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Photochop Challenge 3 - Audi TT

This is your third opportunity to show us your photochop skills with the new Audi TT coupe.

May 1, 2007
Eurp_z_audi_tt Photo 1/1   |   Photochop Challenge 3 - Audi TT

Last month we ran the results of our second Photochop Challenge for the BMW 335i Coupe. We printed 30 of the very best entries in the mag and the remaining 75 were uploaded online at

All the entrants expressed how much they enjoyed the Challenge, so we've made it a regular component of the magazine, especially since two photochop virgins made it into our top ten last month. We were amazed at how good their first-time efforts were, proving you don't need years of experience to have a go. For this month's Challenge we contacted our friends at Audi, who gave us permission to use this image of the brand new TT Coupe. We were tempted to use the TT Roadster but felt the hard-top might give you more options when it comes to photo manipulation.

We appreciate the car's already special, but look at it as a blank canvas for your photochop skills. All you have to do is either scan this photo from the magazine, or visit and download the image. The rest is up to you.We don't mind what you do provided you use this photo so everybody has the same starting point. After that, the only limitation is your imagination. You can change the color of the car, add wheels, spoilers, seats, lights, stickers, whatever floats yer boat.

And since we like to reward effort, we persuaded DC Shoes to donate a pair of its awesome Pro Spec 1.0 competition driving shoes. These are brand new and expected to cost around $200, but we'll award a free pair to the photochop entry we select as the best.

The FIA-approved Pro Spec is hugely desirable and comes in cool colors. The shoes were developed and are used by DC's Ken Block. He's a co-founder of the number one skate shoe company, not to mention a Subaru rally driver himself. Since we're giving away one pair of Pro Specs to the best photochopper, let us know your shoe size when you submit your entry. Again, we have to point out this isn't a competition; it's a challenge, and just for fun.Get your entries to us by 7/2/07 - that gives you about six weeks after this issue goes on sale to create something sensational.

You can email entries that are smaller than 2Mb to If they exceed this limit, please copy them to a CD and mail it to us at Photochop, eurotuner magazine, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048. Please ensure your images are a minimum of 500Kb at 300dpi, or we won't be able to print them.

One word of warning: some email servers (such as Hotmail) seem to automatically compress attachments, so please check that the size of your image won't be reduced when you send it to us. You could try emailing it to yourself or a friend beforehand to verify.

We require some extra information along with your photochop image. Please ensure we have your full name and a list of the mods you've carried out on the TT, along with the aforementioned shoe size. Put your name as the subject of the email (ie, Andrew Thorn TT Photochop) and do the same for the name of your jpg image (ie, andrewthornTT1.jpg). This will help us identify your details and image when it comes time to select the shortlist.

Remember, this is just for fun, so there are none of the usual competition rules. You can be a professional or amateur - we don't care. You can even have a go with colored pencils if your grasp of computer technology is like ours.

So have a good time and we look forward to seeing the results. We promise the best (and worst) entries will appear in a future issue of eurotuner and online at



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