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July 2017 Gear

Aaron Bonk
May 1, 2017


July 2017 gear BG Racing wireless race scale Photo 2/16   |   July 2017 Gear BG Racing Wireless Race Scale

It's time to stop fumbling around with all those wires and connectors when breaking out the race scales. B-G Racing's got the solution with its Wireless Race Scales that are made out of lightweight aluminum and feature ribbed construction for what the company says leads to maximum strength and almost zero deflection. B-G Racing's scales are also completely wireless, which means cables strewn across the floor are a thing of the past. The wireless control pad also eliminates whatever mobility restrictions wired systems impose and displays vitals like corner weights, axle weights, and cross weights all at once. And although the system is entirely wireless, a power adapter is included should replacement batteries not be readily available when needed.
Retail: $2,430


July 2017 gear meguiar Mirror bright vinyl and rubber treatment Photo 3/16   |   July 2017 Gear Meguiar Mirror Bright Vinyl And Rubber Treatment

Meguiar's all-new Mirror Bright Vinyl and Rubber Treatment means you can now refresh everything from your car's interior plastic bits and rubber moldings to its tires and engine bay all with the same 14-ounce spray bottle. According to Meguiar's, its new spray treatment cleans, conditions, and protects all in one easy step. Mirror Bright Vinyl and Rubber Treatment leaves what Meguiar's says is just the right amount of sheen, giving whatever it's applied to a rich, natural look for a like-new appearance. The treatment's also been formulated to provide durable UV protection. Like all products in Meguiar's Mirror Bright line, its Vinyl and Rubber Treatment can be recognized by its white bottle and retro design that pays homage to the company's long-standing history.
Retail: $7.99


July 2017 gear Yokohama A052 Photo 4/16   |   July 2017 Gear Yokohama A052

Yokohama Tire Corporation's just announced its all-new, ultra-high-performance Advan A052 tire that's been specially designed for sports cars as well as for track-day use. It's the latest addition to Yokohama's iconic Advan lineup, which has become synonymous with extreme grip that's also suitable for street use. The A052 is available in 19 different sizes that range from 16- to 18-inch diameters and features an all-new asymmetric tread pattern and special compound derived from the company's extensive racing heritage. According to Yokohama, the A052 was engineered for superior handling, increased traction, and improved lap times, and with high levels of wet and dry grip. The A052's asymmetric tread pattern features what Yokohama says is a stable outer compound rib with a notched micro-groove that helps improve heat dissipation. The tire's two, wide inner circumferential grooves also help with straight-line stability and improve traction in wet weather. And its new MS compound is what Yokohama says provides extreme grip and improved fuel efficiency, all at the same time. Applications are available for vehicles, including the Porsche 911, Mercedes C63 AMG, BMW M3, and many more.
Retail: TBA


July 2017 gear Remus porsche 718 sport exhaust Photo 5/16   |   July 2017 Gear Remus Porsche 718 Sport Exhaust

There's a new exhaust system for Porsche's 718 Boxster and, according to Remus, it'll give you everything you're looking for. The exhaust maker's recently introduced axle-back Sport Exhaust gives what Remus says is a powerful sound and bolts right on without any modifications to the vehicle. The system's made entirely of stainless steel and is available with either stainless steel or carbon-fiber exhaust tips, both 102 mm in diameter and with clamp-on connections. The system's larger tubing (60 mm versus 55 mm) and smooth bends yield a modest 2.9hp gain but with broad midrange torque gains as high as 8 lb-ft. Remus' Sport Exhaust system for the 718 Boxster is compatible with all models except for those featuring the Boxster's optional PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust).
Retail: $2,254


July 2017 gear Pirelli skis 05 Photo 6/16   |   July 2017 Gear Pirelli Skis 05

Pirelli has partnered with Blossom—a leader in handmade, high-performance skis—to launch skis dedicated to the most demanding of skiers. Crafted in the Blossom workshops in Valchiavenna, Italy, and in collaboration with Pirelli engineers, the unique skis feature a specialized layer of vibration-dampening rubber by way of Pirelli that's been integrated into their multi-layer construction. Each ski features a wooden core and graphite sole, a double layer of Titanal for stability, and triaxial fiberglass for what Pirelli Design says leads to exceptional torsion. The specialized rubber compound implemented by Pirelli dampens up to 60 percent of vibrations normally transferred from the piste to the ski during descent. According to Pirelli Design, the deep sidecuts adapt well to various snow conditions and result in high speed and great handling as well as excellent performance on narrow and sweeping turns thanks to improved fluidity and accuracy. Pirelli skis are available in various sizes with corresponding carving ratios and sidecuts, feature the iconic stretched P logo, and come in seven colors inspired by the very color-coding system used by Pirelli to identify its racing tires. A limited run of 110 pairs will be made for each color to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Pirelli Motorsport and are available for pre-order now.
Retail: TBA


