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Eurotuner 1998-2012

It’s not often you get to say goodbye to a magazine.

Greg Emmerson
Jun 13, 2012
Eurp 1206 01+eurotuner 1998 2012+cover Photo 1/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

Although this is the final issue, the last eight years in charge of eurotuner have been an amazing adventure. We took a magazine that had a difficult birth and tried to give it focus and direction. As a reader, you’re probably best placed to decide whether or not we were successful.

Eurp 1206 02+eurotuner 1998 2012+drivers Photo 2/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

The magazine was born to Petersen Publishing in October 1998 as MaxSpeed, focusing on cars under $30k from Europe and Asia. Donald Nosek was the Editor, John Naderi the staff editor (later became Editor of Super Street) and Ira Gabriel the Publisher.

In November 1999, the company sold to EMAP. The British publisher ran titles like Car and Max Power magazines. They decided to change MaxSpeed into Max Power (US Edition). It had the same staff as before and the mixed import editorial content, but picked up some stories from the UK. Sadly, it didn’t quite measure up to the original Max Power and was thankfully re-titled eurotuner in December 2001 when EMAP sold the company to Primedia.

I took over in June 2004, replacing Mike Shartsis as Editor. Phil Royle and Jason Jackman were on the staff and Maria Jamison was the publisher. The team soon shrunk and I was working with Sunny Lee for a while until Sam Du arrived. We worked together to shape the new direction for eurotuner, creating a Euro tuning guide with the best cars, shows and shops in the scene.

Sam departed for Super Street about a year ago, replaced by Neill Bachand who brought a video background from MTV along with writing and photography skills. Together, we’re remaining with and moving over to european car magazine and web.

Obviously, it takes more than a couple of writers to put together a magazine but we don’t have space to mention everybody here. We’d like to thank all the advertising and production people including Howard, Maria, Bernice, Alina, Julie, Billy, Alan, Willie, Greg, Derrick, Elliott, Jorge, Meisha, Peter, Elyse, Alan, Jenny, Henry, Doris and everybody else involved.

Regular contributors have included Justin Fivella, Josh Brown, Alex Rogan and industry insiders Nate Brown, Brad Beardow and Pablo Mazlumian. There’s been many more guys and some girls who’ve helped create eurotuner, and we’ll always be indebted to them. Again, you know who you are and we owe you a drink!

Eurp 1206 03+eurotuner 1998 2012+sam du Photo 3/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

As well as the people who put it together, we have to thank everybody who bought the mag over the years, and the companies that advertised in it. We also couldn’t have done it without the car owners who allowed us to feature their work, the show organizers and the tuning shops. As well as the people who took the time to write, tell us how we were doing, offer encouragement or suggest changes to improve the content.

We’d like to think eurotuner was a team effort by the entire Euro community. Going forward, eurotuner magazine will transition online to, with regular weekly features, daily news and blogs, event calendar and show reports, tech builds and projects – in fact, everything you’ve come to expect from the magazine but on a more timely basis and on your mobile devices and computers.

We’re also moving over to european car magazine and website, combining some of the eurotuner content with the Porsches and Mercedes to create a magazine for the larger Euro community.

While it won’t be eurotuner as you’ve come to know it, we’ll try to capture everything either in european car magazine or online at

Greg Emmerson
It’s not often you get to say goodbye to a magazine. Usually they’re closed and the staff laid off without ceremony. But because we’re moving on to european car we have a rare opportunity to look back. And honestly, there was nothing better than meeting people at shows.

Eurp 1206 04+eurotuner 1998 2012+bonneville salt flats Photo 4/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

Sitting in an office, staring at a screen, reading hater emails, you can quickly lose sight of why we do this. Heading out to Waterfest, H2Oi, Bimmerfest and all the small regional shows, put everything into perspective.

Meeting somebody who loves their car, who sweats the build, spends every last penny, drives for fun, loves the community – you’re the reason eurotuner existed, and why it will continue online and be absorbed into european car.

I want to thank everybody I met, everybody we featured, every shop we visited, every company that supplied parts, every person who contributed. It’s been an honor, and we hope you’ll make the transition to european car with us – it might be a little painful and exciting at the beginning, but stick with us as we create something new together.

I’ve made some good friends through eurotuner and a large piece of me will be lost when this magazine closes. It’s been my life for eight great years, and couldn’t have done it without you.

Although every day has been a wonderful experience, some events stand out. The annual etGP was an enormous challenge that we hope to continue in european car. Our visits to Waterfest, H2Oi and Bimmerfest were among the most memorable, as was our trip to Bonneville and the Spectre 341 hillclimb. The best memories were with Sam, Justin and Neill, spent with tuners and car owners, doing crazy things in cars. Here’s to the next chapter!

