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GEAR November 2016

Matt Rodriguez
Sep 20, 2016

M-Style rear spoiler

Gear MStyle F30 Rear Spoiler Photo 2/8   |   Gear Mstyle F30 Rear Spoiler

M-Style has created the perfect solution for those interested in adding some flair to the rear deck of their F30 BMW 3 Series sedan. Produced in genuine carbon fiber, this new spoiler is held to the same high standards as the rest of the M-Style lineup and will add a subtle touch to the rear of your Bimmer saloon.

GAZ Suspension

Gear gaz porsche coilover Photo 3/8   |   Gear Gaz Porsche Coilover

Porsche 944 and 968 enthusiasts now have a new, well-thought-out suspension option thanks to GAZ. The black zinc-plated height adjusters, adorned with coarse acme form threads, are fully adjustable and allow for independent control of damper bounce through a bump setting located on the remote canister, and rebound rate changes via the strut body. Gas cells in the remote reservoirs are filled with high viscosity index multi-grade oil that helps reduce fade on those intense track sessions.

Fidanza short shifter

Gear fidanza short shifter Photo 4/8   |   Gear Fidanza Short Shifter

Committed to improving your driving experience, Fidanza brings you its new line of short shifters intended for the BMW 5 Series (including the M5). A true bolt-on, direct replacement affair, installation requires only that you remove the factory unit, replace it with the Fidanza piece, and transfer your gear knob and gaiter boot. The new units will shorten the distance between gear positions with a shorter throw and, for many models, allow for height adjustability as well.

TECHART Powerkits

Gear TECHART Macan turbo Photo 5/8   |   Gear TECHART Macan Turbo

Bringing the power of your Macan Turbo up to 480 hp has never been easier, or safer. TECHART's TA B95/T1 Powerkit grants you an 80hp bump with its engine TECHTRONIC management that is integrated into your vehicle's CAN data bus system. For Cayenne Turbo S owners, TECHART's Powerkit TA 058/T2.1 adds turbochargers, manifolds, oil/water lines, and air filters to accompany their management system in bringing peak power all the way up to 720 hp. Both kits are street-friendly and backed by TECHART's extensive warranty.

REVO Performance software

Gear Revo technik software Photo 6/8   |   Gear Revo Technik Software

The MK3 Focus RS now has a performance software upgrade to not only increase power, but also the way in which that power is applied, all while adding a few layers of safety to boot. Along with the additional grunt, the rpm limit is raised to 7,000 rpm and Speed Limit is eliminated. Cold-start protection limits the rpm until proper operating temps are reached and the intuitive temperature protection will actually reduce power if the oil, intake, or exhaust temperatures get too high, protecting your RS engine from potential disaster.

Header Shield

Gear headershield Photo 7/8   |   Gear Headershield

Keeping heat in or out of where it's supposed to be is one of the quickest ways to improve the power output and efficiency of your car's engine. Header Shield works like typical heat wrap or ceramic coatings, only better. Anything from exhaust components to turbos to intake pipes or even electronics can be wrapped in a layer of insulation and then encased in a thin stainless outer shell. Trapping heat in the exhaust decreases turbo lag, decreases catalytic convertor light off time, while wrapping electronics will save them from heat damage. Unbolt the part, send it in, and the company wraps it and sends it back. It's that easy.

Black Forest Industries GS2 Audi shift knob

Gear BFI shiftknob Photo 8/8   |   Gear BFI Shiftknob

Audi is continually upping its interior game, which forces the aftermarket to keep up. Black Forest Industries has just released a new line of shift knobs covered in top-quality Magma Leather, which is the type found in most newer Audis. It isn't only the three-pedal guys who can appreciate the tactile joy of a new knob. BFI makes DSG applications and offers either red or black leather, silver or black aluminum. You can also pick up a new shift boot for either manual or DSG while you're there.

By Matt Rodriguez
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