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Photo Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Oh Snaps Photog Search

Jun 1, 2009
Htup_0906_01_z+photo_tips_and_techniques+honda_s2k_front_view Photo 1/4   |   Photo Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Shooting Straight:
Photo Tips From A Pro Depth Of FieldThere's no denying that technology and experimentation both play a major role in today's digital photography. But as the Photoshop and HDR craze continues to grow, some very basic photography techniques are being left out of the loop. Depth of field (DOF) is an area that's easy to manipulate and quite functional in automotive photography. The technical explanation is "the range of distance within the subject that is acceptably defined." In other words, it's the area before and after your subject that appears in focus. With an emphasis placed solely on the object in focus, the person viewing the photograph has no choice but to take notice of what the photographer intended. Many refer to the surrounding out-of-focus areas as bokeh (Japanese term, meaning blurry or fuzzy). Utilizing a shallow depth of field and a suitable aperture, a photographer can draw attention to the subject and away from any background distractions. This is especially useful when shooting detail photos of items like headlights, wings, mirrors, and shift knobs. Under the hood, this tool becomes invaluable as vital pieces of the engine and its upgrades can be singled out rather than blending in with other parts. The ability to "pick apart" under-hood components piece by piece can put you a few steps ahead of the guy who just takes an overhead shot of the engine bay and calls it a day. Combining a healthy DOF along with an external flash (see April '09 issue of Honda Tuning magazine) opens the door to even more possibilities with just about any lens, in any focal length. As always, experimentation is key.

Htup_0906_02_z+photo_tips_and_techniques+honda_fit_front_view Photo 2/4   |   Photo Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Work For HT...Sort Of
The Great Honda Tuning Photog SearchThink you've got what it takes to shoot a feature for Honda Tuning magazine?All it takes is that winning submission to Honda Tuning's official Oh Snaps! photo contest and you could be on your way to a life of automotive fortune and fame...or at least have the chance to shoot a Civic and get paid for it. Read on for contest rules and details.

E-mail submissions to:

Htup_0906_03_z+photo_tips_and_techniques+honda_civic_rear_view Photo 3/4   |   Photo Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

All Honda Tuning magazine Oh Snaps! submissions must be Honda or Acura-related. Only high-resolution, non-watermarked images will be eligible for prizes. Honda Tuning magazine reserves the right to crop, resize, enhance, and remove watermarks from all submissions. All submissions must be accompanied by complete contact information including the photographer's name, phone number, shipping address, e-mail address, and website address (if applicable). Only submissions with complete contact information will be eligible for prizes. Eligible Oh Snaps! winners' photography will be selected by the Honda Tuning staff and printed in subsequent issues at the discretion of the editorial staff. Photographer credit will be displayed with all published images. Honda Tuning magazine reserves the right to publish Oh Snaps! submissions at its discretion for any and all Oh Snaps! photo contest purposes. Reimbursement is neither expressed nor implied for any Oh Snaps! photo submissions.

Htup_0906_04_z+photo_tips_and_techniques+honda_prelude_side_view Photo 4/4   |   Photo Tips From A Pro - Oh Snaps!

Coinciding with each 2009 Honda Tuning issue, one winner will receive a Mothers car care package and automatically be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. Honda Tuning Oh Snaps! Photog Search Grand Prize drawing winners will be named in the July and Winter issues and will be eligible for paid freelance photography opportunities with Honda Tuning magazine. Honda Tuning On Snaps! Grand Prize winners will be subjected to the standard terms and conditions outlined in Source Interlink Media's standard Freelance Photographer Agreement. Good luck!

By Rodrez
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