Sam Du
Although I haven’t been on staff for the last year, part of me is dying today. From being both an enthusiast and struggling photographer, to working as a full-time editor for one of my favorite magazines, I’m extremely grateful for what eurotuner brought to the scene and to me personally.

Eurp 1206 09+eurotuner 1998 2012+bmw Photo 8/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

Six years ago, Greg gave me a shot to work for him and I’ve never looked back. I left my friends and family in Seattle to become part of a different family (which was ironically just me and Greg!). But for 60 consecutive months, et was my girlfriend, my family, my everything. I’ve had some of the best life experiences any car guy could dream of – going to Bonneville, Texas Mile, Essen, Waterfest, H2Oi, M-Fest, Wüste, the list goes on and on. I also can’t forget the adventure I’ve had building Project Silverstone (the project will continue online!).

With that said, thank you to all the new friends I’ve made and to everybody I didn’t meet but still supported us. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far!

Neill Bachand
It’s been less than a year since I started at eurotuner and the fun adventures I’ve had, car shows attended and cool people met has been awesome.

Eurp 1206 11+eurotuner 1998 2012+western Photo 9/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

In fact, some of my best memories were shooting Rob Daehn’s BMW 2002 for the cover of et 9/11. Then ghost-hunting with Greg in Virginia City, NV (et 10/11). Miniature golf in the rain at H2Oi was equally memorable, as well as all the videos we’ve shot and the shenanigans along the way.

It’s a bummer it’s over, and tough to describe the experience in a few sentences. But lucky for us, we’re going onto european car magazine, hopefully adding bit more flavor and taking our loyal readers along for the ride.

Justin Fivella
As a kid, I spent hours reading magazines and, as luck would have it,  fell in love with water-cooled VWs in my teens. I spent every moment learning as much as I could and, one day, stumbled on Max Power USA and VW Trends Water Cooled, which would ultimately become eurotuner. Each month, I rushed to buy the latest issue and read their words like gospel. I’d dream about becoming an editor at eurotuner.

Although I never thought I’d get the chance, I was lucky enough to be an intern on the magazine. Greg took me under his wing, while Sam became my partner in crime for an unforgettable summer that started my career.

Eurp 1206 05+eurotuner 1998 2012+litter bug Photo 10/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

Since then I’ve had many wonderful experiences, traveled to faraway places, shot amazing cars, met unforgettable people and, in the process, lived a life-long dream.

There have been too many moments to recollect here, but some high points include our trip to Bonneville Speed Week and the many trips Sam and I took to Vegas for Wüste. It’s equally difficult to pinpoint my favorite cars, but I’m still kicking myself for not buying my all-time favorite: Kirit Patel’s Mk3 GTI VR6 turbo.

eurotuner has truly been an important chapter in my life. I know I’ll look back on it with the fondest memories.

Alex Rogan
It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing for eurotuner for six years. It was an opportunity I jumped at as soon as it appeared, because working with the legendary Greg Emmerson, who nurtured many influential UK publications, was a great opportunity. I’ve been passionate about European cars, VWs and Porsches in particular, for many years. Writing about them had never been my plan, but I often found myself as fascinated with the people behind the cars as with the cars themselves. Everybody has a story to tell, and most are looking to share their passion with others who share a similar point of view.

It’s been a privilege and an honor to work for et, and it’s been a blast getting to know Greg, Sam, Neill, Josh and everybody else. It’s a rare chance to share one’s experiences and stories on such a large scale.

There have been so many great cars and events, but my personal favorite was Matt Kappen’s wide-fendered Mk2 GTI 1.8T Syncro. For me it’s the perfect VW, with a combination of show, go, and a clear-cut motorsport influence plus a handful of rare parts and trick components.

Eurp 1206 12+eurotuner 1998 2012+golf hatch Photo 11/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012
Eurp 1206 10+eurotuner 1998 2012+porsche Photo 12/12   |   Eurotuner 1998-2012

The shows are always a unique combination of long hours, hard work, fatigue and excitement, but pretty much any H2Oi has likely been a favorite. The overall vibe, central location and cruise-friendly strip make it tough to top.

Josh Brown
I’ve been shooting for eurotuner since ’04, and working with Greg Emmerson since ’99 back in our PVW days. Over the years I’ve seen, ridden-in, admired and been scared by some of the best modified cars around, all while being paid to document it. In that time, the US scene has become one of the strongest in the world, and I got to cruise the strip in Ocean City at H2Oi as it happened!

I’ve also learned a great deal about the process of making images for a magazine, and have Greg and et to thank for that.

In no particular order, some memorable cars include: Matt Kappen Mk2 1.8T Syncro, Richard Dawse RWD Corrado (drifts!), Ali Ziaii R32 Rallye (fit and finish), NGP Rallye VR6T (600whp – fastest ride-along ever), NGP Mk3 A59 (rare), Frank Bisogno Mk3 (set the standards for years).

By Greg Emmerson
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