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Volkswagen Showcases New 1 Ton Pickup Concept

Sep 24, 2008
Epcp_0809_01_z+volkswagen_1_ton_pickup_concept+rear_view Photo 1/3   |   Volkswagen Showcases New 1 Ton Pickup Concept

Volkswagen has revealed the fourth model in its commercial vehicle line-up with the debut at the IAA in Hanover this week of an all-new Pickup concept.

Aiming to set new standards in the one-ton pickup class, the new model will go into production at the end of 2009. It will be built at Volkswagen's 'Pacheco' plant in Argentina and introduced initially to markets in Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia.

Epcp_0809_02_z+volkswagen_1_ton_pickup_concept+front_view Photo 2/3   |   Volkswagen Showcases New 1 Ton Pickup Concept

The Pickup is all-new in the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles line-up and is the first commercial vehicle to be designed under Volkswagen Group design chief, Walter de Silva's command. As such it exhibits what is referred to as 'historical DNA', in other words design elements which link it to other group models and give it a distinctive yet familiar appearance.

The concept measures 5.18 meters in length and is 1.9 meters wide, and with four doors and four seats it is ideal for recreational or business use. The Pickup also has the ability to take a standard-sized Euro pallet sideways in the flat cargo bed.

Epcp_0809_03_z+volkswagen_1_ton_pickup_concept+interior_view Photo 3/3   |   Volkswagen Showcases New 1 Ton Pickup Concept

Under the bonnet, new common rail turbo diesel engines will be used in the Pickup to ensure it is powerful, yet clean and efficient and meets the necessary emissions requirements.

The Pickup on show at the IAA has been designed for use as a 'Search and Rescue' (SAR) vehicle by lifeguards and was conceptualized following consultation with emergency services as well as in-house emergency vehicle specialists. As a result it features, among a host of other features, GPS, a multifunction touch screen infotainment unit, CB radios, a number of chassis and all-wheel drive functions, a compass, flashlights, a defibrillator and binoculars. Life jackets, rescue buoys, fire extinguishers, blankets and a tool kit are also all incorporated. Whether the 'SAR' vehicle will go into production is not yet decided.

For more information on Volkswagen's current line-up - the Caddy, Transporter and Crafter - please visit



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