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The Drag Week Shakeup

MkIV vs. the world

Oct 12, 2018
Photographer: Wes Allison

Hot Rod's Drag Week isn't the place to go if you're an avid, diehard import fan. The title alone should make that crystal clear. However, the once strictly domestic affair has regularly seen more and more "foreign" competitors, and from time to time they do ok. This year was a little different with this white MkIV Toyota Supra in the mix that had everyone talking—and this time they weren't just talking shit.

Geovannie castillo supra kirkey Photo 2/6   |   Geovannie Castillo Supra Kirkey

The premise of the event revolves around competitors being tasked with street driving their builds over 1,000 miles using public roads, typically with tools, equipment, and back-up parts in tow, as they embark on a five-day journey that includes 4 different drag strip visits. The trip also includes some very unforgiving mountain roads and isn't at all the flat, smooth sailing stretch of concrete you might assume. Certainly a cause for concern, especially when tugging a trailer along behind a car built specifically to move as quickly as possible for 1,320 feet from a dead stop.

Not surprisingly, many don't finish the entire trip due to engine failures and associated equipment gremlins. In the mix of muscle cars and Detroit Iron, you'll find a few Civics, Z cars, European builds and some oddballs thrown in as well.

Now, back to that Toyota. This MkIV Supra, owned and piloted by Geovannie Castillo, carries an 1,800hp punch by way of a rather sizeable 88mm Precision snail that sees upwards of 60psi with a taste of ethanol and Motec calling the shots. All of this is done with a stock block and head. Now, hold on a second, calm down. A "stock block and head" refers to the long-block being standard Toyota issue. Obviously the stock internals aren't going to handle close to 2,000hp, and everything (and I do mean everything) has been upgraded to help produce the astronomical power numbers without the use of a custom billet block. The stickers on the body tell us that Real Street Performance has a hand in all of this, and if you don't know the name, do yourself a favor and look them up. You won't be disappointed.

Geovannie castillo supra 2jzgte Photo 6/6   |   Geovannie Castillo Supra 2Jzgte

The multiple drag strip visits, towing and unforgiving street driving are a challenge, and Castillo's Supra not only met that challenge and completed the task, but also managed to click off some low 7-second passes at around 200mph! That was enough to claim the new small tire record, and here at the office, the domestic bunch were buzzing at just how cool the car was and how they were genuinely impressed with the effort. We're looking forward to seeing this MKIV step back in the ring for 2019.

By Rodrez
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