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1993 Mazda RX-7 - The Everything Build

Over the top without going over the line

Nov 21, 2018
Photographer: Streetmetal

Less is more. Keep it simple. Go for an OEM look. All things said by those that appreciate simplicity and opt for upgrades that mimic an OEM-esque look and feel. Ice Sorsongsermkul, owner of this '93 RX-7, isn't trying to hear any of that. In fact, he's gone completely the opposite direction, and his never-ending spec list reads like a "who's who" of the tuning industry.

1993 mazda rx 7 CSG V4 taillights Photo 2/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 CSG V4 Taillights

Here's the thing. Often times when a car owner starts throwing stacks of cash and various parts from different manufacturers at a car, opting to check off every single box on the aftermarket list, the build can end up looking more like a parts magnet rather than a well thought out combination of vision and execution. Fortunately, Ice knows what he's doing and that isn't the case here. His FD3S is painfully clean and unapologetically aggressive on the outside with the power to back it up.

1993 mazda rx 7 re amemiya ad9 hood Photo 3/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Re Amemiya Ad9 Hood

He came across his RX-7 through a friend that was serious about selling the car and moving on to something else. Because of their friendship, Ice was the first person he offered the car to and he jumped at the chance and got started on his version of the build by stripping down what the previous owner had done. Taking inspiration from high-level Time Attack builds the build was intended to cover all aspects of tuning while remaining street friendly. And, as Ice states, "I chose the RX-7 because no matter how much time passes, the FD3S still looks sexy with its timeless shape. When you see them on the road, they always get a lot of attention from people and Mazda's rotary sounds amazing and unique."

1993 mazda rx 7 re aamemiya gt2 wing Photo 4/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Re Aamemiya Gt2 Wing

On the move, the bright red FD is a cruise missile; low slung, aerodynamic, and pumping plenty of power from its rotary heart. The height and stout ride is a result of Ohlins DFV coilovers matched with 12K Swift springs front and rear. Under the surface, the chassis is stiffened considerably by an exhaustive list of various bars and braces from the likes of ARC, Do Luck, Mazdaspeed and more.

1993 mazda rx 7 tcp magic fender Photo 5/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Tcp Magic Fender
1993 mazda rx 7 endless type racing caliper Photo 6/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Endless Type Racing Caliper

At the front fenders are 18x10.5 Volk TE37 Saga and in the rear, 18x11 versions all wrapped in Toyo's sticky R888R competition tire. Endless 6-pot calipers clamp down on 370mm rotors up front while their 4-pot calipers and 332mm rotor counterparts shed dust in the rear. The brakes might sound like overkill for such a lightweight car, but that's only because you haven't read about what's under the vented hood.

1993 mazda rx 7 13B REW engine Photo 7/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 13B REW Engine
1993 mazda rx 7 greddyt88 34d turbo Photo 8/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Greddyt88 34D Turbo

If this were built in the U.S., an LS swap would undoubtedly be on the list of possibilities for such an extreme build up. Although Ice lives in Bangkok, where wild swaps are done in all chassis types, he opted to stay with native 13B-REW power, but it's nowhere near the factory 250-ish horsepower it once put out. That's because the GReddy T88-34D replaced the original twin turbo setup and fuel increased substantially with dual Walbro pumps that feed ID1000 injectors. Airflow was further manipulated by a proper bridgeport and a Rotary Werks 90mm throttle body.

1993 mazda rx 7 HKS vmount intercooler Photo 9/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 HKS Vmount Intercooler

Up front, an HKS intercooler and custom radiator are positioned in a V-mount and use titanium piping. With some careful tuning by way of an HKS F Con V Pro version 3.3, the FD pounded out over 660hp on the rollers. In order to harness all of that rotary fury and unleash it without leaving a trail of clutch guts in its wake, an OS Giken twin plate clutch and flywheel and Mazdaspeed 2-way LSD were added along with a 4.3 final drive.

1993 mazda rx 7 recaro bucket seat Photo 10/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Recaro Bucket Seat
1993 mazda rx 7 defi super sprot cluster Photo 11/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Defi Super Sprot Cluster

From the cockpit, a driver-centric attitude was taken with a set of Recaro buckets surrounded by a 13-point roll cage and carbon door panels. Sitting inside the gauge cluster area of the carbon dash is a DEFI Super Sports cluster just behind a Momo Monte Carlo.

