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2007 Audi A4 2.0T quattro - OEMplus

Every shop needs a crazy shop car

Ezekiel Wheeler
Mar 13, 2013
2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus left Photo 1/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

What started out as a front-wheel drive Audi A4 2.0T was never going to stay that way, but possibly even the team at VW/Audi specialist OEMplus didn't realize how out-of-control the build would become when it started.

The plan was ambitious from the beginning: convert a humble A4 2.0T FWD into a quattro-equipped model with a fully built engine. Throw in some visual and equipment enhancements, and you have something everybody will be talking about wherever you turn up.

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2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus engine bay Photo 2/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

When we spoke to Josh Segelson at OEMplus, he assured us beauty was more than skin deep. In the skillful hands of in-house shop tech, Marcel Kaiser, the 2.0T was torn down and fitted with JE Pistons (8:5:1 compression), Integrated Engineering rods, APR head studs and a GT3071R turbo on a custom manifold. A one-off 3" downpipe, FMIC and Tial wastegate would round out the engine mods for the 2.0T.

2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus tial wastegate Photo 3/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

To ensure the new parts were communicating, the Marcel opted for a Stage 3+ Unitronic software tune to bring the power output close to 400hp.

2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus right rear Photo 4/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

With this much power, many people might stop and enjoy the fruits of their labor but this was just the beginning for OEMplus. The extra output was the catalyst to begin the quattro conversion, having first sourced parts from around the country.

After removing the stock floorboards, the new floor sections were welded into position to make room for the new underpinnings. The quattro rear axles, rear diff, driveshaft, fuel tank, rear subframe and six-speed manual transmission were all installed; a tall order to say the least.

However, it wasn't simply mechanically challenging. There were a number of electrical connections to be made as well, including the task of reprograming all the ABS sensors to get the quattro swap functioning.

The new transmission received further attention, fitted with an 034Motorsports lightweight flywheel, Spec stage 2+ clutch and JHM Solid Throw shifter to transfer the power.

2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus rotiform nue candy blue Photo 5/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

Chassis upgrades weren't limited to the drivetrain, however. Josh and the team sourced a pair of eight-piston calipers from the Audi R8 and mated them with RS4 rotors up front, while slotted and drilled Adams rotors were placed in back to ensure the car could stop on a dime - important when you're at nearly double the power that the car came with.

The R8/RS4 brake swap is what OEMplus specialize in. The company has made a name for itself sourcing obscure parts from European models and applying them to US VW/Audi models. It's not all big-brake conversions though. They also have headlight switches, refrigerators, seats, steering wheels, etc - as well find out soon...

2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus front left Photo 6/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

But before we get to that good stuff, there are some more chassis mods to consider. And since this is an Audi, the stance was of prime importance. To get the A4 sitting pretty, the team worked with Air Lift's Lifestyle Digital Kit with custom mounted controls hidden inside. A set of Hotchkis front and rear sway bars ensure the car stay flat through the corners, because it does have nearly 400hp and occasionally the driver could find themselves in a squirmy situation. 19x9" Rotiform NUE wheels finished in a custom candy blue provide enough pop, inviting viewers to inspect the car further.

Inside received just as much detail as the exterior. A complete S4 Recaro leather seat upgrade can be found for every rump that finds a seat. For added comfort OEMplus decided to retrofit seat heaters and memory foam.

2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus interior steering wheel Photo 7/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

Sourced EU parts from across the pond are sprinkled throughout the cabin. Parts like a TT-RS flat-bottomed steering wheel, RS4 shift boot with accent stitching matched perfectly to a RS4 hand brake, race pedals center console with push button start and stickerless visors.

2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus interior dash Photo 8/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

Pushing the retrofitting beyond the norm, the crew threw in a AMI interface, LED interior lighting, a factory coolbox located within the glove box and a 2010+ LED RNS-E system. With all the features added up, we're pretty sure you couldn't order this car from the factory with everything the OEM+ boys threw at their A4.

The car emerged from the shop nearly eight months later ready to take on the show scene. It first had been wrapped in a repetitive snow-camo but soon found that less was more. Once removed, the car was showcased in it's the always attractive Audi factory white. Offset with the new candy blue Rotiform wheels, the car yields a new subdued looks that is sure to please nearly everybody in its presence.

It should be known that since this article was written, the car has since been sold. While the new owner may have his/her own plans for the car, we were more than happy to enjoy the car in it current state. Time will only tell what the OEM+ crew has in store to replace there over the top Audi A4 you see before you now. After seeing this in the flesh, we know we can expect greatness.

2007 audi a4 2 0t quattro oemplus distance Photo 12/12   |   2007 audi a4 2.0t quattro

Tech Spec
OEM+ 2007 Audi A4 2.0T

2.0T, GT3071R Turbo w/ custom manifold, JE Pistons 8:5:1, Integrated Engineering rods, APR head studs, Tial wastegate, 034 Motorsports catch can, light weight flywheel, Spec stage2+ clutch, FMIC, Stasis 2.75" sport exhaust, 3" downpipe, Quattro AWD conversion

Six-speed manual, Quattro AWD conversion, 034Motorsports light weight flywheel, Spec stage2+ clutch, JHM solid throw shifter with linkage upgrade.

R8 eight-piston calipers with RS4 rotors f, Stock calipers with Adams slot/cross drilled rotors r, stainless steel braided brake lines

Air Lift Lifestyle digital kit w/ custom mounted controls, two Viair 380cc compressors, 5-gallon tank, Hotchkis front and rear swaybars

Wheels & Tires:
19x9" Rotiform NUE with candy blue finish, 225/35R/19 Nitto NeoGen tires, retrofit TPMS sensors

EU f & r bumpers, RS4 mirrors w/ painted mirror caps, retrofit PDC f & r, Cupra R front spoiler, RS4 grille, painted roof, badges, grille and lower spoiler, titanium window trim, rolled/flared fenders, custom S6 lower grilles, EU trunk

S4 Recaro seats, retrofit memory foam and seat heaters, 2010+ LED RNS-E, color matched painted trim, EU TT-RS steering wheel, EU RS4 shift boot w/ custom stitching, hand brake, pedals, center console with push button start, AMI interface, electronic rear sunshade, factory coolbox, LED interior lights, EU stickerless sun visors

By Ezekiel Wheeler
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