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2018 Show Car Shootout Sponsored by ENEOS Registration Open – SUBMIT NOW!

Track your show car with us and find out how it stacks up against the competition at Streets of Willow Springs

Aug 1, 2018

Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Location: Streets of Willow Springs, WSIR, 3500 75th St. W, Rosamond, Calif.
Vehicle Type: Show Cars of All Varieties
Format: Fastest timed lap wins
Enter Here: (indicate “2018 Show Car Shootout” in Subject line; include year/make/model, specs, & images of competing vehicle)
Entry Cutoff Date: August 10, 2018

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Come one, come all, as Super Street returns to the circuit to learn which enthusiast- and tuner-built show cars can put down the fastest lap at Streets of Willow Springs in Southern California!

The 2018 Show Car Shootout Sponsored by ENEOS Motor Oil is open to any coupe, sedan, or wagon that normally would be found at a car show. Competition consists of a time attack, and the event is open to naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles sourced from submitted entries, with a preference toward enthusiast- and tuner-built vehicles.

Let us be very clear: NO FULLY PREPPED RACE CARS – street-able show cars only!

The time attack is set for Streets of Willow Springs in Rosamond, Calif. on August 29th. Rules consist of:

General Rules
1. Showcar Shootout is open to all manufacturers and drivetrains; FWD, RWD, and AWD.
2. All competing cars must comply with the Showcar Shootout guidelines. No exceptions.
3. Vehicles must be mass production road going vehicles, constructed by a recognized manufacturer and currently/previously available as a factory OEM road going passenger vehicle with a government mandated VIN# or equivalent.
4. Vehicles will be subject to a class and safety tech inspection before the start of the event.
5. Registered drivers must sign the waiver forms during check-in before entering the track.

Safety Rules
1. Any use of a fixed-back (bucket) seat must have a 5 or 6 point harness with the use of a harness bar or bolt-on/weld-on roll bar. Stock 3 points seat belts are only allowed for OEM/reclinable seats. No 4-points allowed.
2. No loose items/parts allowed while on track. Battery must be securely mounted and the positive battery post must be insulated. If the battery is a wet cell or spill type battery it must be mounted in a spill proof container.
3. Helmets must be rated SA2010+ or better.
4. Four point (or more) roll bars are highly recommended.
5. Brake lights must be operational at all times.
6. All cars must have a front and rear tow hooks.

1. Drivers must be the registered owner and must have less than 5 track-day experiences prior to the ShowCar Shootout event. No exceptions.
2. Engine swaps and modifications are allowed. Nitrous Oxide allowed.
3. OEM glass or Lexan is required in the front windshield. Front door windows must be in full down position while on track or removed.
4. Unleaded fuel, ethanol, E-85, or exotic mixed fuels allowed.
5. Aero modification is unrestricted.
6. Exterior panels must be present and secured at all times.
7. Tire size and tread-wear are unlimited.

Coverage of the 2018 Show Car Shootout will be featured across Super Street’s magazine, social, and web properties, and an event video will be produced and shared on Motor Trend’s YouTube channel and Super Street’s Facebook page. You can check out our online coverage of last year’s event here and here.

So what are you waiting for?! Email your 2018 Show Car Shootout entry submissions to, and please make sure to include car specs and a recent photograph of the vehicle! And be sure to put “2018 Show Car Shootout” in the Subject line! Space is limited! The cutoff date for entries is August 10th – sign up now!

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