July 2017 gear AWE tuning MQB intake Photo 7/16   |   July 2017 Gear AWE Tuning MQB Intake

Longtime performance parts maker AWE Tuning announces its all-new S-FLO carbon-fiber intake system developed exclusively for MQB-chassis cars utilizing 1.8 and 2.0 TFSI engines. According to AWE, its S-FLO intake yields significant airflow improvements and increased induction efficiency when compared to the original system. The fully sealed carbon-fiber airbox, complete with one of AWE's own purpose-built S-FLO filters, allows for a higher volume of air to pass through, while its unique, internal layout funnels it at a higher velocity. The results are more power and what AWE calls something that's "future-proofed," or that has the ability to accommodate future engine modifications, power goals, and tuning. Each intake is made from high-grade carbon fiber and features a UV-stabilized resin and clearcoat to help prevent discoloration due to heat exposure. AWE's intake system also fits without any permanent modifications to the vehicle and utilizes factory mounting points, which means installation's as straightforward as it is quick.
Retail: $537.95


July 2017 gear Neuspeed rse16 wheel Photo 8/16   |   July 2017 Gear Neuspeed Rse16 Wheel

Neuspeed is proud to introduce its all-new RSe11 and RSe16 wheels with fitments available for many Audi and VW vehicles. Designed for competition use and yet suitable for the street, the RSe11 features a straight profile with 11 evenly spaced spokes while the RSe16 features a more traditional mesh look with 16 spokes around. Both designs also incorporate deep center cups surrounding the hub area, and to increase rigidity, the wheels' outer lips have been reinforced for added strength. Neuspeed's RSe11 is available in 18x8 and 18x8.5 (18x9 and 18x7.5 coming soon) and in a number of offsets, lug patterns, and center bores to accommodate 17 different Audi/VW models. The RSe16 is compatible with 16 different Audi/VW vehicles and is available in 17x8 and 17x8.5 (17x9 and 17x7.5 coming soon) and with a variety of offsets and center bores that are vehicle-specific. Both the RSe11 and RSe16 are compatible with their respective vehicle's factory lug nuts, TPMS sensors (if applicable), and center caps.
Retail: $289.95-$319.95 each


July 2017 gear Jurid brake pad Photo 9/16   |   July 2017 Gear Jurid Brake Pad

Federal-Mogul Motorparts introduces its extensive line of Jurid replacement brake pads for a wide variety of German nameplates. Jurid, one of Europe's most respected brands of original equipment and replacement brake products, has a longstanding history as standard equipment on multiple European vehicles like Volkswagen Golf models dating back to the mid-'70s as well as the Audi A3, BMW's 4 Series and i8, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and the Volkswagen Passat. Now available to North American replacement parts distributors, the new range of genuine Jurid pads offers coverage for approximately 98 percent of German passenger vehicles registered in the U.S. and Canada. More than 40 percent of the 156 Jurid pad sets feature the same shapes supplied as original equipment to German vehicle manufacturers. Founded in Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1915, the Jurid business today is based in Federal-Mogul Motorparts' state-of-the-art friction products engineering and manufacturing complex in Glinde, Germany.
Retail: varies


July 2017 gear Porsche Design monobloc actuator Photo 10/16   |   July 2017 Gear Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator

Porsche Design recently unveiled its all-new and innovative Monobloc Actuator watch collection at the Baselworld 2017 Watch and Jewelry Fair in in Basel, Switzerland. A reflection of Porsche's motorsports history, Porsche Design says its latest timepiece was inspired by the high-rpm mechanical valve control of the new 911 RSR and shares the same carbon fiber on its dial as the RSR and red, black, and white color scheme as the company's GT works team. According to Porsche Design, its engineers created an integrated rocker switch that controls the chronograph's operation entirely from inside the watch's case, and goes on to say that this sort of paradigmatic example of performance at the highest level exemplifies precision engineering in the smallest possible space. Each of the chronograph's buttons are fitted seamlessly into the watch's case, and with what Porsche Design calls a "multiply-borne rocker switch" that sets into motion and stops the chronograph mechanism. Like the valves in the 911 RSR's engine, they say, this mechanism provides absolute precision, dependability, and continual, reliable protection against moisture penetration throughout operation. In addition to the four available models that make up the collection, a 251-piece, limited-edition version, which pays homage to the 911 RSR's 251cm wheelbase and the Porsche Motorsport GT works team, will be available later this year.
Retail: $6,350-$6,850


