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Best of 2017 - Photographer Alastair Ritchie

Through the lenses of our New Zealand-based contributor

Alastair Ritchie
Jan 2, 2018

Alastair Ritchie is without a doubt one of our most seasoned photographers. He's been shooting for Super Street, among other clients, for decades, and is one of the hardest workers in the field that we know. He's constantly traveling and on the go, so enjoy his top 10 photos from this year and be sure to reach out to him if you ever need great motorsport and feature content from anywhere around the world. He'll likely be there! Check out his website at

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie motive DVD drag battle Photo 2/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Motive DVD Drag Battle

One of the best private events I've attended has to be the Motive DVD Drag Battle held at the sleepy Cootamundra airport, four hours inland of Sydney, Australia. Where else can you find 70-plus street registered cars between 500kw (670hp) and 1000kw (1,341hp) battling it out for bragging rights? It's the true battle of the tuner shops. Event coverage here

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie world time attack Photo 3/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie World Time Attack

The pinnacle of the Time Attack scene has to be the World Time Attack event held in Sydney. After all these years following the exploits of the various Japanese halo cars, the quickest of them all these days lives down under in the form of the MCA Hammerhead S13. The performance level is staggering when compared to the fastest ever open-wheel cars to ever run at that track. 2017 WTAC recap

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie muscle car madness Photo 4/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Muscle Car Madness

As I cover so many events around the world each year, every so often something unusual wheels by. This isn't so surprising with the type of people you meet at the Muscle Car Madness event held in Rangiora, New Zealand.

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie aston martin vulcan Photo 5/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Aston Martin Vulcan

Occasionally you get access to some very unique and expensive vehicles; this was an interesting day shooting an Aston Martin Vulcan at the Highlands Motorsport park in Cromwell, New Zealand. Making it a long day was the fact that I had to wait for the kind and patient staff to come help whenever I needed the car to be moved or even the lights turned on. As tedious as it was, it was still an amazing day at the office.

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie ferrari 250GTO replica Photo 6/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Ferrari 250GTO Replica

Perfect weather, epic location in the South Island of New Zealand, a hand-built Ferrari 250GTO replica and a canal filled with monster trout. Does it get any better?!

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie leadfoot festival Photo 7/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Leadfoot Festival

Rod Millen's Leadfoot Festival at Hahei in New Zealand has some amazing sights and sounds. On this occasion, Mad Mike doesn't quite get his entry correct, clipping one of Rod's prized bridge abutments. Luckily the damage wasn't as bad as it looked.

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie ron berry VW bus Photo 8/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Ron Berry VW Bus

Occasionally you end up shooting something truly unique. This well-known VW bus was as interesting as the character behind it, Ron Berry.

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie race of gentleman beach race Photo 9/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Race Of Gentleman Beach Race

El Mirage, shooting a Race of Gentleman beach race, the team was excited about some girl who drove it and was going to turn up for the shoot. This really lovely girl turns up and does a really professional modeling job. I didn't realize who she was until I looked her up on the way home. Turns out she's a women's land speed record holder, Jessi Combs! Living in a tiny country down under, I guess I miss stuff from time to time.

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie pikes peakl Photo 10/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Pikes Peakl

Having been lucky enough to shoot Pikes Peak for 18 years, I spent a fair amount of time watching people point all manner of machines at the summit. One of the highlights was spending time with expat Kiwi Rhys Millen in his journey over the years recording his numerous successful adventures. Seeing some of the machines in the dirt was epic before the course became 100 percent asphalt.

Best of 2017 alastair ritchie drag build fire Photo 11/11   |   Best Of 2017 Alastair Ritchie Drag Build Fire

Thinking way back to '03, not all feature shoots work out the way anyone had imagined. This 7-year build resulted in a burnt out shell the day after the studio shoot. The carbon intake split with a backfire resulting in methanol spraying throughout the engine bay. Very, very sad day at the office!

By Alastair Ritchie
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