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The Most Ridiculous Lexus We've Ever Seen And It's Sorta Awesome

The hybrid-powered LC 500h doesn't come with 12-inch wide wheels and an air lift system...but maybe it should have.

Sam Du
Jul 16, 2020

The hybrid-powered Lexus LC 500h costs a whopping $97,510 (MSRP). Sticker shocked? I sure was, considering it has 354hp (143hp less than the V8-powered LC 500) and weighs 4,521 lbs (143lbs heavier than the LC 500). You'd think less power means less money, but the hybrid LC rings up at the register for $4,000 more than its thirstier brother. Sure, you get a more efficient 30 mpg combined and can cross the drag strip at a modest 14 seconds, but all this data just doesn't equate to something that's almost six figures, am I right? The hybrid LC is slower, quieter, and less popular, which is exactly why Japan's 326 Power decided to pick one up for its latest project car.

Last Fall, I had the opportunity to stop by 326 Power in Hiroshima for the first time. The goal was to shoot a pair of wild S-chassis builds (we'll have more on that later), but they had also just buttoned up this 2018 LC 500h Limited Edition, which quite honestly blew me away, in both a good and bad sort of way.

2018 Lexus LC500h 326 Power 3D Star Rear Wing Photo 16/16   |   The Most Ridiculous Lexus We've Ever Seen And It's Sorta Awesome

The LC is already a sexy "older man's" luxury ride to begin with. It doesn't need an over-fender kit or big wing to look sharp. Lexus designers nailed its styling with modern and sporty touches all around, from the sexy roofline to the long hood, wide fenders, LED lights and signature spindle grille. 326 Power understood this quite well, so they said "Screw it, we don't need the V-8 model. We're just going to make our demo car into the most extreme stance/VIP build in the world". Sure enough, they did just that.

The modifications start out with a simple lip kit they developed named "3D STAR". The front, rear and side under spoilers flow considerably well with the stock body.

2018 Lexus LC500h 326 Power Yabaking Spoke Wheel 05 Photo 16/16   |   The Most Ridiculous Lexus We've Ever Seen And It's Sorta Awesome

The "holy shit" moment isn't the kit though, but the LC 500h's ridiculous suspension and wheel setup. This car is so floored that my jaw almost literally hit the floor when I first saw it. I mean, an ant can't even walk underneath. 326 Power is a mastermind when it comes to slamming their demo cars as we've previously featured with one of their S14 Silvias. The LC follows suit using their line of Chakuriki dampers matched to an air cup system manufactured by Roberuta.

Next, a set of 326's Yabaking Spoke two-piece wheels were installed and its fitment is beyond comprehension: 20x12" front and 20x12.5" rear (stock sizing is 20x8.5", 20x9.5") with 255-series rubber bands stretched around all four corners. It's truly an inconceivable wheel and tire setup but it's somehow able to resist de-beading. Spikey hardware is implemented throughout, which is not my cup of tea, but in the case of 326 Power it sort of vibes with the wheels' vibrant red centers and bronze lips.

2018 Lexus LC500h 326 Power 3D Star Front Spoiler 02 Photo 16/16   |   The Most Ridiculous Lexus We've Ever Seen And It's Sorta Awesome

The 326 Power LC 500h is exactly what Lexus engineers and knowledgeable car enthusiasts don't want you to do, but maybe that's what's awesome about it. It's the biggest don't give a f*ck, taking an overpriced and underpowered hybrid Lexus and making it so ridiculously low and undriveable that it looks pretty damn stupid but also pretty damn cool at the same time.

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By Sam Du
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The Most Ridiculous Lexus We've Ever Seen And It's Sorta Awesome
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Car: 2018 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition
Owner: 326 Power
Hometown: Hiroshima, Japan
Occupation: Suspension, Stance, Style Specialists
Instagram: @326power_japan
Power: 354hp
Engine: 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 with two permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors
Drivetrain: two-motor hybrid CVT transmission with Aisin four-speed automatic and manual shifting mode
Footwork & Chassis: 326 Power Chakuriki dampers, Cupman air lift system by Roberuta
Wheels & Tires: 20x12" -106 front, 20x12.5" -112 rear 326 Power Yabaking Spoke two-piece wheels; 255/35R20 Nankang tires; 326 Power Oretachi wheel nuts and spike end caps
Exterior: 326 Power 3D STAR front, rear and side under spoilers, rear wing OEM Limited Edition Naples Yellow paint; tinted windows



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