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HKS GT1000+ 2007 Nissan GT-R - It's Going To Be Legendary

When HKS brings its project car to the U.S.

Sep 12, 2016

Whether you're barely getting into the import scene or you've been around since its humble beginnings, chances are you've seen a car with parts from HKS. Maybe you've heard its popular Super Sequential Blow Off Valve, or have seen its famed test driver, Nobutero Taniguchi, sliding in D1GP. Old timers will tell you it's a legendary tuning firm that develops parts in-house to make your car go fast, while newcomers will wonder what's with the stoner '80s livery. Regardless of what you've heard about HKS, numbers don't lie; part of the reason for its fame is that HKS cars have left broken many a track record in their wake.

Hks gt1000 plus nissan gtr ben sopra wing Photo 2/19   |   Hks Gt1000 Plus Nissan Gtr Ben Sopra Wing

It's no secret that Nissan's flagship car, the R35 GT-R, is capable of making tons of horsepower. To make it easier for GT-R-owning customers looking to unleash that potential, HKS developed different performance stages for R35 owners, such as the GT600, GT800, and for people balling out of control, the GT1000. Two years ago HKS debuted its R35 before it was called the GT1000+, a vehicle geared for a motorsport discipline we know and love, time attack. As its name suggests, it's packing more ponies than your standard GT-R, but you can read all about the intricate details in this story's Tuning Menu.

Hks gt1000 plus nissan gtr vr38dett Photo 3/19   |   Hks Gt1000 Plus Nissan Gtr Vr38dett

Stripped of its Nissan appointed creature comforts, the interior is now all business, with exposed wires, switches, a special Bride HKS seat specially made for NOB (not the likes of my waist size) and a custom rollcage. Don't think for one second that HKS only knows how to make more engine power, though. For the most part, HKS is a one-stop shop and upgraded the GT1000+ drivetrain with its own transmission gear kit and clutch, along with coilovers and a carbon fiber hood and doors.

Hks gt1000 plus nissan gtr ben sopra body kit Photo 4/19   |   Hks Gt1000 Plus Nissan Gtr Ben Sopra Body Kit

But what does all this expensive hardware culminate to? HKS has a reputation for kicking ass on track and moving on to another goal. Back in '14, during HKS's annual Premium Day event at Fuji Speedway, the GTR1000+ set a new class record with a blistering fast time of 1:39.853. The following year they were two seconds faster with a 1:37.773, which is said to be the same time it takes a Nissan GT-R GT3 during a Super GT300 race. Also in '14, HKS brought the car to the Land Down Under for World Time Attack in Australia and won the special "one make" GT-R class, clocking 1:30.838.

Hks gt1000 plus nissan gtr nardi steering wheel Photo 5/19   |   Hks Gt1000 Plus Nissan Gtr Nardi Steering Wheel

As some of you already know, HKS and Motovicity brought the GTR1000+ to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. for the brand new event dubbed Speed Ring. Just like WTAC, the event had a special GT-R class, but made the deal even sweeter by awarding $20,000 to anyone that could beat NOB's fastest time of the day. Unsuspectingly, Lyfe Motorsports beat the GT1000+ with its own GT-R rendition. NOB admitted defeat that day, but promised he'd be back with the GTR1000+ to reclaim the crown of the fastest GT-R. Looking back at HKS' history, it shouldn't be a problem.

Hks gt1000 plus nissan gtr bride seat Photo 9/19   |   Hks Gt1000 Plus Nissan Gtr Bride Seat
Hks gt1000 plus nissan gtr advan gt wheel Photo 16/19   |   Hks Gt1000 Plus Nissan Gtr Advan Gt Wheel
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HKS GT1000+ 2007 Nissan GT-R - It's Going To Be Legendary
Tuning Menu
Owner: HKS
Location: Japan
Occupation: Making your car go faster
Power: 1,252hp 969 lb-ft
Engine: VR38DETT HKS forged 0.0:1 pistons, connecting rods, stroker crankshaft, Step2 camshafts, head gasket, Hi-flow surge tank, Racing Suction Reloaded intake, 800cc injectors, Super Fire racing spark plugs, Racing SPL exhaust, GT II 50MM wastegates, SSQV blow off valves, R-Type GT1000 spec intercooler, GT1000+ turbocharger, prototype oil cooler, prototype downpipe, Titan exhaust, regulator,; Koyo radiator; Bosch fuel pump
Drivetrain: HKS GR6 clutch, transmission gear kit; Nismo LSD
Engine Management: HKS F-Con V PRO Version 4
Footwork & Chassis: HKS prototype Hyper Max IV SP Kai coilovers; Dodson adjustable arms
Brakes: Endless mono-block 6 POT brake kit, rotors, pads, brake lines
Wheels & Tires: Yokohama Advan GT 20x10.5 +24, Advan A005 290/712R20
Exterior: Ben Sopra body kit; HKS carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber doors
Interior: Bride seats; TRS harnesses; Nardi steering wheel



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