1993 mazda rx 7 volk TE37 saga wheels Photo 12/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 Volk TE37 Saga Wheels

The slippery, sleek lines of Mazda's third generation RX-7 are iconic, but Ice wanted to bulk the dimensions up considerably and sourced a TCP Magic TT widebody kit and RE Amemiya carbon GT2 wing to do just that. He tagged RE again for the rear bowtech generator (diffuser) and carbon hood, then swapped out the stock headlights for R-Magic versions. The vented fenders and hood are functional but also offer some visual texture, while the carbon aero portions provide contrast against the bright red finish.

1993 mazda rx 7 TCP magic TT widebody kit Photo 13/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 TCP Magic TT Widebody Kit

It's a combination that, again, on paper might sound like overkill, but browse through the various angles and you quickly realize just how good going over the top can be...when it's done the right way.

1993 mazda rx 7 TCP magic TT widebody kit Photo 17/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 TCP Magic TT Widebody Kit
1993 mazda rx 7 RE amemiya GT2 wing Photo 21/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 RE Amemiya GT2 Wing
1993 mazda rx 7 TCP magic tt front bumper Photo 28/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 TCP Magic Tt Front Bumper
1993 mazda rx 7 RE amemiay GT2 wing Photo 32/35   |   1993 Mazda Rx 7 RE Amemiay GT2 Wing
By Rodrez
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1993 Mazda RX-7 - The Everything Build
Owner: Ice Sorsongsermkul
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Occupation: Family business
Instagram: @ice_rx7
Engine: 13B-REW, bridgeport; GReddy T88-34D; K&N filter; 1,000cc injectors; Walbro fuel pump x2; CJ twin fuel pumps; HKS intercooler, GT2 wastegate, F-con V Pro 3.3; twin oil coolers; Rotary Werks 90mm throttle body; MSD ignition coils and wires; custom aluminum fuel rail, dipstic, v-mount radiator w/titanium piping; RE-Amemiya power steering tank; DEI titanium turbo blanket; A'PEXi N1 titanium muffler; ceramic coatings manifold, downpipe, upper intake and lower intake manifold; BZ oil pan brace; Jica aluminum pulleys; SARD regulator; Advance alternator 130A; ARC Type 1 oil filter cap; titanium engine bay hardware
Transmission: OS Giken twin plate clutch and flywheel Mazdaspeed 2-way LSD; 4.3 final drive; Stillway 0-400 shifter
Suspension: Ohlins DFV coilovers; Swift springs 12k front/rear; RE Amemiya aluminum rear rigid bar, stabilizer bridge bar; ARC Super Titan front shock tower bar; Do Luck aluminum floor support bar; Nagisa Auto fender braces; Energy Suspension sway bar bushings; SuperPro bushings; Spoon rigid collar front and rear; TiRacing front upper arm brace; Mazdaspeed power plant frame; ORT polyurethane, aluminum engine mount; IR sway bar links front/rear; AUTOEXE member brace set; BV rear lower arm, trailing arm, toe links; BZ differential brace, transmission crossmember; SuperNow tie rod ends; Racing Beat front sway bar; Air Cup kits; DEI-wrapped tunnel shield
Brakes: Endless Type Racing 6-pot calipers, 370mm rotors, 4-pot rear, 332mm brake rotors, stainless steel lines
Wheels & Tires: Volk Racing TE37 Saga 18x10.5 front, 18x11 rear; Toyo R888R 295/30-18 front, 315/30-18 rear; KYO-Ei lug nuts
Interior: Works Bell rapfix GTC-R steering wheel tilt; Recaro RS-G and RS-W Limited seats; GReddy Profec boost controller; carbon kevlar dashboard, door panels; Takata harnesses; Mazda OEM Spirit R floor mats, RZ pedals; Cusco 13-point rollcage; DEFI super sport cluster; RE Amemiya carbon kevlar scuff plates; Mazdaspeed carbon kevlar handbrake; Momo Monte Carlo 320mm steering wheel; Optima redtop battery; FEED electric auto-dim rearview mirror
Exterior: TCP Magic TT widebody kit; RE Amemiya carbon kevlar GT2 wing, AD9 hood, bowtech generator; Aron bubble titanium hood prop; Juran gurney flap; MR carbon kevlar side mirrors; ATTAIN hood pins; R Magic headlights; CSG V4 taillights, LED blinkers, carbon kevlar duckbill; Tamon Design carbon kevlar F1 lamp
Thanks: Jica Tuning, Jaar Rerng paint and body shop, 48Garage, StreetMetal, Taisuke San, Jonny, Boy speedster, family and friends



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