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1998 Honda Integra Sedan - The Atypical Mentality

Stepping outside the box and into a sedan

Jun 4, 2018
Photographer: Streetmetal

It seems everyone wants to be different. In the import circle, this fact is made apparent by all of those fly-by-night trends that are tossed to the side just as quickly as they arrived. Add to that the instantaneous car show you and I refer to as Instagram, and you can surely understand that "being different" in our world means more than just a rusted hood or bacon fenders and a set of wheels in dimensions better suited for a dually rather than a CRX.

1998 honda integra sedan barramundi design raycod wheels Photo 2/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan Barramundi Design Raycod Wheels

Jutaphon Manpatarapong or, as we'll refer to him here, Pop, is all about being different. Hailing from Thailand and performing daily duties as the owner of Monster Fixed Garage, he's had a hand in building a number of cars in his region. This particular car, a '98 Integra sedan, isn't all that common in the aftermarket when compared to its two-door brethren, and in Thailand even stock versions are scarce. That stat alone is what appealed to Pop right away. That and the fact this car's body was in immaculate shape and had made its way to Thailand after being imported by the Embassy of Japan.

1998 honda integra sedan USDM front end Photo 3/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan USDM Front End

For three years the car was left as-is and served as a comfortable mode of transportation, easy to take friends on the road regularly. But for the owner of a shop, a stock car is like a sitting duck, just biding its time until he finds the time to start pulling things apart. When the operation got underway, the single rule applied to the build was that no matter what, it had to remain fun to drive, and in the end that's exactly what Pop was left with.

1998 honda integra sedan barramundi raycod wheel Photo 4/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan Barramundi Raycod Wheel

The khaki color applied to Pop's Integra covers a USDM front bumper fitted with a P1 lip and Tracklife fender inserts that add some attitude to the front end. The 25/ONE carbon fiber splitter and Varis rear wing fight for aero balance while 16x8-inch Barramundi Raycod rollers give you a different look than the standard 2 or 3 sets of wheels that every other Integra seems to have currently.

1998 honda integra sedan k24 k20 swap Photo 5/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan K24 K20 Swap

The look is certainly there but that's only half the battle. The other half is the motivation, and in this case it all starts with a K24/K20 combo. On the bottom end you'll find Wiseco pistons married to Manley rods, and up top, BC stage III cams and a Supertech valvetrain are in place to help process the additional air and fuel supplied by the AT Power ITB kit and 550cc injectors. More of that custom paint and not much else surrounds the built power plant, as anything deemed unnecessary was pulled out of the bay entirely or tactfully tucked out of plain view.

1998 honda integra sedan civic ferio rear seats Photo 6/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan Civic Ferio Rear Seats
1998 honda integra sedan mugen seats Photo 7/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan Mugen Seats

You won't find a stripped, barebones interior when you open one of the four doors, but instead, rather comfortable surroundings. The rear seats have been replaced by those from a Civic Ferio, rewrapped, custom stitched, and properly fitted to the DB chassis. The red stitching continues into the front of the cabin where a pair of Mugen MS-Z buckets is anchored. An ATC steering wheel and K-Tuned shifter keep Pop's hands busy as engine vitals dance across the Racepak dash display.

1998 honda integra sedan p1 front lip Photo 8/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan P1 Front Lip

The pristine body the car was purchased with is still there, though considerably reworked for a one-off look and feel that Pop is proud to call his own. His goal of building something different was certainly reached, and perhaps more importantly is the fact it remains fun to drive, just like he planned.

1998 honda integra sedan varis rear wingr Photo 12/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan Varis Rear Wingr
1998 honda integra sedan k24 k20 swap Photo 19/22   |   1998 Honda Integra Sedan K24 K20 Swap
By Rodrez
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1998 Honda Integra Sedan - The Atypical Mentality
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Owner: Jatuphon Manpatarapong (Pop)
Occupation: Owner of Monster Fixed Garage
Engine: K24 block, K20 head; Hasport mounts; Wiseco 88.5mm pistons; Manly rods; BC Stage III cams; Supertech valvesprings, retainers; AT Power ITB; Aeromotive adjustable fuel regulator; Walbro fuel pump; Hybrid Racing fuel rail; 550cc injectors; Spark Racing header; custom 3in exhaust; ATI Super Damper; Mugen oil cap, spark plug cover; K-Tuned dipstick; AEM Infinity with launch and traction control tuned by Gt Garage
Transmission: K20A 6-speed; Orc lightweight clutch; H-drive close ratio gears 1-5
Suspension: Fightex coilovers; Skunk2 camber kits
Wheels & Tires: 16x8+7 front, +12 rear Barramundi Design Raycod wheels
Exterior: Aslan carbon fiber hood; USDM front bumper; P1 front lip; 25/ONE carbon fiber splitter; Tracklife front fender inserts; Varis rear wing; Vision Technical Type DC mirrors; all red taillights
Interior: Mugen seats; K-Tuned shifter and knob; Takata seat belt; ATC power steering wheel; Racepak display; Honda Ferio rear seats custom stitched; Zoom Engineering rearview mirror; DB8 Type R floormats



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