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Masterpiece Maxima

Stillen’s 2000 Nissan Demands to be Driven

Michael Shartsis
Sep 1, 2000

Most companies start as the result of an individual’s desire to be independent. For Stillen president/owner Steve Millen, the reason was fueled by a passion for motorsports. Approaching banked turns at 200 mph in his factory-backed Nissan 300ZX was all in a day’s work for Millen. For years, racing was Steve’s life, and his numerous wins and racing accolades remain the driving force behind Stillen’s success in today’s automotive aftermarket sector. A three-time 12-Hour Sebring winner, his numerous wins also include the 24 Hours of LeMans, the 24 Hours of Daytona, not to mention 1992 and 1994 IMSA GT championships. Steve Millen has also achieved the prestigious honor of being the “winningest” IMSA GT Driver to date.

Aside from having a fine-tuned skill for high performance driving, Steve knows what it takes to make an MRyde perform. One vehicle that is a perfect subject for both performance and aesthetic upgrades is the 2000 Nissan Maxima. Producing 222 flywheel hp at 5600 rpm makes the Maxima the perfect starting point for performance modifications. By bolting on Stillen’s supercharger package and rear exhaust replacement, performance is upped to approximately 290 hp with only 5½ pounds of boost. The end result is one wild tire smokin’ ride.

Having long been known as the Nissan tuner, it comes as no surprise that Stillen dove right in and began working on developing upgrades for the 2000 Maxima that are brought to life the minute the ignition is fired. The already-potent powerplant was not enough for the sports sedan experts at Stillen. As a standard, Stillen addressed all areas of performance when building this Maxima. Matching the capabilities of the suspension and brakes to the horsepower of the supercharger and exhaust was essential for well-rounded performance.

To set the stage for superb handling, Stillen front and rear strut supports and an adjustable rear sway bar were installed to glue the Maxima to the asphalt. Stillen camber adjusters assure proper wheel placement while minimizing tire wear. Eibach lowering springs were used to bring the 2000 Nissan down, while also enhancing the overall handling experience. To further the looks and performance, 17-inch MOMO wheels dressed in Yokohama 235/45-17 AVS Sport tires were also added at each corner to conclude the chassis improvements.

Stillen realizes braking is an essential part of performance driving. To maximize the 2000 Maxima’s braking power, Stillen installed its own Stillen/AP Racing four-piston front brakes, cross-drilled rear rotors, Metal Matrix brake pads, and stainless steel brake lines. The combination of these components produces braking power that is unsurpassed in the performance sports sedan industry. It’s no wonder AP Racing brakes are utilized by the World Champion McLaren and Williams Formula 1 racing teams, making them a perfect addition to the Stillen Maxima’s performance build sheet.

Lending credit to the Maxima’s already-sleek styling queues, Stillen added its own Stillen AeroKit for the ultimate streamline appearance. Included in the package are a urethane front spoiler, side rocker panels and a rear valance.

The racing history of Steve Millen, combined with his commitment to quality, has made the name Stillen synonymous with high performance and high quality. With this in mind, Stillen has gone the extra mile to engineer products for the 2000 Maxima, which not only enhance overall performance but also contribute to spirited handling, stellar braking, and a sophisticated appearance.

By Michael Shartsis
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