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2004 Honda Jazz - A Little Jazz With A Lot Of Heart

The meanest, nastiest Honda Jazz you've never seen

Apr 14, 2017
Photographer: Streetmetal

When Honda introduced the Jazz (Fit for the U.S. market), it wasn't about the glitz or glamour, and it certainly wasn't about awe-inspiring performance. Instead, the quirky little hatchback offered immense functionality, a great value, and dumbfounded anyone searching for the limits of just how much would actually fit into the little five-door hatchback. Many compared it to the '88 to '91 Civic in that it was simple, affordable, and reliable. In enthusiast circles, however, the two couldn't be any more different. Sure, Jazz/Fit builds have popped up here and there, but the chassis never experienced the type of praise and loyalty the ED/EF chassis received.

2004 honda jazz custom fenders Photo 2/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Custom Fenders

The fact that most Honda enthusiasts in Thailand weren't taking on Jazz builds is one of the main reasons Verayut Supakam, owner of this intense 2004 GD model, accepted the challenge wholeheartedly. And with a lack of off-the-shelf parts available for this model, a challenge it would be. The effort required didn't worry Verayut, and besides, he really wanted to see a Jazz blasting down the 1320, so why not be the one to make that happen?

2004 honda jazz k20 type r swap Photo 3/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz K20 Type R Swap

Verayut has owned this car for 13 years now and at one point, when he decided it was time to get serious, he set a $10,000 budget and got right to work. Out came the anemic stock engine and in its place a K20A Type R swap held in place by Hasport mounts. The belly of the K-swap was filled with Wiseco 87mm pistons and Skunk2 rods, while the top portion was fitted with Supertech goods. Thailand local Bangmod Racing provided their 90mm throttle body to connect to an Xcessive center-feed intake manifold, and they also fab'd an exhaust manifold to carry the Greddy T88 turbo. Properly feeding the engine is a Bosch 044 pump, 1,600cc injectors, a K-Tuned fuel rail, and Aeromotive FPR, with the shots being called by AEM Series II engine management. The combination so far has been good for 640whp and 10-second time slips, but those numbers will eventually change as plans for an additional four injectors and a taste of alcohol are right around the corner.

2004 honda jazz greddy t88 turbo Photo 4/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Greddy T88 Turbo

The factory axles would snap like toothpicks with that much power being channeled through them, so Verayut added a set of 3.9 DriveShaft Shop units along with a BK (Thailand brand) high performance clutch. Transferring the power to the tarmac are Belak race wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber.

2004 honda jazz belak industries wheels Photo 5/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Belak Industries Wheels

Not surprisingly, the exterior of Verayut's Jazz is all business, from the widened front arches that house those meaty slicks, to the rivet-laden Lexan window treatment and show-stealing turbo, there's no mistaking this car for anything other than a purpose-built drag competitor. In the rear, a custom aluminum roof wing with support legs sits above a carbon fiber hatch and the bumper's been Swiss cheese'd in the name of custom carbon bumper diffusers.

2004 honda jazz sitt turbo roll cage Photo 6/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Sitt Turbo Roll Cage

Even more dramatic than the outside of this Jazz is the barren inside. The single Kirkey seat is flanked by hollow doors and surrounded by a Sitt Turbo fabricated roll cage. Beside the Personal leather steering wheel sits a K-Tuned shifter, and just in front of that, an AEM EMS and switch panel that also houses a bevy of gauges to monitor vitals. Since the ride-along pass has been revoked and passengers are no longer welcome, a fuel cell, strategically located in the passenger side foot well, was added for weight distribution.

2004 honda jazz custom fenders Photo 7/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Custom Fenders

A cute little Jazz/Fit with a snarling turbo that sits well above where the hood once resided isn't exactly what you'd expect to find at your local track day, and that's exactly why Verayut Supakam chose this chassis. Whether you're in the U.S., Thailand, or any other region for that matter, stepping away from the crowd can sometimes be as much fun as it is challenging.

2004 honda jazz custom aluminum roof wing Photo 8/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Custom Aluminum Roof Wing
2004 honda jazz personal steering wheel Photo 12/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Personal Steering Wheel
2004 honda jazz sitt turbo roll cage Photo 19/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Sitt Turbo Roll Cage
2004 honda jazz verayut supakam Photo 23/23   |   2004 Honda Jazz Verayut Supakam
By Rodrez
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2004 Honda Jazz - A Little Jazz With A Lot Of Heart
Owner: Verayut Supakam
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Engine: K20A Type R swap, Hasport engine mounts, Bangmod Racing 90mm throttle body, Xcessive intake manifold, Wiseco 87mm pistons, Skunk2 rods, ACL balance shaft, Supertech valve springs, Greddy T88 turbo, Bangmod Racing turbo manifold, exhaust and intercooler, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, Fiveo 1,600cc injectors, K-Tuned fuel rail, side mount pulley kit, dip stick, AEM Series II management
Drivetrain: BK Clutch, Driveshaft shop 3.9 axles
Suspension: Tein coilovers
Wheels & Tires: Front: Belak Industries 13x8.5 with Mickey Thompson 245/9R13
Rear: Belak Industris 15x4.5 with Mickey Thompson 240/4.5R15
Exterior: Reworked front fenders, lexan windows, aluminum roof wing, carbon fiber rear bumper diffusers, carbon fiber hatch
Interior : Kirkey race seat, K-Tuned billet shifter, Sitt Turbo roll cage, fuel cell, Personal steering wheel, Autometer tachometer, Defi gauges



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