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The Results - Photochop Challenge 8 Audi R8

We invited you to show your Photoshop skills modifying the Audi R8, and here are some of our favorite entries.

Greg Emmerson
Jan 19, 2010

Welcome to the results of our eighth Photochop Challenge based on the sexy Audi R8 supercar, and you can see we received some imaginative and beautifully crafted creations.

For those of you who still don’t know, photochop is the term given to a car that’s been modified using manipulation software such as Photoshop. Often used to remove zits from the faces of your favorite stars, it’s more usefully employed adding carbon fiber spoilers and different wheels to your favorite automobile. And that’s why we’ve been running this series of challenges to encourage everybody to explore their artistic side.

Eurp_1002_28_z+audi_r8_challenge+erick_serrano Photo 2/77   |   Erick Serrano

We’re also very happy to have two high school classes participate, with entries coming in from students at Quartz Hill, Lancaster and William Knight high schools in California. The challenge occurred early in the school year, so we’re looking forward to see how the same students develop in the next Photochop Challenge, which is launched elsewhere in this issue.

As nominated by their teachers, a student from each school will be awarded a T-shirt for having the most promising entry. These are Tanner Gordon from Quartz Hill (good enough to make our top ten!), Sergio Garcia from Knight School and Elise Olizarraga from Lancaster. If more schools or students wish to take part, simply email us at the address below.

Eurp_1002_01_z+audi_r8_challenge+alberto_vaca Photo 3/77   |   Alberto Vaca

As for our top entry, we narrowed your entries down to our ten favorites and asked ex-VW chief designer and now Mazda’s chief designer in the US, Derek Jenkins, to select a recipient to receive the Pro Spec 1.0 competition driving shoes generously donated by DC Shoes to the best entry.

He shortlisted his selection to Drew Abejon’s rally car, Gerardo Garay Jr’s racecar and the widebody from Anthony Rodriguez. All three were fine entries but the decision finally went in favor of Gerardo, who will receive the FIA-approved racing shoes that retail for around $200.

Eurp_1002_02_z+audi_r8_challenge+alvan_robinson Photo 4/77   |   Alvan Robinson

As we always remind you, this isn’t a competition. It’s a challenge, and just for fun. The shoes are simply a reward for the most creative entry courtesy of Ken Block, co-founder of the premier skate shoe company, DC Shoes, a Subaru rally driver and an internet legend thanks to his Gymkhana videos.

Gerardo is a graphic designer from Bridgeport, CT who idolizes the R8 and couldn’t resist having a go. He claims to have had European cars all his life and they’ve never let him down. For his photochop, he started by extending the body to get a GT3-look, widening the front fenders and adding details like the hood scoops, splitter, grille, side-exit exhaust and modifying the rear wing from the R8 racecar. He has had good experiences with Mobil 1 and Michelin, so added their logos as well as some Recaros he previously owned. He then fitted staggered Auto Art wheels and decided to change the background.

Eurp_1002_03_z+audi_r8_challenge+andrew_gonzales Photo 5/77   |   Andrew Gonzales

Gerardo narrowed edged out Drew Abejon’s tribute to Audi’s ’80s Pikes Peak S1 quattro, adding fender flares, enlarged scoops, spoilers, a hood bulge, mirrors, Desmond Regamaster wheels, brakes, a Recaro, driver and rollcage. He also removed the handles, added carbon R8 racecar ducts and changed the grille. There’s even a S1 quattro model hanging from the rearview mirror. Another great job, Drew! Our other favorites included the armored version from Shane Porcinula, Rick Portela’s tank and Lukas Rams’ monster truck. We also included Michael Shofner’s hand-drawn batmobile version. From the three schools, we selected the work of Brett White and Matt Stoffel from Quartz Hill as well as Jesus Lopez and Jose Palma from Knight and finally Josh Berry from Lancaster high School because each was an imaginative attempt.

While we could only print a few entries in eurotuner magazine, we ensured you could see every entry here at

To everybody who entered and those who wish they did, we’d encourage you to have a go at Photochop Challenge 9 – a Bavarian Autosport BMW M3. You’ve got nine weeks to send us you’re entries, so let’s see what you can do. The image and logos to download are at

By Greg Emmerson
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