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Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

Goodies Found Underneath The Mattress

E.John Thawley III
Mar 1, 2008
Htup_0803_01_z+hella_90mm_headlight_module_race_and_rally_lights Photo 1/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

Hella 90mm Headlamp Modules
The same lights used by so many American Le Mans Series and Grand Am teams are readily available to consumers. Hella 90mm high and low beam headlamp modules, in Halogen and Xenon/HID, are great for race and custom applications.

Htup_0803_02_z+honda_civic_d_series_water_port_adapter_for_instrumentation_and_gauges Photo 2/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

D-Series Water Port Adapter
Tuner Toys has come up with the cleanest way to tap into your D-series engine's cooling system. Its new Water Port Adapter provides two additional locations for tapping into your Honda's engine coolant. Utilize the 31/48-inch NPT and 11/42-inch NPT ports to install temperature gauge sending units, turbo coolant return lines or whatever else you need. This adapter is precision machined from 6061 aluminum stock and comes with all needed hardware for installation. Tuner Toys even includes a threaded plug for each port, allowing you to plug off either one.

Htup_0803_03_z+noltec_trailing_arm_bushing_for_hondas Photo 3/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

Noltec Trailing Arm Bushing
Boylan Performance is now carrying Noltec trailing arm bushings for Hondas and Acuras for distribution in North America. The Australian-built Noltec bushing and pivot is a complete assembly with bonded polyurethane inside a steel race and a free floating, solid steel cross pin. Two sizes are offered to fit most '88-'00 Hondas and Acuras.

Htup_0803_04_z+gs610_by_comar_performance_racing_brake_fluid Photo 4/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

GS610 Maximum Performance Brake Fluid
Comar Performance is now distributing GS610 worldwide. Formulated to perform under the most extreme braking temperatures and conditions, GS610 is being used by many NASCAR cup and IndyCar teams. GS610 brake fluid meets and exceeds all current U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle safety standards for DOT 3, DOT 4 and current Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1703 and J1704 specifications. GS610 brake fluid is suitable for all Honda disc and drum brake systems and is ideal for any car seeking maxi-mum braking potential.

Htup_0803_05_z+pic_performance_select_racing_coilovers_adjustable_ride_height_and_preload Photo 5/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

PIC Select Coilovers
PIC Performance has released its second-generation PIC Select racing coilover shocks. Increased rebound valving has been added for better grip and ride quality on the track. Two 6061-T6 aluminum alloy collars provide separate adjustment for ride height and spring preload.

Htup_0803_06_z+progress_group_acura_tl_sway_bar_rear Photo 6/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

Progress Group Anti-Roll Bar For Acura TL
The Progress Group, Inc., has developed a new rear anti-roll bar for the '04-'08 Acura TL (including Type-S). This 24mm solid alloy part has two adjustment holes per side for fine-tuning chassis balance and suit driver preference. The kit comes with all hardware, including low-deflection polyurethane bushings, synthetic grease and new brackets. The bar is designed for use with the OEM end links. This new anti-roll bar system will improve steering response and minimize body roll while cornering. All Progress anti-roll bars are manufactured in-house and feature cold formed bars and precision MIG-welded ends.

Htup_0803_07_z+bhp_racing_and_performance_brake_pads_for_hondas Photo 7/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

BHP Brake Pads
Brake Horsepower Inc. (BHP) announces the release of its new PR1 and CR6 brake compounds, in several popular Honda fitments. PR1 is a dedicated, high torque race pad capable of 1,900 degrees F and is ideal for Honda Challenge cars, club racers and time trial cars. CR6 is a milder, multi-purpose compound for up to 1,000 degrees F and is better suited for autocross, track days and performance driving schools. The fitments include: Integra Type-R, NSX, '88-'89 CRX and Civic Si, '99-'00 Civic Si, S2000, RSX-S and '94-plus Integras.

Htup_0803_08_z+hasport_d_series_civic_motor_mounts Photo 8/8   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts Guide - Adult Toys February/March 2008

Civic/CRX Stock Replacement Mounts
Hasport Performance has released its EFSTK stock replacement mount kit for the '88-'91 Honda Civic/CRX with D-series engines. The CAD/CAM designed, 6061-T6-billet aluminum mounts are manufactured in-house on Hasport's own CNC machines. The kit's urethane inserts offer increased durability and strength over stock mounts and is available in several different durometers depending on user preference. For EF types running a later model SOHC hydro transmission, the EFSTK mounts are fully compatible with Hasport's new EFDHC cable/hydro conversion kit.

By E.John Thawley III
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