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Supporting The Import Industry

Our Sport And What We'll Make Of It

Jun 3, 2009
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The Inspiration
Today's thoughts go out to those heads on the streets. This year I've found myself talking about the streets over and over, as well as the strong underground movement that's been going on-the grassroots stuff, the stuff I relate to. Some of you need to wake up and get your inspiration from other places. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box, it just might do you some good.

The Influence
Skateboarding's always influenced me. I mean, look at these guys, they've taken planks of wood and balls of urethane and created an entire industry out of it, maybe even a lifestyle. And the industry crosses so many other industries' lines: photography, fashion, video production, design, you name it. How's that for cross-promotional marketing techniques? And the companies within the skateboarders' world are largely supported, the brands are promoted, whether or not the skateboarders themselves have anything to gain from doing so. Can we afford to not take cues from that industry? Perhaps if we did, we'd have even more to offer. I once heard that it isn't the companies that create the movement, rather it's the guys on the street

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Show Your Support
My rant may be out of place, or perhaps I'm just the only one willing to say it. We need to support the companies that support us. The results will give us more quality parts to choose from. Don't be afraid to support the company with a less expensive product, or the company whose parts aren't made in Japan, or the company that flaunts a style unlike anything you've seen before. I'd rather see 20 different wheels that I've never seen before than one set of the rarest JDM rarities some guy on a forum dug up. Who knows, maybe one day soon the next big-baller company with the latest must-have rims could be born from your hometown. Heck, if a less expensive set of wheels allows you to fully build your bottom end-and a fully built bottom end is important to you-then have at those cheap wheels. Besides, most anybody will tell you that a $3000 set of wheels performs little better on the track than some $300 ones.

What I'm Saying
Show your love for the sport. Support the industry. We eat and breathe this, so don't forget to cultivate it.

-Ben "Stunna Ben" HowardContact:



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