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2006 BMW M3 CSL - Gold Standard

Yes, it’s a million-dollar, gold-plated, 7sec 1660hp BMW M3 drag racer, of course!

Feb 22, 2012
Eurp 1202 01+2006 bmw m3 csl+cover Photo 1/6   |   2006 BMW M3 CSL - Gold Standard

From pirate booty to Run DMC chains and Flava Flav’s teeth, gold has been coveted all the way back to ancient Egypt. Apparently, it’s what you need following a nuclear meltdown and you’ll probably find it on some of your electronics at home.

Where you don’t expect to find it, however, is on a car. Hold that thought — we’ve seen a few gold-plated accessories for cars, and we should have said it’s where you don’t want to find it.

That said, we had to admire this ’06 BMW M3 CSL from Sydney, Australia. The flagrant use of 23-carat gold doesn’t appear to follow any function on this turbocharged dragster, but the Ibrahim brothers from Queen Street Customs were simply intent on making a statement.

It’s a statement that has cost them almost $1,000,000 so we hope they’re pleased with how it turned out. “We’ve been building nice cars for a while,” said Mohammed Ibrahim, “but were looking to do something bigger and better.” It looks as if they can check that box!

Nobody could accuse the brothers of cutting corners, from its carbon fiber body panels to the custom chromoly tube frame or the high-horsepower turbocharged motor.

As we know, it’s not uncommon to hear somebody explain how they built their car for both show and go, yet it’s rather uncommon for them to actually deliver on that promise. Well, the Ibrahims can literally claim to be the fastest and cleanest car at any given time or place without fear of contradiction.

Providing the go is a 26B four-rotor Wankel engine with a Garrett GT60 turbo. The rare Mazda rotary was chosen for its racing pedigree and the vast array of tuning parts. And while BMW purists might taste a little vomit at the prospect, you can’t argue with the recent dyno figure of 1664hp and 1158 lb-ft.

Eurp 1202 02+2006 bmw m3 csl+interior Photo 2/6   |   With the Midas touch, everything the driver touches is gold

Don’t assume this gold-plated M3 simply looks good and makes noise. It was built to be driven, and to date has run a best quarter-mile time of 7.2sec at 196mph!

With the driver strapped into the gold-plated Kirky race seat, holding the gold-plated Kirky steering wheel, and feet manipulating the gold-plated Strange pedal box, it becomes apparent that the attention to detail is equal to the intent of building a top-performing, pro-street turbo dragster.

Putting the power to the ground is a set of Goodyear racing slicks mounted to gold-plated Weld wheels. And keeping it pointed in a straight line, planted firmly on the ground, is a set of gold-plated Strange coilovers. Inevitably, you could expect the car to stop with gold-plated Strange single-piston brakes at all four corners.

Now you might have noticed the rotors are gold, as is the turbo and headers. So if this car does 7sec quarters, how do they keep the precious metal on the brakes or from melting on the manifold? We can only assume they fit different discs to race the car but they seemed adamant it had run this way. (Look up “Queen Street Racing quad rotor 1664hp” on YouTube to see the headers glowing red on the dyno.)

Once you’re over the shock of the gold, you can walk around the car and check out the custom bodywork in carbon fiber and aluminum. This includes the one-piece, removable front-end that weighs almost nothing.

At this point, you undoubtedly realize that nobody at Queen Street Customs was going to be content with a simple paint job. So to compliment the high-tech carbon fiber is a show-winning House of Kolor paint job in gloss black with a gold pearl lacquer.

Eurp 1202 03+2006 bmw m3 csl+wheel Photo 3/6   |   Gold-plate, gold leaf, carbon and aluminum panels — we can only assume the parachute is silk

The final touches to the exterior included some gold leaf graphics, pinstriping and expert airbrush work, with the carbon-fiber weave exposed in certain places to further blow your mind.

There’s no doubt this E46 BMW M3 was built to grab attention, whether staging burnouts at the dragstrip or on display at a car show. And while Master P has a gold-ceilinged mansion, Michael Phelps has 16 gold medals, Austin Powers had Goldmember, Mohammed and Bakr Ibrahim have a million-dollar dragster that won’t soon be forgotten!



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