July 2017 gear Milltek e36 exhaust Photo 11/16   |   July 2017 Gear Milltek E36 Exhaust

Premium exhaust maker Milltek hasn't forgotten about the future classics and proves as much with the introduction of its exhaust solution for E36-chassis BMW M3, 325i, and 328i models. Milltek's latest system doesn't stray far from BMW's original design but carefully re-engineers its performance by way of mandrel-bent, 304-grade stainless steel tubing and a higher-flowing muffler and resonators. Each system includes high-flow catalytic converter-bypass pipes that allow the E36's restrictive catalytic converters to be removed for track days and are substituted by twin resonators that reduce noise and unwanted resonance within the cabin. The hand-finished system features a polished muffler that's compatible with BMW's original tubing on its own or with the accompanying tubing and resonators. Milltek completes its system with a pair of perfectly proportioned and OEM-styled, stainless-steel exhaust tips. Like the rest of Milltek's classic exhaust range, it's E36 system was re-engineered for better performance but without disturbing the iconic and retro look of what BMW originally provided.
Retail: Starting around $650


July 2017 gear Mujjo galaxy8 case Photo 12/16   |   July 2017 Gear Mujjo Galaxy8 Case

Premium smartphone case maker Mujjo says the time has come to offer its acclaimed leather cases to Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users. The all-new cases feature a sleek silhouette, fully wrapped with premium quality, full-grain leather that, according to Mujjo, will age beautifully. Mujjo goes on to say that it's the premium materials that make its cases so unique, along with its simple-yet-elegant designs. Its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases were designed to be clean and contemporary, featuring a super-slim profile, sleek silhouette, and an unobtrusive design that follows the outlines of the device, with perfectly placed openings for volume rockers and connectors. Like all Mujjo cases, its latest aims to accentuate rather than conceal the Galaxy S8's and S8 Plus' already striking designs.
Retail: $42


July 2017 gear Techart 718 formula iv wheel Photo 13/16   |   July 2017 Gear Techart 718 Formula Iv Wheel
July 2017 gear Techart 718 interior pieces Photo 14/16   |   July 2017 Gear Techart 718 Interior Pieces
July 2017 gear Techart 718 porsches Photo 15/16   |   July 2017 Gear Techart 718 Porsches

German tuning firm Techart announced its plans for Porsche's 718 Cayman and Boxster models at last March's Geneva International Motor Show, the highlights of which include more than 400 hp and an aggressive new look. Techart's all-new aero kit redefines both models with its two-piece front spoiler and integrated splitter, lateral air intakes, a rear diffusor that surrounds the exhaust tips, and a choice of two different fixed, rear spoilers. Lowering springs enhance handling with their 30mm ride-height adjustment, and 21-inch Formula IV wheels with their twin-spoke design command attention and improve performance thanks to wider footprints (9 and 9.5 inches). Engine performance has been enhanced with Techart's TA082/S1 Power Kit that's good for 400 hp at the flip of a switch. Even at as low as 2,800 rpm, the 2.5L flat-four comes alive, resulting in 354 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels and something that'll accelerate as fast as a 911 Carrera S, according to Techart. A racing-inspired exhaust system contributes to the 50hp increase, featuring an integrated valve control that, according to Techart, has been invisibly integrated and dons titanium tailpipes with carbon-fiber tips. Inside, optional carbon-fiber bits include those for the steering wheel, dashboard, center console, door panels, and seats and is complemented with aluminum accents and nearly endless choices of custom leather and stitching. Finally, Techart's Type 7 Sport Steering Wheel, which is based off of the 718's optional GT Sport steering wheel, features a smaller diameter and a more ergonomic shape and can be customized by way of carbon fiber, Alcantara, leather piping, or a number of other options, while retaining all of the Cayman and Boxster's original controls.
Retail: varies


July 2017 gear Truhart streetplus coilover lineup Photo 16/16   |   July 2017 Gear Truhart Streetplus Coilover Lineup

Suspension manufacturer Truhart expands its StreetPlus Coilover lineup to include fifth-generation and newer Volkswagen Jettas and Golfs. Truhart's system is based on twin-tube dampers that feature integrated top mounts and are, according to Truhart, priced competitively for budget-minded tuners who are looking to lower their vehicles and improve handling performance. Truhart's independently adjustable lower mounts allow for fine-tuning of the vehicle's ride height without sacrificing shock travel, resulting in a sporty yet comfortable ride on the street or the track.
Retail: $660

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