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1994 Toyota Supra - Supreme Kai

A special Supra for not so obvious reasons

Jan 6, 2018

What truly makes a car special? Sure, top-shelf parts on a '90s JDM hero car will check off boxes for many, but sometimes a car is just special on its own, regardless of the sum of its parts. For Nick Stonawski and his '94 Toyota Supra, it's much deeper and sentimental.

1994 toyota supra 97 98 taillight conversion Photo 2/12   |   1994 Toyota Supra 97 98 Taillight Conversion

From the outside it may look like a simpler Supra than what you're used to seeing in Super Street—free from any sort of aggressive body kit, wild wheels and some sort of GT wing. In fact, the only thing you'll find on the outside is a CarFashion front lip, a set of classic Volk Racing Challenge wheels, and HKS livery. When it's parked, you'd never know that its low mileage 2JZ-GTE is fitted with one of HKS' most popular T51r Kai turbos. Go ahead, search for video clips on YouTube. It's so popular, there are companies out there replicating the intake housing on other turbos to achieve the same sound as the T51r, but Nick tells us all have failed. "It's a signature sound that only few owners get the chance to call their own. The HKS T51r series turbos have been discontinued for quite some time and are like finding a needle in a haystack these days," he laid out.

1994 toyota supra 2JZGTE Photo 3/12   |   1994 Toyota Supra 2JZGTE

Nick has been in the Supra scene longer than most, and long before you'd ever seen one on the big screen with bright orange paint and a Bomex body kit. Fifteen years of age and Nick was already a fetishistic Supra lover. Under Nick's resume are three other perfectly executed Supras. First, a third generation '87 Turbo, then an '89 body style with a 2JZ swap that was featured in Import Tuner and eventually a mint '95 Turbo. It begged the question, "Why build another one?" The answer is easy when you know the history of the current Supra in his garage.

The original owner was Kevin Tao who was one of the first Supra enthusiasts Nick ever met, and during that time this Supra served as the Bomex USA demo car. However for Nick, what made this Supra even more special was the work he did on the car alongside his late friend Mike Urbano. Before the HKS T51r turbo found its way in the engine room, the Supra had an HKS' 2835 twin turbo kit on it. Nick helped Mike, an HKS employee, change out the twins for the bigger single turbo. Sadly, Mike passed away in a motorcycle accident before the install was ever finished. The original owner, Kevin, didn't want anybody else working on the car, and for the past 12 years it sat in a garage time capsule. "The car just sat since then. It was kind of my unicorn car and I always wanted it, but never could afford it," Nick explains. It was only in '16 when Kevin decided to let it go. Needless to say, Nick quickly parted ways with his '95 Supra to make room for the retired Bomex demo car.

1994 toyota supra volk racing SF challenge Photo 7/12   |   1994 Toyota Supra Volk Racing SF Challenge

As you can imagine, the Supra's fluids, hoses, belts, and other components were aged longer than a Gordon Ramsay steak. Nick headed to L-Spec in Torrance, Calif., to get everything refreshed with brand new parts. With over a decade passing, technology and development modernized significantly and the logical thing to do was improve on what Nick and Mike started. The Supra aficionados at FSR Motorsports used an AEM Infinity to replace the outdated HKS computers and push the car to its full potential with e85 fuel. "My goal is to max out the HKS T51r turbo at around 800hp," Nick says. To transfer all that power, Nick went with a South Bend Stage 3 Endurance clutch, which he tells us is favored in the Supra community as the best bang-for-the-buck clutch that can hold 1,000hp with a stock-like pedal feel. Look even closer into Nick's engine bay and you'll see a good amount of other rare HKS goodies. "The hardest part to source was the purple HKS turbo velocity stack. For over a year I was searching daily online and had multiple friends and shops on the hunt, even had a buddy in Japan searching Up Garages," Nick says. It wasn't until fellow gearhead Nick Hogan had a tip on somebody who had one and a few days later he was able to cop the cherry on top of his motor.

1994 toyota supra carfashion front lip Photo 8/12   |   1994 Toyota Supra Carfashion Front Lip

If you ask nicely, Nick will tell you all of the neat and rare things he's collected on his car, such as a C's short shifter, which might not sound like a part that will "wow" car show judges, but to give you an idea the last one he saw went for $1,500. Nick concludes, "There is honestly no part of me that will ever want to sell this car. It's sentimental value."

1994 toyota supra HKS livery Photo 12/12   |   1994 Toyota Supra HKS Livery
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1994 Toyota Supra - Supreme Kai
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Owner: Nick Stonawski
Hometown: Manhattan Beach CA
Engine: New 2jzgte long block; HKS T51R KAI turbo, exhaust manifold, Type-R wastegate, fuel rail, Type-R intercooler, intercooler pipes, Racing Type II blow-off valve, turbo velocity stack, downpipe, mid-pipe, turbo heat shield, silicone couplers, timing belt; FSR Motorsports E85 complete PTFE fuel line kit, dual pump wiring/relay kit, dual fuel pump Bracket; Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors; Fuelabs fuel pressure regulator, 6 micron dual fuel filters; Walbro E85 450lph dual fuel pumps; L-Spec Performance intake pipe; Amsoil dry air filter; GReddy SP exhaust; LoudValvesbBoost-activated exhaust cutout; MVP Motorsports billet tensioner bracket; Vibrant Performance closed-loop catch can; Russell Performance ProClassic Hoses; ColorFittings Purple AN fittings; GSC Power Division S1 billet camshafts; Brian Crower valve springs and titanium retainers; Koyo rluminum Radiator; Turbosmart fuel pressure gauge; TRD radiator cap, oil cap; Optima Blue Top battery
Drivetrain: Getrag V160 6-speed transmission; South Bend Stage 3 Endurance Clutch; C's short throw shifter
Engine Management: AEM Infinity 6 EMS, boost controller, flex fuel sensor; HKS Twin Power Ignition Type DLI, turbo timer
Footwork & Chassis: HKS Pillow Ball mounts; Tein HA coilovers; Cusco rear strut tower bar; TRD front and rear sway bars
Wheels & Tires: Volk Racing SF Challenge 19x8.5(F), 19x11(R) Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 235/35/19(F), 295/30/19(R)
Brakes: Stop Tech slotted brake rotors, stainless steel brake lines
Exterior: Lexus Blue paint (Code 8M6); 97-98 headlights, taillights, turn signals; Phillips HID kit; CarFashion front lip
Interior: HKS peak hold/warning boost meter 60mm; Pioneer navigation/DVD, amplifiers, subwoofer; Alpine speakers
Thank Yous: My wife Jill, for helping me through this third Supra build, Alex Ferreira at L-Spec Performance for being a great friend and even better mechanic, Eric Rohm at FSR Motorsports for the unlimited help and knowledge for everything Supra, Odom Rath and Aaron Kahn at Driftmotion for being the parts experts, Ian Sai-Ngram for tuning the Supra no matter day or night, my friend Victor Chin for interior and wiring expertise, Autobahn Collision in Torrance, Bryan Householder at CarFashion, Brian Urbano, Lance Uchida, Brendan Taft, Eric Lam, Donney Hu, Janet Fujimoto, Mike Urbano and Kevin Tao.



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