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Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

‘90s Ferrari and the next Nissan Z prototype dominate our list of the most engaging posts

Bob Hernandez
Jan 7, 2021
Photographer: Archives

As we put 2020 behind us, we took a moment to survey which cars and topics got you liking and commenting the most on the Super Street Instagram page, and it was pretty fascinating to see what bubbled to the top. A couple of posts we sort of expected to blow up - looking at you, Nissan Z Proto; thanks for the traffic bump - but the vast majority were completely out of the blue. An Acura NSX with a rooftop tent and an SR20-swapped post-World War II-era Jeep that we featured years ago earned huge approval in 2020, as did an RWB 911 that wasn't exactly what it seemed. What surprised us most, though, were the duo of Ferrari that seemed to capture everyone's attention, one recent, the other from 2018, and both racy red and from the '90s.

Below is a roundup of the seven stories behind the top 10 most popular posts on Super Street's IG. Make sure to click the link in each description to jump out to the full story on each post.

002 most popular instagram posts 2020 dandurand f355 berlinetta Photo 17/17   |   Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

Ryan Dandurand's 1998 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta
Full feature HERE

The feature on Ryan's '90s Berlinetta was published to our site more than two years ago but since then its gallery of Larry Chen photos has been the gift that keeps on giving. And his story is still completely relatable - in a world of derivative builds, what better way to stand out than go completely off script with the foundation? His fancy Italian sports car on Work Meister S1Rs and decked out in motorsports-grade Ferrari Challenge gear hit our IG with posts in February and again in December, and people couldn't help but throw it love.

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004 most popular instagram posts 2020 nissan z proto jon sibal Photo 17/17   |   Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

Nissan Z Proto
Full story HERE

We're getting a new Z, finally but that's all we really know. With much fanfare and spectacle, Nissan unveiled in September 2020 the Z Proto, a concept that foretells the next-gen. sportscar, but apart from giving us a real-life prototype, the automaker has been pretty mum about specifics (possibly because they don't have them yet). Still, we got a boatload of photos from Dino Dalle Carbonare, and even got designers Jon Sibal and Ryan Lugo to give us their take on what the aftermarket might do with the platform, all of which ended up on our Instagram.

005 most popular instagram posts 2020 cut nsx t camper Photo 17/17   |   Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

Chris Cut's 1996 Acura NSX-T
Full story HERE

The story of Chris's tent roofed NA1 is remarkable not only for how he figured it out, but also because it came out so friggin' good, as many of our Instagram fans raved. It may not be practical or easy, and we're in no way suggesting mounting almost anything to the roof of your NSX is a good idea, but if you're gonna do it, you want it to come out as fluid and, dare we say, tasteful as this one. We posted Red Herring Photography's snaps of Chris's Acura camper a couple of times in 2020 but it was a post in August that garnered the most likes.

006 most popular instagram posts 2020 tan sr20 willys jeep Photo 17/17   |   Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

Joel Tan's 1946 Willys Jeep (CJ-2A)
Full story HERE

Joel's Jeep - the story of which was published originally in 2018, with pics by Zack Williams - may have the formula for enduring popularity: equal parts Nissan, Toyota, and Ford OEM, a sprinkle of JDM aftermarket, and of course the '40s four-wheel-drive underpinnings everything is built on (which looks like the vehicles widely used by the U.S. military in World War II but is not). Outside the box doesn't quite capture this project; it's more like rebuilding the box altogether, and an IG post in June reminded everyone just how unique the thing is.

007 most popular instagram posts 2020 nissan skyline design evolution Photo 17/17   |   Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

Asian Car Evolution Posters
Full story HERE

In October, the insurance providers at Budget Direct Singapore provided us with posters/wallpapers depicting the design evolution of seven of Asia's most popular vehicle platforms - the Toyota Crown, Nissan Skyline, Honda Accord, Hyundai Elantra, Subaru WRX, Mazda MX-5, and Suzuki Jimny - and they were a hit on our IG. Unfortunately, they laid bare one big blind spot for many of our fans, namely confusion about what really is a Skyline (so much bad info and anger!) It's ok, kids; we're here to both entertain AND educate (by the way, you're welcome).

008 Most Popular Instagram Posts 2020 Wong 550 Maranello Photo 17/17   |   Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

Charles Wong's 1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello
Full story HERE

You couldn't get enough of Charles's 'Rari as well; Instagram posts in September and again in October were among the top like-nabbers for us, and we totally understand why. Turning a legit '90s V12 supercar into a tuner build is probably blasphemy to an entire segment of the enthusiast space, but famous Japanese Nissan GT-R shop Garage Saurus nailed the execution and turned out a masterpiece that's tough to argue against. This 550 seems more race car than daily driver, but that only makes us love it more.

009 most popular instagram posts 2020 strokerphoto rwb 911 Photo 17/17   |   Instagram Famous: Super Street’s Most Popular IG Posts for 2020

Alex Stroker's RWB 911

We didn't have a story on our website about photographer and retoucher Alex Stroker's RWB 911 because, in a way, it doesn't actually exist. The photos we shared are of a scale model, and Alex composed the images by placing the tiny Porsche in front of an artificial background and adding elements like spray mist to emulate rain. The entire process is summarized in a post Alex made in May, which we ended up reposting, and is not wholly dissimilar from work we saw from another shooter incorporating a model Lambo and treadmill earlier in the year. Still, the ingenuity and creativity it takes to make images like these pop is impressively simple, and we have to hand it to Alex for creating such a convincing work of art.

By Bob Hernandez
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