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2009 Audi A6 Quattro - Five Star

Introducing The First Audi A5 To Ever Grace These Pages.

Oct 25, 2010

Since its US introduction in '08, the A5 answered the call of many Euro enthusiasts for a sporty two-door Audi coupe that could seat four comfortably and compete with the BMW 3-Series coupes.

Eurp_1011_01_o+2009_audi_a5_quattro+driver_side Photo 2/10   |   2009 Audi A6 Quattro - Five Star

It shares much of the technology in the four-door A4, so tuning options are plentiful, but it gives Audi enthusiasts something new to play with. Ian Keith Coyco liked the A5's fresh styling cues enough to become the first person in his neighborhood to drive and modify one, which coincidently is the first we've ever featured.

Working as an IT technician in Los Angeles, Ian had previously built two Hondas, including a track-prepared Del Sol. "I was getting older and wanted to step away from the import scene," he began. "I was looking for a two-door. I didn't even know the A5 existed until I went to the Audi dealer when the car was still new."

Eurp_1011_02_o+2009_audi_a5_quattro+driver_side_rear_view Photo 3/10   |   2009 Audi A6 Quattro - Five Star

Ian drove this Ibis white '09 A5 home off the showroom floor. It didn't even matter that the 3.2 liter V6 FSI quattro was the only trim level available - a 2.0T would have offered more tuning options and saved him a few bucks, but he wasn't worried. "After running the Del Sol, I didn't want anymore engine problems, so I've stayed away from the motor," he admitted. Regardless, the 265hp, 243 lb-ft V6 has served him well. Without popping the hood, Ian installed an Eisenmann quad exhaust to gain a more pronounced growl, as well as a Sprint Booster for better throttle response.

The project would focus on cosmetics, with Ian gathering advice from friends to plan the changes. Addressing the chassis, the coupe was lowered by KW coilovers. Friend Eric Valdez then helped choose the perfect set of wheels, selecting 20'' HRE 590Rs mounted with Toyo tires.

Eurp_1011_03_o+2009_audi_a5_quattro+front_view Photo 4/10   |   2009 Audi A6 Quattro - Five Star

The mesh design and brushed finish of the dubs increased the A5's sportiness without detracting from its elegance. Additionally, Ian replaced the factory brakes with 15'' Brembo slotted rotors and six-piston calipers for the ultimate anchorage.

Next, M1 Autobody in El Monte, CA sourced a Rieger body kit from Germany and color-matched it. The stock front bumper was graced with a lip spoiler and splitter, while the sides received deeper skirts with contrasting black accents.

Our favorite part is perhaps the rear valance, which changed the personality of the car - the Rieger piece features large openings and hugs the quad exhaust tips. A subtle roof spoiler was thrown into the mix, accentuating the black-painted roof.

Eurp_1011_04_o+2009_audi_a5_quattro+hre_590r_wheels Photo 5/10   |   20'' HRE 590Rs with 15'' Brembos

For subtlety, the owner tinted the tail lights slightly darker, while the headlights were converted to European-spec, ditching the amber reflectors. The front grille was also swapped for a Euro piece with its fixed Euro plate holder.

Almost finished, Ian wanted something to give the car the wow factor, especially being part of competitive car club Over Rev. So he sought the expertise of Audio Xcellence in City of Industry, CA. To go with the exterior, you might imagine Ian would opt for a restrained audio system. But the installer decided to take it in a different direction and go for glory.

A white suede subwoofer enclosure was fabricated, housing two 15'' Rockfod Fosgate subs firing into the cabin. Then a custom kick panel was fitted with 5.25'' two-way components. Two amps located on either side of the trunk walls powered the system, and the icing on the cake was two 8'' LCD monitors in the sunvisor locations.

Compared to most of the previous Audi feature cars we've published, Ian's project might initially appear somewhat conservative, despite its stereo. But as a first-time Euro owner, and faced with a fresh A5 chassis, he's actually accomplished more than what we'd expect from a guy who used to build Hondas!

Eurp_1011_05_o+2009_audi_a5_quattro+quad_tip_exhaust Photo 6/10   |   Eisenmann exhaust fits perfectly in Rieger rear

2009 Audi A5 Quattro
Owner: Ian Keith Coyco
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: IT technician

Engine: 3.2 liter V6 FSI with Eisenmann race-style quad tip exhaust, Sprint Booster throttle module

Drivetrain: six-speed manual transmission

Brakes: Brembo big-brake kit with 15'' slotted discs and six-piston calipers

Suspension: KW Variant 1 coilovers, Stasis rear sway bar

Wheels & Tires: 20x9.5'' front, 20x10.5'' rear HRE 590R wheels finished in brushed aluminum with chrome lips, 255/30 R20 front, 295/25 R20 rear Toyo Proxes 4 tires

Eurp_1011_06_o+2009_audi_a5_quattro+suede_headliner_with_monitors Photo 7/10   |   Suede headliner with two 8'' monitors

Exterior: Rieger front and rear valances, side skirts, front splitter and roof spoiler, tinted tail lights, black roof, OE Euro front grille and headlights, debadged trunk

Interior: white suede headliner

Audio/Visual: white suede trunk enclosure for two Rockford Fosgate 15'' Power T1 T112D4 subs, 3Sixty signal processor, Power T400-2, T400-4 amps, Power T152-S 5.25'' two-way component speakers in front kick panel pods, two 8'' AVE LCD monitors, DVD player, Monster 400-series hardware

Thanks: M1 Autobody, DTM Autobody, Street Image, Audio Xcellence, Need4Speed Motorsports, Team OverRev

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