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1992 Nissan Silvia - Heartbreaker

Style comes first with this Spirit Rei Nissan Silvia

Oct 12, 2016
Photographer: Colin Waki

In a time when style reigns supreme, we don't blame Naohiro Yamane for having chosen aesthetics to take precedence over performance with his Nissan Silvia. And by the looks of how badass his S13 looks, it's no surprise this isn't Yamane's first rodeo, either. Turns out he helped build Shuichi Nakagawa's Shakotan 180SX RPS13, which we featured on the cover in '14 (Volume 18, Issue 2). And Yamane's expertise as car builder is so well known that S-chassis aero specialist Spirit Rei asked him to build a demo car using its products, which is exactly how this S13 came about.

1992 nissan silvia spirit rei miyabi side skirts Photo 2/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Spirit Rei Miyabi Side Skirts

You might remember Spirit Rei for popularizing trends such as the Odyssey headlight conversion called "Odyvia." This time, however, instead of doing another conversion, the guys at Spirit Rei went a different route and complemented the S13 styling cues with their "Miyabi" line. The word "Miyabi" loosely translates to elegance or stylish but can also mean "heartbreaker." Yamane's S13 got the full Miyabi treatment head to toe and had Tomonori Idekawa of Tomo Lab's coat the car in Lab's Blue paint.

Being a perfectionist, Yamane tells us the hardest part of the build was making the perfect shape for the fenders, but again, with the help of Idekawa-san, the result of the bodywork was flawless. The Spirit Rei fenders extend the width of the body 40 mm on each corner, and combined with 326 Power coilovers, they perfectly house 18-inch Work Meisters like butter.

In contrast to the clean exterior, inside you'll find the attributes you'd expect from a drifter such as wild paint, gutted interior, and quintessential Bride Brix 2 bucket seats.

1992 nissan silvia sr20det engine Photo 6/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Sr20det Engine

With aesthetics as the main priority, engine modifications were kept to a minimum, but that doesn't mean the SR20DET didn't get any love. The S13's factory turbo was swapped for a bigger unit from the S14. Yamane had his homie Hidehiko Shigemitsu tune the motor and was able to make a healthy 300 hp, which is more than enough power to get him sideways.

1992 nissan silvia freestyle garage Photo 7/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Freestyle Garage

From shredding tires to carving apexes, there's nothing the ubiquitous S-chassis can't do. Even if the car stayed perfectly still, it can still be appreciated with the right aero and wheel fitment. Although Yamane's Silvia was born to showcase a body kit, its destiny lies beyond car shows, where Yamane first fell in love with the car-at the drift circuit, and that's exactly what he plans to do next.

1992 nissan silvia spirit rei miyabi rear bumper Photo 8/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Spirit Rei Miyabi Rear Bumper
1992 nissan silvia sr20det valve cover Photo 12/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Sr20det Valve Cover
1992 nissan silvia bride brix 2 bucket seat Photo 16/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Bride Brix 2 Bucket Seat
1992 nissan silvia mcmc steering wheel Photo 20/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Mcmc Steering Wheel
1992 nissan silvia spirit rei miyabi rear bumper Photo 24/24   |   1992 Nissan Silvia Spirit Rei Miyabi Rear Bumper
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1992 Nissan Silvia - Heartbreaker
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Owner: Naohiro Yamane
Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Occupation: Construction Machine Technician
Power: 300 hp
Engine: HKS intake; Walbro fuel pump; NISMO injectors; Silk Road exhaust manifold; Trust exhaust, front pipe, intercooler, intercooler pipe, boost controller; Denso spark plugs; S14 Silvia turbo
Drivetrain: Cusco final drive
Footwork & Chassis: 326 Power Chakuriki coilovers
Brakes: R32 Skyline conversion
Wheels & Tires: 18x11" -22 front, 18x12" -45 rear Work Meister wheels; 225/40-18 front 265/35-18 rear Kenda tires
Exterior: Spirit Rei Miyabi body kit; Lab's Blue paint;
Interior: Bride Brix 2 bucket seats, seat rails; MCMC steering wheel; Sparco quick release; shift knob



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