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New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

May 1, 2008
Htup_0805_01_z+adult_toys+civic_si_kn_intake Photo 1/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Civic Si K&N Intake System
K&N Engineering's '06-'07 Civic Si Typhoon intake system is a direct performance replacement for the K20's stock airbox and intake tract. The Typhoon is designed to maximize airflow and performance from Honda's typically highly restrictive stock intake system. Each system ships complete with a silver powdercoated intake tube, heat shield, hoses, hardware and of course one of K&N's world-renowned air filters. Gains of up to 7 hp at 6,500 rpm have been realized during testing.

Htup_0805_02_z+adult_toys+s2000_hondata_kpro Photo 2/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Hondata S2000 K-Pro
The guys on the cutting edge of Honda ECU tuning, Hondata, have recently developed a K-Pro system compatible with the S2000. Systems start at $1,395 and allow for the more easily tunable RSX ECU to be adapted to work with '00-'05 model S2000s. The kit includes a wiring harness for crank and cam sensors, which must be purchased separately, along with a laser-cut mounting bracket. Hondata's S2000 K-Pro also includes the RSX ECU itself adapted to work with the S2000, making junkyard ECU runs no longer necessary. Like all K-Pros, the S2000 version fits inside the factory ECU case and offers data logging, MAP sensor configuration, launch control, three multipurpose outputs for nitrous control, closed loop control and 16 x 20 cell fuel and ignition tables.

Htup_0805_03_z+adult_toys+dei_speaker_baffles Photo 3/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Dei Boom Mat Speaker Baffles
Maximize your speakers' performance while protecting your investment-check out DEI's new Boom Mat speaker baffles. DEI's baffles are made from a high-tech, closed-cell polyethylene material that encases each speaker-sealing out dirt and moisture that could potentially harm speaker cones, voice coils and corrode electrical connections-while providing a protective shell. Boom Mat speaker baffles do more than protect, they also maximize speaker performance by isolating correct frequency response while dampening reverberation distortion within a vehicle's chassis and interior panels. It's the small investment that gives major returns.

Htup_0805_04_z+adult_toys+weaponx_superx_plug Photo 4/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Superx Iridium Spark Plugs
In a never-ending effort to improve upon success, WeaponX has developed an Iridium spark plug specifically for the high-performance market-the SuperX Iridium plug. WeaponX says these plugs take Iridium performance to the next level and, with features that allow for extended, high-performance reliability and exclusive high-performance characteristics, the service life of WeaponX spark plugs is good for up to 100,000 miles or more. The industry-first Iridium SuperX also utilizes an optimized internal structure that allows engines to operate at full capacity for longer periods of time while dissipating unwanted heat away from the spark plug tip much more rapidly than conventional plugs allow, in turn, improving engine performance.

Htup_0805_05_z+adult_toys+eagle_one_tire_wheel_treatment Photo 5/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Eagle One's Tire And Wheel Treatment
Eagle One takes wheel and tire detailing to a new level with the first ever trigger sprayed, gel-based tire shine. Unlike other products, Eagle One's gel clings to tires without dripping or slinging, resulting in show quality, glossy results with little effort. Complement those shiny tires with Eagle One's A2Z All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, now offered in a convenient aerosol can. A2Z's thick, foamy suds quickly remove sticky brake dust and road grime from any wheel or tire. Just spray on cool wheels and then hose off. The suds dissolve dirt and brake dust quickly, minimizing cleanup time. A2Z is safe for many factory and aftermarket wheels, including clear coats.

Htup_0805_09_z+adult_toys+hasport_prelude_k_series_mounts Photo 6/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Hasport '92-'96 Prelude K-Series Mounts
Hasport Performance has recently developed the easy way to swap a K-series into the BB chassis Prelude. The BBK1 mount kit is designed to allow the installation of newer K-series engines paired with TSX or Accord transmissions into any '92-'96 Prelude. Like all Hasport kits, the BBK1 features mounts that are CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, along with laser-cut steel brackets. Each steel part is powdercoated and zinc-plated hardware is included with each kit. Hasport's BBK1 mounts are offered in a variety of durometers and feature a lifetime warranty.

Htup_0805_07_z+adult_toys+motec_logging_system Photo 7/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Motec's New Little Black Box
MoTeC's Central Logging System has been officially released-giving tech savvy race teams a smart new option for gathering and processing valuable data. Consisting of an Advanced Central Logger (ACL) and multiple Versatile Input Modules (VIM), consider it the ultimate acquisition and communications solution for those who place high demands on data systems. The ACL is the centerpiece of this sophisticated system, boasting 1GB of logging memory and Ethernet capabilities for fast data download. It provides all the advanced features of MoTeC's ADL2 Dash/Logger, including warning alarms, fuel prediction, engine logs, timers, tables, user conditions, telemetry and more, and features dual CANbus communications and multiple RS232 ports. The ACL collects sensor data from a number of external devices and logs up to 1,000 channels. Multiple VIMs may be connected to the Central Logger, allowing for more than 200 sensor inputs. MoTeC's new Central Logging System can be easily integrated with existing MoTeC equipment including ECUs, displays and Dash Loggers, Lambda meters, CAN expanders, Shift Light Modules and timing devices.

Htup_0805_08_z+adult_toys+autometer_fuel_level_gauge Photo 8/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Auto Meter Programmable Fuel Level Gauge
The days when factory Honda fuel gauges were the only option are long gone. Racers and builders who want to ditch the factory instrument cluster, but still know how much gas they've got left, now have an easy option that allows full use of the stock sender. Auto Meter's programmable, full-sweep electric fuel level gauge is offered in several popular Auto Meter styles and is compatible with a number of different OEM Honda and Acura fuel level senders.

Htup_0805_06_z+adult_toys+hasport_accord_k_series_mounts Photo 9/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

Hasport '90-'93 Accord K-Series Mounts
The leader in Honda engine swaps, Hasport Performance, recently announced its new CBK1 mount kit designed to allow the installation of newer K-series engines when used with TSX or Accord transmissions into the '90-'93 Accord. The kit features CNC-machined mounts made from billet 6061-T6 aluminum along with laser-cut steel brackets. All steel parts are powdercoated and all hardware is zinc plated for durability. CBK1 kits are available in several different durometers, however, all of Hasport's urethane inserts are stronger and more durable when compared to the stock mounts. Of course, like all Hasport products, the CBK1 mounts feature a lifetime warranty.

Htup_0805_10_z+adult_toys+ame_tm02_wheels Photo 10/10   |   New Products - Adult Toys May 2008

AME TM-02 Monoblock Wheels
With the high-end wheel market beginning to focus more toward the overall balance of weight, strength and rigidity, AME introduces the TM-02 (Tracer M.A.T. Version II). The TM-02 is AME's newest split six-spoke-designed, race-inspired, one-piece wheel that includes a dual-flanged lip and features spokes with a functional, lightweight pocket design. The TM-02 is produced using Enkei's proprietary M.A.T. wheel forming process that improves both the wheel's material properties as well as its overall performance characteristics. M.A.T. technology offers that perfect balance of weight, strength and rigidity that's crucial when it comes to performance. The TM-02 is available in standard and tapered faces and is offered in Dark Gunmetal and Hyper Silver finishes in17-, 18- and 19-inch sizes.



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