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Brake Check - Editorial May 2009

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May 1, 2009
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The cooler's in the car, it's gassed up, and you jump beneath the sheets early for a good night's rest before your next meet. Yeah right, maybe if you're lucky. In the real world you're most likely up until 2 a.m., running behind on last-minute adjustments. You probably haven't packed and you're nowhere near finished with the car. Ah, the joys of preparing for a meet. If you're anything like me, you've been there. I see the stories on the forums--they usually have to do with all-nighters and sleep deprivation. I'm at many of these meets, and I can tell you stories of those who show up in the clothes they were wearing the night before. Many are running on no sleep, on borrowed time, even with borrowed parts, but they made it. That's really all that matters.

Why put so much effort into making these meets in the first place? Is it for the attention? Is it for that feeling you get when you're part of a group? Or is it simply an obsession that draws you toward others who are as sick as you are, like mice in a maze? Our backgrounds and walks of life are different and our reasons for wanting to be there vary, but it's the love of cars and all things Honda that play some sort of role with all of us. The bonding and brotherhood one gets from being around other enthusiasts often creates links stronger than childhood friendships. Take the South for example, where our meets are more than just an event. Some last all weekend, like a party that won't quit. The hotels become stomping grounds for the out-of-towners and cities like Atlanta and Nashville become impromptu playgrounds. But it all happens because of the cars.

Meets are what hold our small community together. Whether you're traveling cross-country for the next Eibach meet or congregating at the local parking lot, it's how we stay connected, whether it be in big ways or small. Either way, stick with it, support your local meets, help grow the comradery, and keep an eye out for me each time. Just look for the tall guy with the fresh kicks and the camera gear.

-Ben "Stunna Ben" HowardContact:



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