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Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

Showing off the latest adult toys for your automotive pleasure

Dec 1, 2008
Htup_0812_01_z+adult_toys+kicker_ik500 Photo 1/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

Kicker Goes MP3
Want more bass for your face, or at least for your MP3? Kicker's powerful, and new, docking stations bust out of the car and into the home with the bumping, thumping Kicker iK500 (iKICK) stereo system for iPod and the Kicker ZK500 (zKICK) for Zune. The systems feature big speakers, 5-inch woofers, 40-watt stereo amps, bass and treble adjustment, and a 6-inch square subwoofer that delivers dynamic bass response. Both systems include a credit-card-size infrared remote and retail for $349.99.

Htup_0812_02_z+adult_toys+tesla_gtech_pro_egs Photo 2/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

Tesla G-Tech Pro EGS
Stop consulting witch doctors, Ouija boards, shady mechanics, and hard-to-decipher tech manuals to solve your car's performance challenges. Go with Tesla's G-TECH Pro Expandable Gauge System (EGS). It provides that long-sought-after window into your car's soul. The G-TECH Pro EGS combines a powerful and expandable data acquisition system, 4-inch logging tachometer, bright LCD display, detachable control module and an array of plug-and-play modules that provide detailed vehicle information in real time and for instant review. The LCD display shows up to two user-defined parameters for at-a-glance readings in real time. The review mode numerically displays up to four parameters and graphs up to two. Both the LCD display and the gauge backlight are fully color-adjustable, allowing for custom matching to any interior. Optional modules include: OBD-II interface, wideband O2, three-axis g-force sensor, sequential shiftlight, eight-channel data-logging, 2MB additional memory, and TRIVAC Mounting System.

Htup_0812_03_z+adult_toys+permatex_ultra_cherry_pumice Photo 3/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

Clean Your Hands
Though conventional wisdom has it that the ladies love guys with rough hands, you'll get nowhere fast when you pair that with a day's worth of grime. With cleanliness in mind, Permatex designed its Ultra Cherry Pumice Hand Scrub, a professional strength, waterless hand cleaner with natural pumice scrubbers, skin conditioners, and a clean cherry scent. Made to tackle the toughest clean-up jobs, Ultra Cherry quickly powers out the heaviest grease, oil, tar, and adhesives. Permatex Ultra Cherry's finely ground pumice provides a deep-scrubbing action without irritating hands. It also quickly removes epoxies, asphalt, carbon, ink, paint, cement, and harsh odors. Ultra Cherry doesn't use kerosene or phosphates, and is compliant with federal regulations for VOCs. It's available in two packages: a 7.5 fluid ounces comfort grip bottle with a flip-top cap and a 102.4 fluid ounces pump bottle, which also comes with an optional wall-mount bracket for convenient storage and dispensing.

Htup_0812_04_z+adult_toys+new_greddy_exhaust Photo 4/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

A New Greddy Exhaust
The phrase "maximum performance, minimal exhaust noise" sounds like the marching orders for Viagra's research and design committee, but it also applies to the GReddy SE exhaust system, which increases flow via tuned piping and larger, free-flowing mufflers for improved power, but provides discreet sound levels that won't attract the wrong kind of attention. All SE exhausts are tuned and tested to ensure exhaust resonance is below 95dBA. Also, GReddy's new, smaller, Spectrum Elite exhaust tips help disguise the system from the rear, but reveal a show-quality appearance from the sides and underneath. These Spectrum Elite exhaust systems deliver refined sound, hard-hitting power, superb looks and an excellent fit.

Htup_0812_05_z+adult_toys+cartech_book Photo 5/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

Turbocharging? Study up!
Tired of watching election coverage? Looking for something more worthwhile to do with your time? Look no further than Turbo: Real World High-Performance Turbocharger Systems, a new release from CarTech Books. Whether you're running gas or diesel, four, six, eight, or more cylinders, this book will teach you how to test, install, and maintain your high-performance turbo system. It covers the basics, like how turbochargers work, how to choose the right turbo or turbos for your engine by reading flow maps, and how to tune your engine to run perfectly once the system's installed. More than 300 photos show you what's what. No political-spin decoder ring necessary.

Htup_0812_06_z+adult_toys+polyperformance Photo 6/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

An Innovation In Line Clamps
Poly Performance's new line clamp kits keep braided hoses, brake lines, and wiring secure when mounting along tube chassis, suspension links, or other tubular components. The rubber line clamps are designed to fit tightly around 1.5-inch to 2-inch tubes and keep just about any line from moving, from being pinched or frayed, and from transferring unnecessary heat to other lines. Installation is easy: spread the rubber isolator, place the line, and fasten the supplied hose clamp. Line clamp kits are available in most popular sizes like 3/16-inch, 9/16-inch, 5/8-inch and 11/16-inch. Each kit is sold in packs of five with stainless steel hose clamps.

Htup_0812_07_z+adult_toys+tig_welder Photo 7/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

A New Tig From Miller
Designed with the personal user in mind, Miller's Diversion 165 TIG welder is suitable for beginners. To address newbie welder concerns-such as the machine's price and complexity, as well as the complexity of the TIG welding process-Miller dropped the price of the Diversion 165 by $200 (relative to the 210-amp Millermatic 212), reduced the number/complexity of controls, and included an instructional DVD and a 68-page TIG Welding for Dummies book. A better TIG welder for beginners will be almost impossible to find.

Htup_0812_08_z+adult_toys+tru_eefects_apparel Photo 8/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

Tru Eeffects Apparel
They say it's aimed toward the growing automotive, graffiti, retro and JDM art culture, Tru Eeffects' clothing line features men's and women's apparel designed by enthusiasts like Justin VanBlargan, they company's founder. VanBlargan, an automotive enthusiast and former performance parts and accessories store owner, says, "There's a huge community of JDM-inspired builders, drag racers, graffiti taggers, and other automotive enthusiasts who want to make their automotive taste and style known to others." or

Htup_0812_09_z+adult_toys+arc_magic_lip Photo 9/9   |   Kicker iK500, Tesla G-Tech Pro, Greddy Exhaust and more - Adult Toys

It's Magic
ARC Magic's lip spoilers and splitters are a simple addition to most any factory or aftermarket front bumper to improve front-end aerodynamics as well as aesthetics. Installation time takes less than 30 minutes, but the results will make it look like you spent all afternoon on it. ARC lips and splitters are available for the '94-'01 Integra, '96-'98 Civic, and '99-'00 Civic. Retail prices start at $275.



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