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Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Aug 1, 2008
Htup_0808_01_z+password_jdm_test_pipe Photo 1/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Password:JDM Test Pipe
Made of T304 stainless steel, Password:JDM's True2Form test pipes are designed with form and function in mind. All True2Form test pipes are telescopic, two-piece designs that are clockable in order to accommodate most Honda applications. True2Form test pipes are 2.5 inches in diameter-the largest diameter currently available for Honda-specific applications. Password:JDM test pipes are offered either in resonated or straight-flow designs and retail for $

Htup_0808_02_z+skunk2_fit_and_civic_coilover Photo 2/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Skunk2 Fit And Civic Coilovers
Honda Fit and '06-'08 Civic owners have a new coilover to choose from. Skunk2's PRO-C coilovers feature the latest advanced shock technology and a carefully designed dampening curve for a shock that dramatically improves handling. Skunk2 coilovers also feature an adjustable mono-tube design with an oversized, micro-polished, hardened steel shaft and piston with a precision-honed internal bore and low-friction triple seal resulting in an extremely responsive and durable coilover. Each PRO-C kit features 12-way adjustable valving and one-piece forged shock bodies for added strength and reliability. Skunk2 PRO-C coilovers feature shortened shock bodies and shafts to maintain proper suspension travel on lowered vehicles and are adjustable to allow height adjustments without affecting preload. Kits include either CNC-machined camber plates with spherical bearings or top mounts with polyurethane

Htup_0808_03_z+motegi_racing_sp10 Photo 3/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Motegi Racing SP10
The wheel engineers at Motegi Racing focused on weight consciousness when they developed the new SP10 wheel. Why? Because lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight and rotational inertia improving handling, braking, acceleration, and ride quality. The results are one of the lightest one-piece cast wheels on the market. The 10-spoke design is functional and actually lightens the wheel by allowing each spoke to support wheel weight evenly. This allows for thinner spokes and reduced weight. Engineers also removed material by using a deeper lug bowl shape within the hub area, machined unnecessary material from behind the spokes, and even reduced the center cap's mass for further weight savings. The 18x8 SP10 tips the scales at 18.6 pounds and is available in matte black and Hyper Black finishes. Other sizes are available, including 15x7, 17x7, and 18x8

Htup_0808_04_z+turbo_specialties_r18_honda_civic_turbo_kit Photo 4/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Turbo Specialties R18 Turbo Kit
The R18 Extreme Turbo kit from Turbo Specialties is designed for the '06 and up Civic DX, LX, and EX coupe with the single-cam R18 powerplant. The kit is designed with the daily driver in mind and is a total bolt-on affair. The R18 turbo kit features a GT25 Garrett turbo, along with an AEM F/IC fuel management unit pre-tuned by Shawn Church of Church Automotive Testing. With a stock exhaust, the R18 kit produces 187 whp and 192 lb-ft of torque at 7 psi. The kit includes a cast turbo manifold, 410cc fuel injectors, a down pipe and front-mount intercooler with polished piping, a blow-off valve, steel braided oil lines, a high-flow air filter, and lots of gaskets, hardware, and clamps for a thorough

Htup_0808_05_z+mishimoto_honda_prelude_and_s2000_radiator Photo 5/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Mishimoto 'Lude And S2k Radiators
Prelude and S2000 owners, check out two all-new aluminum radiators from Mishimoto designed to fit '97-'01 Preludes and '00-'05 S2000s. The dual-core heat exchangers are crafted out of strong and durable aircraft-quality aluminum, which provides up to 30 percent more cooling power when compared to lesser cores. The new applications are designed to fit within OEM specs to help ensure a smooth installation, and retail for only $300 for Prelude applications and $320 for S2000 ones. All Mishimoto radiators include high-pressure Mishimoto radiator caps, polished upper and lower end tanks, and an extensive

Htup_0808_06_z+oil_eater_parts_cleaner Photo 6/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Tabletop Parts Cleaner
Cleaning small and greasy parts is easier, faster, and safer with the new 5-gallon Oil Eater tabletop parts cleaner. The parts cleaner measures in at only 13 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 5.5 inches deep, so it'll fit on most any workbench, in any garage. The assembly pumps up to 5 gallons of degreaser through the bristle ended brush to make parts cleaning fast but with little mess. The parts cleaner's high-impact plastic body is tough and lightweight, and the heavy-duty pump will withstand just about any corrosion. The tabletop parts cleaner is sold ready to go with 1 gallon of environmentally friendly, water-soluble Oil Eater cleaner/degreaser that will cut through most anything you throw at

Htup_0808_07_z+koni_str_t_shocks_and_struts Photo 7/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

Affordable Dampers From Koni
Koni's new STR.T (pronounced street) shocks and struts combine the best of both worlds: cost-effectiveness and performance. SRT.T dampers offer an affordable solution for improving handling or simply wanting to replace the OE offerings with something a bit better. STR.T dampers are compatible with stock suspension systems or with most upgraded springs and antiroll bar packages. Koni's new dampers are available for most Honda and Acura applications and are backed by a lifetime

Htup_0808_08_z+acura_integra_dc2_rear_seat_delete_kit Photo 8/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

DC2 Rear Seat Delete
Integra fans, K-Dezines Audio is proud to announce its '94-'01 Integra DC2 rear seat delete kits. K-Dezines offers two versions: one constructed of MDF, which is sort of like plywood, and the other is a lightweight race kit made of corrugated plastic. Both are covered in OEM quality carpet. The standard kit features two removable hatches for spare tire and fuel pump access and is available in all OEM color combinations. Standard kits retail for $260 and race kits go for $

Htup_0808_09_z+derale_high_cfm_fan Photo 9/9   |   Honda Aftermarket Parts & Upgrades - August 2008 Adult Toys

A High-Output Fan That Fits
Derale has the solution for high-performance Hondas and Acuras with big engine swaps and turbos. Its primary cooling fan, which is designed as a pusher-the H.O. Single RAD Fan part number 16925-is powerful yet compact. Derale's latest fan features a high-output 265-watt motor with 11 curved blades. This little 12-inch powerhouse outperforms most 16-inch models available and just might be what you need when space is at a



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