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Photochop Challenge 10 - VW Jetta

Show Us What You'd Do With Vw's New Jetta.

Oct 15, 2010

[Click here to download the VW Jetta photochop photo.]

Last month we printed the top entries from our ninth Photochop Challenge to create a liveried E92 M3 racecar for Bavarian Autosport, as well as putting all the entries online at

Eurp_1009_01_z+photochop_challenge_10_VW_jetta+volkswagen_jetta Photo 2/4   |   Here’s the Jetta photo for you to chop. Simply download it, create your own version and send us the results by 10/15/10

This time, we're giving you a photo of VW's brand-new Jetta.

Since we're just seeing the first glimpses of it, we thought you might like to use your imagination to create a flagship performance model; an R or a GLI version.

You'll be using your creativity, so can give it a highly-tuned 2.0T, or perhaps the R8's V10; the choice is yours. You can go widebody and spoilered, or stealthy and luxurious. Maybe convert it to AWD, perhaps put it in racing livery for the one-make Jetta TDI series.

Provided you use the supplied photo as the basis, you can do whatever you want to the car and its background. You can either scan the photo here or download it from

Because we like to reward effort, once again we approached Ken Block at DC Shoes, who has kindly offered to donate another pair of his awesome Pro Spec 1.0 competition driving shoes to the best effort.

Eurp_1009_02_z+photochop_challenge_10_VW_jetta+DC_shoe Photo 3/4   |   How about a pair of Pro Spec driving shoes from DC Shoes for your trouble?

These cost around $200 in stores or online, but we'll award a pair to the photochop entry selected by Derek Jenkins (head of design at Mazda NA and formerly with VWoA) as the most creative and best executed.

The FIA-approved Pro Spec comes in Royal blue and was developed for use by professional drivers like Ken; co-founder of the premier skate shoe company, Ford WRC driver and star of the legendary gymkhana videos.

Since we're giving away a pair of Pro Specs, let us know your shoe size when you submit your entry. Although we have to point out for legal reasons, this isn't a competition. It's a challenge, and just for fun.

Get your entries to us by 10/15/10 - that gives you about eight weeks after this issue goes on sale to create something sensational.

You can email your entries to us at but please ensure your images are a minimum of 500Kb at 300dpi, or we won't be able to print them. However, they can't be too big either, or they'll jam our email system. They shouldn't be more than 2Mb files. If they exceed this limit, please copy them to a CD and mail it to us at Photochop Challenge, eurotuner magazine, 831 South Douglas St, El Segundo, CA 90245.

Eurp_1009_03_z+photochop_challenge_10_VW_jetta+BMW_M3 Photo 4/4   |   The top entry in our previous Bav Auto M3 Photochop Challenge 9 by Anthony Rodriguez

A quick word of warning; some email servers (such as Hotmail, etc) sometimes automatically compress attachments. So perhaps check the file size of your image by emailing it to yourself or a friend beforehand to verify it hasn't been compressed.

We also require extra information along with your photochop image. Please ensure we have your full name, city you live in and your shoe size. We need a list of the mods you've carried out to the Jetta as well - this is important if you win.

When emailing your work to us, please put your name as the subject of the email (ie, Andrew Thorn Jetta Photochop) and do the same for the name of your jpeg image (ie, andrewthornjetta1.jpg). This will help us identify your image and collate your details when it comes time to select the shortlist for publication.

Remember, this Photochop Challenge is just for fun, so there are none of the usual competition rules. You can be a professional or amateur - you can even have a go with pen and paper if technology escapes you. You can enter more than once as well.

All entries will appear online, with our favorites being printed in a future issue. However, your entry will be taken as permission to reproduce your artwork in the magazine, online and in other media. So have a go and we look forward to seeing your artwork.



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