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Almost A Feature - Grassroots May 2008

OMIGOD, My Car Made It In Honda Tuning Magazine!

May 1, 2008
Htup_0805_01_z+grassroots+1995_eg_honda_civic Photo 1/6   |   Almost A Feature - Grassroots May 2008

Kenny Freeman; '95 Civic DX; McDonough, Ga.

The Goods:
The original DX engine wasn't good enough for Kenny so one of the first things he did was swap it out for the slightly more powerful D16Z6 along with a ZEX camshaft. Aside from the VTEC powerplant, a '00 VTEC gearbox was also bolted into place making for an entirely different drivetrain. The turbocharged SOHC is outfitted with Scat connecting rods, Vitara pistons, ACL bearings and, of course, all new seals and gaskets. It was all beefed up in the name of a Garrett GT28RS turbocharger, also known as the "Disco Potato." The turbo system is comprised of a Drag exhaust manifold, an eBay intercooler, a Turbo XS blow-off valve along with a Turbonetics Deltagate wastegate and 3-inch custom exhaust piping. Fuel concerns were addressed with RC Engineering 440cc injectors tuned with a Chrome Pro system. Finally, an Exedy Stage 2 clutch and Fidanza 7-pound flywheel transfer all 220 hp and 8 psi worth of turbo power effectively to the pavement.

2018 Honda Civic
$18,940 Base Model (MSRP) 28/40 MPG Fuel Economy

Kenny addressed more than a simple engine swap and fresh paint though. The chassis rests on KYB AGX shocks and Neuspeed springs hidden behind 15-inch bronze-coated knockoffs, Yokohama tires and AEM brake pads. Handling is further addressed with a pair of Neuspeed antiroll bars at both ends, making for something truly well-rounded.

Htup_0805_02_z+grassroots+d16z6 Photo 2/6   |   Almost A Feature - Grassroots May 2008

How It Went Down:
By the time you read this, Kenny will have owned the car for less than six months. It may not have been his for long but this coupe's been around. It began, of course, with the factory single cam but was later upgraded to a non-VTEC B18A1 by the car's previous owner, Kenny's friend. The DOHC B was kept naturally aspirated but was later swapped for yet another single cam, this time a D16Z6. Kenny tells us that when he bought the car it was ready to go. "All it needed was a good oil change and it was ready to go eat some 350Zs," he says.

Kenny is far from done with his coupe. He still plans on modifying the D with a Skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body as well as fitting the head with valve springs, retainers and valves, also from Skunk2. A rear brake conversion, Brembo rotors and Hawk pads are also on the agenda. We're guessing he'll be busy for another six months.

Love And Hate:
EG coupes are few and far between nowadays. We happen to still like the coupe though, not to mention budget-built turbocharged single cams.

Sander Kuipers; '90 Civic 1.6i-VT; Netherlands

The Goods:
You've gotta love the 1.6i-VT-it's basically a Euro-spec SiR, which means it's got B16A power right from Honda. No swapping involved. Sander's hatch is rare though because it's one of only 40 imported into Holland between 1991-1992. Individuality was easy then but Sander wanted to ensure it with the addition of a Chargespeed front lip and a Honda Access six-piece skirt set and rear bumper cover combo. He also added EF9 Stanley foglights, EF9 Honda Access door visors and power folding mirrors along with a couple of select EF9 JDM decals. The showstoppers are the 15-inch Mugen RNRs though, complete with Mugen lug nuts and covered in Toyo T1Rs. The B16A1's been modified with a Mugen 4-into-1 header, a custom stainless steel exhaust using a Mugen replica muffler and an A'PEXi air filter mounted on a cold air intake pipe. Sander also ditched the original gearbox for a Y1 transmission with the factory LSD. Aside from a factory Barcelona Green respray back in 2004, Sander's only outfitted the chassis with KW Variant 1 coilovers and pretty much called it a day.

Love And Hate:
Yes, SiRs are cool, but Euro-spec 1.6i-VTs are just about the next best thing.

Htup_0805_05_z+grassroots+1993_acura_integra Photo 6/6   |   Almost A Feature - Grassroots May 2008

Mike Angel; '93 Integra LS; Lynchburg, Va.

The Goods:
Mike Angel's wife, Mary, must love him. What else could you say about a wife who submits her man's car to Grassroots? At first glance, Mike's engine bay might look like that of any other DA. It's not though. Underhood you'll find a JDM-spec B18B that's outfitted with a cold air intake and 4-into-1 headers of unknown origins. No matter though, Mike does know that he has a GReddy SP2 exhaust system, a Buddy Club grounding kit and NGK wires and plugs to go along with that rare Japanese non-VTEC engine. The plan was to keep the car well-rounded, so Mike bolted on Megan goodness like coilovers, a C-pillar bar and a rear upper shock bar. Aesthetics were addressed with a Password:JDM carbon-fiber front lip, JDM bumper lenses and one-piece headlights, a Fiber Images carbon-fiber hood, a carbon-fiber gas lid and JDM power folding mirrors. Inside Mike replaced the stock pieces with a Broadway mirror, a JDM gauge cluster, an OEM Honda optional armrest and an Eclipse head unit. The package is rounded off with 16-inch Drag DR16s wrapped in Falkens. Mike's wife tells us they just finished swapping in a new tranny and engine wiring harness but that more modifications are on the way.

Love And Hate:
The blue tape on the headlight isn't what you think-it's actually homage to Mary's cousin, Tank, who died in a car accident and the cracked one-piece headlight found afterward. If that ain't love, we don't know what is.



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