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JDM DC2 Integra Type R - Made In Japan, Raised In Scotland - Street Level

This Is One Badass Type R, Never Mind The Bagpipes And Kilts

Simon Cooke
May 1, 2008
Htup_0805_01_z+jdm_dc2_integra_type_r+front_left Photo 1/25   |   JDM DC2 Integra Type R - Made In Japan, Raised In Scotland - Street Level

John Fallon's Jdm-Spec Dc Itr"I find cars without VTEC very boring these days," John Fallon, from Edinburgh, Scotland says. Obviously, John's a man with good taste. Although he's favored Japanese cars since he could reach the pedals, it's Honda's VTEC with its instant throttle response rather than big laggy turbos that excite him. He's lost count of just how many Hondas he's owned over the years. He's had more than his fair share of ITRs and CTRs-and not just UK-spec ones-John's earned his share of respect for delighting in what the JDM market has to offer.

This Scot's JDM enthusiasm soon led to a part-time business venture, Private Imports, specializing in importing JDM cars and parts over to the UK for him and his mates. Needless to say, the small company has helped fund John's Honda addiction. John actually imported this Integra for his cousin who was looking for something a bit different in a daily driver. "He really liked the car...but once it had arrived and he'd actually driven it he realized it was a bit too wild for everyday use and that he had no real plans to use it on the track," John says.

Yes, his cousin noticed the full-polished Carbing rollcage, the door bars, the Bride seat and Takata harness combo and quickly came to the conclusion that it was little more than a track car-a track car that, by some definition could be street driven-but by most accounts was simply unsuitable for regular road duties. John's cousin owned it for a couple of weeks before swapping it for a more driver-friendly Integra Type R that John also had imported.

"I took it out on some empty country roads for a good thrashing and it was certainly as wild as my cousin had promised," John says. "The close ratio gearbox meant you were changing gears all the time and the suspension was so rock solid and tight that it was stiff enough to lift wheels when you were cornering."

None of this, however, deterred John from putting the ITR to work as his daily driver. Sure, he made a few changes along the way though. First he replaced the adjustable rear wing with a standard spoiler and then ditched the 15-inch alloys for a set of 16-inch Regamasters, which he conveniently had sitting in his garage. There are those out there who will say that switching to 16s can negatively effect handling but John's a 16-inch kind of guy and has yet to encounter size issues. John also replaced the carbon-fiber bonnet, err hood-he's just not a fan of them-and had the entire car repainted in Silverstone Gray, covering the red and adding a bit of discretion. "I did feel quite self conscious in it," he admits. "Everybody looked while I was driving it."

Htup_0805_31_z+jdm_dc2_integra_type_r+right_rear Photo 8/25   |   JDM DC2 Integra Type R - Made In Japan, Raised In Scotland - Street Level

Other changes? " I swapped the race exhaust for a quieter one and fitted the Bride driver's seat," he says. One place where John hasn't carried out any modifications is under the bonnet. After all, the engine bay was already well spec'd with goodies, like the expensive ARC radiator and Comptech air induction kit. When asked about the car's performance John says, "It's never been on the rollers but I reckon it must be at least 225 bhp judging by others I've driven before. It's certainly a lot faster than any of the other standard Type Rs around here." A claim undoubtedly put to the test with very little encouragement.

With daily use and an enthusiastic right foot you might think that the Honda's legendary reliability would be called into question. This just isn't the case here and Honda's reputation remains alive, well and intact. With the exception of having to fit stronger axles (John suspects the aggressive race clutch was the problem), the ITR has been nothing short of reliable, never failing to put a smile on John's face when he's behind the wheel, which is more than can be said for his girlfriend. "She never really liked how noisy or how rough it was inside," John says. "The head unit does work but, with only two speakers in the door, it's not really powerful enough to be of use. There's not even an interior mirror for her to do her makeup with either!" Luckily she has her own significantly more refined Civic as her personal ride.

Unfortunately, following the changes John made to the car he never quite found the time to risk it on the track, aside from during this photo shoot, which is surely where he could have unleashed its full potential.

Since meeting up with John, the car's moved on to yet another owner to make way for, and finance, John's latest import, currently on its way from Japan-a modified Honda S2000. Only time will tell whether or not John's girlfriend will appreciate the aftereffects of an open top roadster and a just-styled hairdo. But hey, John's got that problem covered-literally-he's already ordered the hard top to go with it.

Htup_0805_27_z+jdm_dc2_integra_type_r+right_rolling Photo 15/25   |   JDM DC2 Integra Type R - Made In Japan, Raised In Scotland - Street Level

Bolts & Washers

Comptech Sport intakeSpoon throttle bodyMugen headerKakimoto exhaust systemNGK spark plug wiresTrust oil coolerCusco oil catch tankARC radiatorCustom radiator hoses and pipesTEIN hood dampersGReddy oil capCusco master cylinder braceModified close ratio ITR gearbox with LSDMulti-plate competition clutchMINE'S ECU

Racing Gear circuit-spec coiloversSpoon front and rear strut barsBeaks rear lower braceCarbing C-pillar brace

Oem ITRCustom steel braided brake lines

Rims and rubber:
16x7 Desmond Regamaster Evo (+38 offset)205/45-16 Yokohama Parada

COCO license plate relocation bracketCustom hood pinsAzect bumper ductsHID headlights

Nardi steering wheel Bride Zeta III driver seatRecaro reclining passenger seatTakata harnessesCarbing rollcageA'PEXI V-AFC GReddy EGT gaugeGReddy oil pressure gaugeGReddy oil temperature gaugeGReddy water temperature gaugeSpoon shift knob

Kenwood head unitKenwood speakers

MRM coachworks
Everyone at
Jamie and Trank Jigglins

Htup_0805_30_z+jdm_dc2_integra_type_r+left Photo 19/25   |   JDM DC2 Integra Type R - Made In Japan, Raised In Scotland - Street Level

Owner Specs

Edinburgh, Scotland

Most played in the iPod:
Jurassic 5's "Concrete Streets"

Favorite kicks:
Adidas Chilie 62s

Recent DVD:
Smokey and the Bandit

Bogus traffic ticket:
Rental car e-brake 180 in front of a cop

Mac or PC:

Favorite non-Honda:
R32 Skyline GT-R

Porn star pick:
Maria Ozawa

Hottest model:
Adriana Lima


Irvine, CA 92618
By Simon Cooke
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