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1995 Nissan 240SX - The Influencer

Who would've thought Daniel Campa's mom would one day inspire him to build this Rocket Bunny Boss Nissan S14

Aaron Bonk
Oct 8, 2018
Photographer: Dax Rodriguez

Your mom's Dodge Caravan gave you no reason to want to mimic her motoring ways. Utilitarian at best, all that minivan did was let you know it could be counted on to pick you up from choir practice or stow 11 sacks of groceries behind you. Any sort of thrills, that Caravan was never responsible for delivering.

1995 nissan 240SX rocket bunny v2 boss aero kit Photo 2/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Rocket Bunny V2 Boss Aero Kit

Daniel Campa's mother was evidently cooler than yours, then, introducing her son to Nissan's S14 when she bought one for herself not long after the car was introduced. "I remember driving by the dealership with her and seeing the car displayed up on a ramp and her telling me she was gonna buy that car," Daniel says. "That was really the first time I'd ever seen an S14."

Daniel's mom wasn't the only one who played a role in his later owning an SR20DET-swapped 240SX of his own... Dad drove an IROC Z28 and brother a mid-'80s Mustang. Between those and mom's Nissan, there was no way he'd end up with anything that had its drive wheels up front. "I was used to driving rear-wheel-drive cars," he says. "I could never get into Hondas because I wasn't a huge fan of torque steer."

1995 nissan 240SX sr20det swap Photo 6/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Sr20det Swap

Circumventing unintended steering wheel movements associated with things like Civics and Accords started with a '95 240SX. Years after picking up his S14, it was transformed by way of the Japan's already-turbocharged SR engine, of which, at first anyway, Daniel left mostly alone. "I wanted [the car] to be as close to an S14 Silvia as possible, so in my garage with help from friends, we swapped the motor, which I kept completely stock," he says, "even running the stock Silvia side-mount intercooler and piping, complete with A/C." It was a commendable plan, to keep things as original as possible, but one that wasn't long for this world.

Soon, the intercooler was updated with something mounted up front, the turbo with something larger and from Garrett, and the underside of the valve cover was treated to things like camshafts from Tomei. But the biggest changes of all are the more obvious ones-like the Rocket Bunny V2 Boss conversion kit Daniel wasn't entirely sure about at first, but that the '72 Datsun 510 he once owned helped make sure would happen. "[That's] why I decided to do the Boss kit," he says. "It reminds me of an old Datsun."

1995 nissan 240SX work vs kf wheels Photo 10/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Work Vs Kf Wheels

Before that Boss kit, though, there were aero predecessors. "I pieced together an Origin body kit but destroyed my side skirts at the track shortly after," Daniel says. Later, the S14's Kouki front half along with a Vertex Lang kit were added, but that didn't last long, either. "I kept doing little updates to the car," he says, "but I was losing interest." Long days at work and that 510 left little time for the 240. Daniel even posted up the whole shebang to the classifieds at one point in an effort to cut ties with it; however, his friends who knew better were quick to flag those for-sale posts and kill any such plans.

And then the Rocket Bunny kit happened. "It reminded me of a modernized Datsun," Daniel says about the kit's lines. "This really kicked off the build." The newfound interest led to an overhauled exterior with new paint and what Daniel calls "Kyushu-inspired" styling cues. "I wanted [a car] that could be driven daily, being that my previous setup was more stanced, which I think contributed to my losing interest [in it]," he says. "I'd only seen the Boss S14 done by major shops and companies as demo cars, but I wanted to drive mine daily."

1995 nissan 240SX vertex japan hells racing steering wheel Photo 14/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Vertex Japan Hells Racing Steering Wheel

Which is exactly what he's gone on to do. "This car was built with two things in mind: driveability and reliability," he says. "I've always been a huge fan of the 240SX, ever since my mom bought [hers]. Needless to say, I'm hooked."

"My journey with Nissan started in '96 when my mom bought a brand-new 240SX," Daniel concludes. "I loved it. We road tripped in it...and I actually took my driving test in that S14." It wasn't much of a surprise, then, when the 240 became the car of choice for Daniel. "Needless to say, my obsession with the S-chassis is very real."

1995 nissan 240SX custom rear bumper Photo 18/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Custom Rear Bumper
1995 nissan 240SX sr20det valvecover Photo 22/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Sr20det Valvecover
1995 nissan 240SX vertex horn button Photo 26/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Vertex Horn Button
1995 nissan 240SX custom external oil cooler Photo 30/33   |   1995 Nissan 240SX Custom External Oil Cooler
By Aaron Bonk
417 Articles
1995 Nissan 240SX - The Influencer
Tuning Menu
Owner: Daniel Campa
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Occupation: tattoo artist
Engine: SR20DET engine; NISMO engine and transmission mounts, thermostat; Tomei camshafts, turbo exhaust elbow; HKS intake; Garrett GT2871R turbo; GReddy Type RS blow-off valve; PBM intercooler; Future Fab exhaust manifold; custom 3" exhaust, oil catch can oil cooler, aluminum power steering reservoir, power steering cooler; Circuit Sports coolant reservoir; Suspicious Garage steel-braided lines and fittings; painted valve cover, fuse box, and oil catch can; polished intake manifold; removable radiator support
Drivetrain: S14 Silvia transmission and limited-slip differential; NISMO clutch slave cylinder
Footwork & Chassis: Ksport Slide Kontrol coilovers, rear upper control arms, tension rods, and toe rods; Tein tie rods and tie rod ends; custom solid rear subframe collars
Brakes: Nissan Z32 brakes; P2M steel-braided lines
Wheels & Tires: 18x10" front, 18x11" rear Work VS-KF wheels; 235/40R18 front, 275/35R18 rear Toyo Proxes 4 Plus tires
Exterior: Rocket Bunny V2 Boss aero kit; custom Super White paint with gold-crushed glass; DMAX taillights; Datsun S30 fender mirrors; custom modified rear bumper with heat shield
Interior: Buddy Club P1 seat and seat rails; Vertex Japan Hells Racing suede steering wheel and shift knob; NRG Innovations Gen 3.0 quick-release and short hub; Defi boost gauge; custom flocked dashboard; P2M floor mats
Thanks: my beautiful lady, Adriane, for being by my side, pushing me, supporting me, and for being so patient with me; my two boys, Danny and Ian, for humoring their Dad's obsession; my Ma Dukes, Pops and friends for never letting me sell my car; Ryan (@milksteak_s14) and the Lowdown Style Crew; Element Wheels for tires



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