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Honda S2000 - Never Enough

A short stint with Honda's iconic roadster

Apr 10, 2018
Photographer: Ryan Belville

Whether you're flipping through an enthusiast magazine or mindlessly swiping through your personal social feed, coming across a spotless S2000 with minimal engine mods and a massive rear wing all but screams "show car." And, truth be told, this car has seen a few hours on the red carpet, but it's also turned some hot laps and plastered a smile across the face of its owner, Timmy Megenbier, and his significant other, who accompanied him for the massive Gridlife event at Autobahn Country Club in 2017. Timmy adds, "The first time on track with the wheels and aero and the car was super smooth. Even my girlfriend, who helped me get the car finished, commented that it just worked so smooth when we're pushing the car hard and I think after that track experience, she really understood that all of the hard work, money, fights, etc., were worth the trouble." The plan was to get more seat time and continue developing the S2000, but that idea came to a halt when the car suddenly went up for sale and within a week, fetched its owner's full asking price.

To understand why Timmy would abandon a build that he'd worked so hard at and which was off to such a great start, you need to know a little about his history and why he's hell-bent on finding a Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Honda s2000 voltex swan neck rear wing Photo 2/24   |   Honda S2000 Voltex Swan Neck Rear Wing

Back in 2009, you could find Timmy behind the wheel of a Jetta, lined up with a few dozen others as part of the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup. The one-make series, then in its second season, pitted drivers against one another in 10 races on 8 different circuits. By the end of the season, Timmy had earned the championship along with a full ride to Germany where he'd spend the next year on a contract with Volkswagen competing in the Scirocco Cup; a series where he earned a fourth-place finish in and was featured on the Discovery channel. Oh, and this was all at the age of 17.

While overseas, Timmy also spent some time working with Porsche, which may have stoked the fire, but he's always had a thing for 911s. He recalls, "My dad's second car was a '84 Carrera. He told me all about how he made 500hp out of 4.1L motor and besides that, once you drive a Porsche...that's the one you want." His father's first car, a '69 Charger with a 440 Hemi, was purchased at 13 and morphed into a full-blown build.

Honda s2000 password JDM heat shield Photo 6/24   |   Honda S2000 Password JDM Heat Shield

That influence carried onto his son, who at 13 purchased a 240SX that would quickly snowball into a massive undertaking that included rare Japanese aero, a Silvia conversion and complete restoration during a six-year tear down and build-up. But back to the S2000 and why he's let it go. "The S2000 was sort of my GT3 clone and to be honest, I don't get very attached to cars. I've been racing my whole life and don't really develop an emotional attachment to any car I've had."

The deep-rooted feelings might not be there, but the family element during the S2Ks build-up certainly was. Timmy credits his father with not only spending long hours in the garage helping to complete the car, but also serving as his mechanic throughout his racing career and essentially teaching him everything he knows about cars. All of that knowledge came in handy as the father and son duo spent over a year, on and off, reworking the roadster's body. By design, the 15mm front fenders and 10mm quarter panel increases don't sway far from Honda's factory lines. In order to get the front and rear bumpers to match without using a tacked on trim piece meant cutting the bumpers in half at the center, then carefully adding material for a seamless look, free of any unsightly gaps or misalignment. In search of perfection, the process was admittedly time consuming. "The car sat in primer for about nine months while we went back and forth with the body work, fitting the wheels and adjusting the ride height over and over again until I was happy." Once satisfied, the S2K received some more family attention, this time from Timmy's uncle, who laid down the custom blue pearl-infused Sebring Silver paint.

Honda s2000 volk racing CE28N wheel Photo 10/24   |   Honda S2000 Volk Racing CE28N Wheel

Before you noticed the Voltex front bumper, ASM-style rear bumper and Tamon Design trunk lip, your eyes were pulled toward the shadow cast by that roof-level Voltex swan-neck rear wing. Sitting 3inches taller than the original version, thanks to risers fabricated by Timmy and his father, the high-rise addition is anchored properly with steel brackets and custom bracing that reside where the trunk's inner skin once was.

In regards to performance, where you might expect to see an almost standard turbo or supercharger set up, Timmy kept performance upgrades incredibly simple with just an intake and an exhaust system. Shocking to some, but those in the know understand that someone with his driving resume and on-track experience can often run circles around cars with twice the power, and triple (or more) the price tag.

Honda s2000 bride style bucket seats Photo 14/24   |   Honda S2000 Bride Style Bucket Seats

Having accomplished so much at such an early age, including a couple of remarkable builds, don't expect this is the end of the road for Timmy Megenbier. There's plenty of track miles ahead — the only question being, what will he be piloting?

Honda s2000 car shop glow v2 taillights Photo 15/24   |   Honda S2000 Car Shop Glow V2 Taillights
Honda s2000 voltex front bumper Photo 19/24   |   Honda S2000 Voltex Front Bumper
Honda s2000 js racing sideskirts Photo 20/24   |   Honda S2000 Js Racing Sideskirts
Honda s2000 voltex aero Photo 24/24   |   Honda S2000 Voltex Aero
By Rodrez
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Honda S2000 - Never Enough
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Engine: Origin Fabrications race titanium exhaust; CT Engineering carbon fiber "ice box" intake; Password:JDM carbon fiber heat shield; InlinePro tct; Mugen radiator cap; aluminum radiator stays and fuel rail cover; matte black crossbeam cover; Circuit Sport carbon hood dampers; Z spec red dress up bolt kit; Glad Man fabrications engine bay dress up kit
Suspension: Megan track coilovers; race alignment
Wheels & Tires : Volk Racing CE28N 17x10 +45; Dunlop Direzza Star Spec ii 255/40-17; Project Kics r40 Iconics w/blue caps
Brakes: Powerstop z26 Street Warrior Kit
Exterior: Custom blue pearl Sebring silver paint; new OEM body trim, hardtop; 15mm front fender pull, 12mm rear fender pull; shaved antenna and emblems; Voltex carbon fiber street front bumper, race canards, swan neck rear wing w/custom risers; Tamon-style trunk lip; ASM-style rear bumper; Js Racing carbon fiber sideskirts; Car Shop Glow V2 taillights; Carbon Creations S14 rear diffuser; Spoon Sports convex side mirror lenses
Interior: Bride-style bucket seats; PLM seat rails; Nardi deep corn 330mm steering wheel; NRG quick-release; Spoon Sports shift knob; LED interior lights, red interior hood release trim and AP1 roll hoops



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