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Bentley EXP 10Speed6 Broken Down in Custom Sketch

High-End Luxury Gets Seriously Small

Ezekiel Wheeler
Jun 23, 2015

Bentley is on the hunt for new customers. The wealthy-ish. The Continental GT was and continues to be hot for the bespoke British luxury automotive company. Most of us continue to lose our afternoons to their online configurator and imaginary bank accounts. Bentley needs some of those hopeful eyes to actually buy a new car and not wait for a third-owner used one. Enter, the EXP 10Speed6.

While pricing hasn't been released, rest assured this P90X sports coupe isn't fooling anybody. Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz have all benighted from a $100-150k sports car and it's now Bentley's turn to wade into these waters while it's still warm.

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I don't expect the vehicle, even in its most honest trim level, to dip into sub $100k, but a reasonable model with fresh GT3 technology performance features is bound to reach into a palatable $150k.

Design-wise, the Bentley EXP 10Speed6 is an interesting case study. It's a familiar silhouette (Jaguar F-Type or Aston Martin vanquish GT) due to its cab rearward proportions and elongated front hood. Trends today seem to follow that of Zagato with a double-bubble roof and rapid disappearing rake into the rear trunk area. Recessed rear glass helps achieve a more dynamic shape and allows the rear shoulders to achieve their massive departure from the C-pillar.

The iconic rear squared-off haunch is quintessential Bentley, where we see some progressive design features are found in the ellipse exhaust tips, taillights (a minimalist approach to the former interior LED light features on most modern Bentleys). The front end is where we see a road dominating bold interpretation futuristic face graphics. To call the grille massive is an understatement, but the balance of equally larger headlights lost in a sea of British racing green body work seems to frame the structure much like a giant picture window in a modern home offers maximum outdoor enjoyment with minimal materials.

Bentley exp 10speed6 rear view Photo 2/2   |   Bentley Exp 10Speed6 Rear View

The winglets just behind the front wheel arch blend gracefully into the lower rocker panel and cleverly hide an exhaust vent. In a world where more gaping holes, missing midsections, and direct interpretations of Le Mans prototype racers are expected, Bentley keeps a stiff upper lip and utilizes a century of grace to keep the focus on the vehicle itself.

The strong character line that departs from the top of the wheel arch sweeps toward the rear wheel hump. This is a more defined shape, opposed to the GT's subtle micro character line inspired by the 1950s R Type. This modern line adds more drama on a smaller shape and gives the illusion of mass and speed while parked.

Yes, the engine is bound to pack a wallop of power and torque, yes the AWD system will deliver breakneck agility, but the design is bound to turn more heads in the ever-growing dynamic market of luxury sports coupes. For standing out more in the crowd will help sales figures...or distract Bentayga SUV buyers long enough not to throw money at a more conventional homologated shape.

By Ezekiel Wheeler
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