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1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri - Old But Gold

Kickin' it old school with this Kenmeri

Oct 14, 2016
Photographer: Patrick Lauder

There's something comforting about the past. We're living in a time where hashtags like #tbt, #fbf and playing Pokemon is a "thing." Ivan Jaramillo is an old school kind of guy and also happens to be the owner of this beautiful Nissan Skyline Kenmeri. The Bay Area native's obsession for vintage cars runs deep, so what we're going to do right here is go back. Way back. Back into time.

1975 nissan skyline kenmeri rear bumper Photo 2/28   |   1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri Rear Bumper

"Old-school cars have been with me since I was little," Ivan points out. "I have lot of early memories riding in old-school cars with my dad." Through the years his appreciation for cars grew and when high school hit, he took it seriously and enrolled in auto tech classes. He then took it a step further and went to automotive school after locking in his high school diploma. Now he has his own garage, which has been in operation for the past 13 years. His specialty is restoration, of course.

Ivan has been a fan vintage Skylines for as long as he can remember. No doubt the Kenmeri was JDM, but Ivan also loved how it had a touch of '70s American muscle. Prior to buying his Kenmeri, Ivan actually never saw one in person. But when he saw a car collector in Washington post this Kenmeri for sale, he jumped on the opportunity. Luckily for Ivan, it already had the GT-R exterior conversion he was planning to do. The car collector lived on an island and when he got there, Ivan was allowed to drive it.

"The car ran pretty crappy," Ivan admits. "But I was still awestruck." Shortly after the test drive, Ivan found himself handing money to the collector and waiting for his Skyline to be shipped off of the island.

1975 nissan skyline kenmeri L6 engine Photo 6/28   |   1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri L6 Engine

The first order of business was getting the car to run properly. Ivan recalls it driving like the carbs were starving for fuel and in desperate need of a new fuel pump. Once that was replaced, the car ran like a champ and was even able to do a couple of road trips. Ivan mentions, "Aside from one time, it never really broke down on me."

1975 nissan skyline kenmeri hayashi racing wheels Photo 7/28   |   1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri Hayashi Racing Wheels

Now that it was fully operational, Ivan focused on what any builder would focus on next; suspension. It was as simple as installing lowering springs and Ivan swears that it made a big difference. As far as exterior modification, you don't need much to make an old-school car look good. Long gone are the Watanabes that came with the car, replaced by a set of Hayashi Racing wheels.

The interior smell alone was a nostalgic experience for Ivan and he made sure that it only had period correct parts. The Datsun Competition style seats give a sporty feel but still retain a vintage touch. The signature and the number one on the dash are from Dianne Krey Wesley, one of the characters in the Ken and Mary television commercials. Ivan's Kenmeri allegedly was the first Skyline Diane had autographed after her absence of playing the character for Nissan promotional campaigns. Like all car builders experience, Ivan's Skyline is yet to be finished and future plans include a complete color change, different wheels, and a new front spoiler.

1975 nissan skyline kenmeri datsun competition steering wheel Photo 11/28   |   1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri Datsun Competition Steering Wheel

Nowadays Ivan doesn't drive the Kenmeri as much as he used to. The vintage Skyline lover recalls people following him home just to take photos of his car, which can get a bit hairy. It serves as more of Ivan's weekend cruiser now and the car he rolls up to car meets in. You might be asking, "Yo, what about the Hako? That's a vintage Skyline." Turns out, not too long after he bought this Kenmeri, the popular vintage Japanese car dealer JDM Legends had a Hakosuka available. Ivan bought it of course. No diggity doubt, we like your style, Ivan.

1975 nissan skyline kenmeri dianne krey wesley autograph Photo 18/28   |   1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri Dianne Krey Wesley Autograph
1975 nissan skyline kenmeri quarter panel badge Photo 22/28   |   1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri Quarter Panel Badge
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1975 Nissan Skyline Kenmeri - Old But Gold
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Owner Name: Ivan Jaramillo
Location: Berkeley, CA
Occupation: Restoration Shop Owner
Engine: L6 motor; Nismo Mikuni carburetors; FET intake manifold; stainless exhaust manifold; Fujitsubo exhaust
Footwork & Chassis: Vintage Spirit custom STANCE front coilovers; rear adjustable coil springs; KYB rear shocks
Brakes: Datsun Competition 4 Pot MK63
Wheels & Tires: Hayashi Street 15x9 -6 front and 15x9.5 -9 rear; Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 205/55R15 front and 225/50R15 rear
Exterior: GT-R flares, rear, grille
Interior: Datsun Competition 10-year anniversary steering wheel, driver seat, shift knob



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