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Garage Unique's 1999 Honda S2000

Bulking up with a high carb diet in Thailand

Apr 1, 2019
Photographer: Streetmetal

Honda's world-famous roadster might be the only car in the automaker's lineup, other than the NSX, that can hold its own in the constant no-holds-barred online battle that rages daily with harsh words, clever memes (at least, by fourth-grade standards), and war-torn keyboards. Being one of the very few RWD models on Honda's roster, even today, the S2000 carries enough universal credit to stand up to the Cheetos-stained fingers of the anti-Honda crowd. Add to that a rev-happy powerplant that's a blast to take right up to its 9,000 RPM summit and, one that won't turn its back to having gobs of air tossed at it by way of forced induction, and it's easy to see why just about everyone can appreciate the convertible icon.

1999 honda s2000 garage unique widebody kit Photo 2/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Garage Unique Widebody Kit

Supakorn Wongklahan of Thailand doesn't need any sort of convincing. In fact, take away the AP1/2 entirely and the shop owner would still remain smitten with the majority of mod-friendly chassis that have been rolling off Honda's assembly line for the past few decades. Though, as much as he's a fan of all things under the "H" banner, his preference when plopping down behind the wheel has always been a classic FR configuration, so his buying an S2K was all but guaranteed.

1999 honda s2000 garage unique widebody kit Photo 3/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Garage Unique Widebody Kit

Beyond personalizing his S2000, Supakorn had bigger plans in mind. Taking a look around the world via his handy internet connection, it was obvious that the rest of the globe was just as obsessed with the two-seater as he was, and that fact only helped push him toward creating his own widebody aero kit.

1999 honda s2000 ARC intake box Photo 4/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 ARC Intake Box

As the owner of Garage Unique in Bangkok, Supakorn has all the access he needs to gather parts, and the skills to make them all work together. Looking for more than just a style, he wanted the engine to keep pace with the aggressive look of the exterior that he had envisioned, and he didn't want to stray from Honda's high-output, naturally aspirated goodness. From the bottom to the top, high-compression Wiseco pistons and BC lightweight connecting rods were first installed to strengthen the bottom end and drop some rotational weight at the same time. The head was then fitted with BC cams, valve springs and retainers and both ends buttoned together securely with ARP hardware. You don't see many S2000 ARC intakes these days and this one helps feed a 70mm throttle body, while on the hot side, a custom titanium header pushes waste through the straightest piping possible, and right out the center of the rear bumper.

1999 honda s2000 garage unique s2000 front Photo 5/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Garage Unique S2000 Front

Step to the front end of Supakorn's AP1 and you're faced with a group of vents that feed the air intake on the bumper, pass air through the front of the fenders and allow heat to escape from the sculpted hood. Just in front of your ankles sits a sharp splitter that's integrated into the bumper design.

1999 honda s2000 garage unique vented fender Photo 6/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Garage Unique Vented Fender

A few steps to the side of the drastically widened fenders and you're greeted by a series of vents that grace the back side of the fender itself as well as vented lower side valence that overlap each fender and carry back to the rear overfenders.

1999 honda s2000 gaia MMXV wheel Photo 7/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Gaia MMXV Wheel

The additional width grants safe passage for an 18x10.5 square setup provided by Gaia MMXV wheels and 265/35 rubber. Craft Square mirrors sit atop carbon fiber doors and a one-off deck lid, in carbon fiber, of course, juts out from the rear and casts a shadow on the rear half-bumper. Hints of blue under the carriage and in the engine bay reveal the car's original color and clue you in as to why the soft top uses a blue fabric. Muscular yet sleek was the overall goal for the Garage Unique body makeover and you'd be hard pressed to find another like it anywhere in the world.

1999 honda s2000 porsche GT3 seat Photo 8/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Porsche GT3 Seat

An exterior this wild might have you visualizing a colorful, multi-material cabin but what you get is absolute simplicity—with nothing more than a rewrapped Porsche carbon Kevlar seat, which plants the driver behind a GReddy steering wheel, and gear shift action handled by a Mugen shift knob.

1999 honda s2000 garage unique widebody kit Photo 9/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Garage Unique Widebody Kit

The attention for this build is focused on the exterior and it has its share of battle scars, having been put through the ringer on the rough roads of Thailand. Relied on to travel back and forth to track events, car shows, meets and general cruising to see just how well the widebody kit stands up to real world abuse, Supakorn has invested plenty of time into his custom creation—and if it's not your style or elicits some negativity, that's fine—this shop owner and dedicated Honda enthusiast is far too busy carving his own path to notice.

1999 honda s2000 vented hood Photo 16/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Vented Hood
1999 honda s2000 garage unique widebody kit Photo 23/29   |   1999 Honda S2000 Garage Unique Widebody Kit
By Rodrez
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Garage Unique's 1999 Honda S2000
Tuning Menu
Owner: Supakorn Wongklahan
Hometown: Bangkok
Occupation: Owner of Garage Unique
Instagram: @garage_unique, @streetwarrior_usa
Engine: F20C; Wiseco pistons; BC lightweight rods, valve springs, retainers, stage 1 cams; ACL bearings; ARP head studs; 70mm throttle body; AEM adj. fuel regulator; Walbro fuel pump; Orc clutch twin disk; F-Con V Pro ECU; ARC intake box and filter; Garage Unique fuel rail; custom titanium header, exhaust; GReddy radiator, radiator cap, custom AN lines;
Suspension: Tein coilovers
Wheels & Tires: 18x10.5 +15 Gaia MMXV wheels; 265/35-18 Splendid Tires
Exterior: Complete carbon fiber widebody kit and vented hood designed by Garage Unique; carbon fiber doors; Craft Square mirrors
Interior: Mugen shift knob; GReddy steering wheel; billet hub; rewrapped carbon Kevlar Porsche GT3 seat



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