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1994 Toyota Supra Turbo - The Fast and the Furious Feature

Clockwork Orange

Frederick Stubbs
Aug 1, 2000
Photographer: Wes Allison

Arizona-born gearhead, Brian O'Connor knows the feeling of the malicious, speed-induced grin. He wears it every time he retires to his quarter-mile-poobah throne. Brian got his jollies dispensing "justice" with the zipper-popping '94 Supra you see on the pages before you. Quite simply, this rolling, petrol-swilling labor of love leaves no stone unturned in its single-minded quest to raise our understanding of tuning nirvana.

The Supra's initial assault on the senses arrives in the form of a Candy Orange Lamborghini Diablo paint layer courtesy of Quigley's in Lake Forest, California. One-off Troy Lee graphics add a nice touch to this orange menace. This shocking hue of paint is applied over a Bomex front spoiler, rear and side skirts. The Supra's exterior is finished with a TRD composite hood and an aluminum bi-plane wing. The visual impact would be incomplete without the requisite "fullness" of the Supra's wheelwells. To this end, the wheelwells are stuffed with 19-inch Racing Hart M5 wheels that are wrapped in massive Yokohama AVS rubber.

Brian couldn't just leave well enough alone with the showy exterior. This Supra has to back up its intimidating looks with a generous helping of oats under the hood. A stout package from the factory, the Supra's turbocharged six-cylinder has been upgraded in nearly every conceivable way. The list of high-performance knickknacks reads like a "who's who list" of all things mechanically desirable. Most of the credit for the engine's "big stick" must go to a custom-built T-66 ball-bearing turbo. This monstrous compressor force-feeds the six cylinders through a massive GReddy intercooler, and counts on an extra 100hp nitrous boost for additional power. These wild ponies are all harnessed through a trick sequential shifting Getrag six-speed box.

The choicest engine electronics and monitors, from the likes of HKS and GReddy, add to the mission control feel of this rocketship-like Supra. The rest of the interior is, of course, unlike that found in any other road-going car on the planet. Inside the passenger compartment of this shuttle, we find Viper blue suede upholstery by Stitchcraft, Sparco Pista seats, steering wheel, custom carbon fiber...Damn, I've soiled myself again.

Brian drives the parts truck and wrenches at Harry's Pro Shop, where the vehicle also serves as a rolling testament of just what the right combination of balls, the aftermarket, and some dedication can do to a car. Brian's Supra keeps some fast company and he enjoys spinning the tale about several chance encounters with other wicked 10-second machines. Brian plans to descend upon the NIRA circuit next year in this orange missile after converting it to pure race trim.

By Frederick Stubbs
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