinator/public information specialist. Of course, I still freelance for different magazines-I'll never fully give that up. I love it too much.
Biggest regret As crazy as it all was, I wish I would have stopped and enjoyed the last of the "golden years" a little more-I knew those times were special, when there were so many different titles under one roof. I just didn't realize how special. Honestly, it wasn't sustainable and I think we all secretly knew it. Maybe that's partially what made it so amazing, the fact we all knew there was a sunset.

Former super street staffers nate hassler Photo 6/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Nate Hassler

Nate Hassler
Modified, 2009-2012
Super Street, 2012-2013
Favorite memory One particular fateful evening at a seedy Osaka nightclub, "that one night" Jonny and Sam still won't talk about but that I still have pictures and video from... Hell, the Tokyo Auto Salon '13 trip as a whole.
What you're doing now Since leaving my position as associate editor, I have been shooting full-time! Cars and motorsports make up the bulk of what I'm shooting lately, and I am still a victim of the "tuner bug." My latest project, a '99 BMW M3 is just getting kicked off, with upcoming tech articles in european car.
Biggest regret Not going to the track more often with my project Civic. That car was so close to being awesome, had I been more diligent. I could have had a ton more fun instead of just looking at it sit in the garage.

Former super street staffers carter jung Photo 7/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Carter Jung

Carter Jung
Super Street, 2005-2008
Import Tuner, 2008-2010
Favorite memory Thinking back, I have so many fond memories. My first Tokyo Auto Salon trip was a milestone, working on the Super Street 10-year anniversary stuff seems apropos, and just being part of the creative process that produced a magazine was rewarding.
What you're doing now Senior manager, content strategy & new business, which is just fancy talk for partnerships and branded content such as social media.
Biggest regret Not finishing my project cars. Sadly, most of them are in the same state they were when I left the mag.

Former super street staffers sean klingelhoefer Photo 8/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Sean Klingelhoefer

Sean Klingelhoefer
Super Street, 2008-2012
Favorite memory Getting to visit Japan for the first time for Tokyo Auto Salon in '09. It completely changed my worldview. I had never been outside of the country and it opened my mind so much, not to mention all the amazing cars and food and culture. To date, I think I've been back 10 times but, as they say, nothing compares to your first.
What you're doing now I'm currently working as a commercial photographer specializing in car advertising working with brands like Porsche, Audi, Volvo, and Lexus. Most of my free time is spent playing music and it's quickly taking over my life. New album drops in October (not likely).
Biggest regret I don't think I have any regrets. I accomplished everything I set out to do while I was at the magazine. In fact, if I had one regret it was maybe not having the courage to move on sooner and make way for a younger generation to come in and have a go at making Super Street their book. It was really tough leaving the magazine I grew up reading, but I haven't looked back since, I'm really proud of what I did while I was there, and I think I left my mark.

Former super street staffers gary narusawa Photo 9/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Gary Narusawa

Gary Narusawa
Super Street/Project Car, 2008-2014
Favorite memory Beating Jonathan's B16-swapped Civic in a drag race, using his discarded D16.
What you're doing now Teaching automotive technology at Compton College and enjoying my summer vacation.
Biggest regret Not finishing my Datsun 620 drift truck. I can't seem to find the time or money to do it now. When I have time, I don't have money. When I have money, I don't have time.

Former super street staffers matthew pearson Photo 10/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Matthew Pearson

Matthew Pearson
Super Street, 1996-2000
Favorite memory Driving a Civic Type R and NSX-S at Honda R&D in Tochigi; every Super Street Tour.
What you're doing now Assistant vice president, content development at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
Biggest regret I should have taken the Honda Civic Si Challenge trophy with me!

Former super street staffers peter tarach Photo 11/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Peter Tarach

Peter Tarach
Modified, 2003-2014
Favorite memory There were so many from the new car press trips all around the world, to late-night parties at SEMA, but being 0.4 seconds slower than NASCAR driver Joey Lagano around a racetrack definitely ranks up there!
What you're doing now Trying to build a YouTube empire; check out Speed Academy!
Biggest regret A big, nasty burnout in the parking lot.

Former super street staffers charles trieu Photo 12/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Charles Trieu

Charles Trieu
Super Street, 2008-2010
Import Tuner, 2010-2014
Favorite memory Waking up at Sam's house after partying all night with him and Jonathan, and having just enough time to drive straight to the office. Yes, in the same clothes. Yes, on a weekday. Yes, still drunk.
What you're doing now Retired, still recovering from the years of being an "editor."
Biggest regret The things I didn't do or people I didn't do? The list of names shall never be spoken.

Former super street staffers scott tsuneishi Photo 13/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Scott Tsuneishi

Scott Tsuneishi
Turbo/Import Tuner, 2003-2014
Favorite memory Working with industry colleagues and enthusiasts.
What you're doing now Hyundai Mobis accessories product planning.
Biggest regret None!

Former super street staffers johnathan wong Photo 14/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Johnathan Wong

Jonathan Wong
Super Street/Project Car, 1998-2014
Favorite memory Aside from every SS Tour, Tokyo Auto Salon, Formula Drift, Battle of the Imports, and beyond, taking Super Street all the way to the top of the game is my Favorite memory and proudest achievement. It wasn't easy and took a long time to do, but we did it and I'm very proud to have been a part of the best tuner mag, period.
What you're doing now EIC of
Biggest regret Not being able to say a proper goodbye when I left. To all the readers I had the pleasure of writing for and meeting throughout all those years, it was my honor and pleasure to do so-thanks again for all the support.

Former super street staffers sam du Photo 15/15   |   Former Super Street Staffers Sam Du

Sam Du
eurotuner, 2006-2011
Super Street, 2011-present
Favorite memory Working with an all-star cast of journalists who somehow became my best friends. Also, getting away with showing up to work drunk, missing deadlines, overspending my AMEX card, and occasional photo shoot nip slips.
What you're doing now I'm writing this right now!
Biggest regret Wait...why am I still here?

Sam Du
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