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Upgrading With Razo Wheels and Honda Performance Engine Mounts - Reachin' Back

Tales From The Old School

Dec 18, 2008
Htup_0812_01_z+honda_performance_engine_mounts_electronics_razo_japan_wheels+clutch_view Photo 1/2   |   Upgrading With Razo Wheels and Honda Performance Engine Mounts - Reachin' Back

Each month, "Reachin' Back" attempts to take you through a little time warp, back to the early days when Honda performance first struck the country. Popular wheels have been covered, electronics, even some OG engine mounts, but nobody can forget the interior knickknacks that hold soft spots in only the truest of old-schooler hearts. Some date back as far as 15 years ago, but each has stood the test of time. In fact, we're still using ours today, and noobs who are getting their hands on their first Hondas are purchasing these very parts.

RAZO's been actively involved in motorsports for more than 15 years in Japan and has developed a well-earned reputation as the go-to company when it came to innovative interior products. The great thing about RAZO products is that they perform as well as they look. Known for being extremely functional, its product line has been tested on and off the track by the company's professional driving team and perfected before reaching consumers. RAZO's race pedal kits were developed for both automatic and manual cars, with a number of color and design choices to match just about any interior. Some kits are even adjustable to suit the needs of a wider foot, or assist in heel-toe techniques. To this day, RAZO's black and gray pedal kit remains the most copied design of any aftermarket part in the import performance world. Talk about knockoffs. Of course, for those who underwent pedal upgrades, getting rid of that factory plastic shift knob was a must, and RAZO had this covered. It offered leather, aluminum, and carbon-fiber shift toppers with different ergonomic designs for even the pickiest of drivers-a perfect match was out there.

Htup_0812_02_z+honda_performance_engine_mounts_electronics_razo_japan_wheels+honda_view Photo 2/2   |   Upgrading With Razo Wheels and Honda Performance Engine Mounts - Reachin' Back

But RAZO also combined driver comfort with safety thanks to its infamous wide-angle mirror. Some say the Broadway version was first to land in the U.S., others say it was the RAZO/Carmate version. One thing's for sure though, once you've used a wide-angle mirror and become accustomed to it, you'll wonder how you went so long without one. A simple squeeze and clip installation was all it took to get rid of those pesky blind spots and extend visibility. No, we're not talking about earth-shattering upgrades here, but they've no-doubt played a role in Honda history. The fact that RAZO products are still being used on project cars today proves that the name's earned its rightful spot in "Reachin' Back."

By Rodrez
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